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Tachel! :)

Great start. You describe things really well.

but it’s not like he could tell her why he had to go today. It would ruin all of his plans.

Now has Tony really forgotten or is he planning a nice suprise for Rachel.......surely he wouldnt forget her birthday!

Update soon! :)

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Awww Laura i really love this. It's so sad though - like kind of bittersweet. :( Poor Rachel thinking Tony wants to spend time at Kate's grave rather than with her. I don't believe that for one second, but that's the kind of thing people would believe. It does seem like he has forgotten her birthday, silly guy! I hope there is a reason behind why he has to go to her grave on that day and why he can't wait a day or so. I don't want to hate Tony :lol:

I also loved the Tachel mush at the beginning, i'm not ashamed to admit to that!! :wub::lol:

“I’m sorry it’s just, it’s something that Jack, Lucas and I used to do every year, it sort of became a family tradition and well, neither of them are here to do it anymore. I kind of feel like I have to go, especially for Jack.” Rachel closed her eyes. How could she get annoyed and upset when Tony was going to do something in memory of his deceased son. She faked a smile and looked up at him once again.

I liked this bit. Poor Rachel trying to hide her feelings while Tony seems pretty oblivious to it all.

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Sorry I haven't commented until now Laura.

I've loved reading these 2 chapters so far, as Kirsty said... everything is somewhat bittersweet but there seems to be a positive outcome with each chapter which is great :)

Chapter 2

I loved how Leah was able to reassure Rachel despite the fact that Rach was asking her so many awkward questions.

I'm especially looking forward to Tony coming back home and to what happens after that :)

Update soon please :),


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Laura i really loved the Leah and Rachel stuff. What Leah said to her was so true and it must have been hard for her, i guess it would have made her think about Vinne and Dan and if she truely did love one of them more that the other.

“Oh Rach, I’m sorry.” Leah replied, resting her hand on top of Rachel’s. “But you know what men are like with things like this; do you know how many times I had to hint to Dan in the past because I knew he’d completely forgotten.”

So true!! Men are useless sometimes :lol::P

“Because I’m jealous. How pathetic is that? I’m jealous of Tony’s dead wife. I never realised it until today Leah but, I constantly feel like I’m walking in her shadow. She might not be here but, I feel like I’ve got so much to live up to and I’m afraid that I can’t” The tears were flowing freely down Rachel’s face as she finally admitted to feeling a way she’d only just realised she felt. “When I think back to when Harry was born, I think one of the reasons I struggled so much is because constantly in the back of my mind I was thinking … I bet Tony didn’t have this much trouble with Kate when Jack and Lucas were born. I bet Kate would have been able to settle the boys and get them into a routine. I bet Kate and Tony had this amazing experience when their babies were born and she didn’t snap at him because she was tired or refuse to let him hold them because she wanted to prove that she could do it. I was so desperate to show Tony that I could be a good Mum but it’s like the more I tried, the more I failed and the more I wondered whether Tony was wishing that Kate was Harry’s Mum instead of me.” Rachel finally took a breath, sobbing with grief as all her pent up insecurities were finally revealed.

I loved this part. Rachel implied so many times that becasue Tony had done it before he was therefor better thsn her or words to that effect. You managed to get across exactly how i imagined she would have been feeling before she was treated for her PND. I love their friendship and i thought it was great she was comfortable enough with her to talk to her about how she was feeling instead of ignoring it.

It's quite sad though :( I guess we all want to be our partners first love and it's never nice to think that they loved someone else previously. But the way things are now it's unusual to be with someone who hasn't loved before - probably just as much as they love you.

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Tony is such an idiot sometimes :lol: Although that's a typical guy, getting birthday dates mixed up :P:lol:

I can't wait to see what he has planned for her!! I hope it's all lovely and romantic. :wink:

I really loved getting Tony's perspective on things. It's all very realistic and i loved how you had him thinking about Jack and how the pain never truely goes away - that's so true to life. And the little bits about him and Rachel fighting - very cute!! Love the little bits like that, it's nice you have them as this normal everyday couple and not pretending that marriage is perfect.

And love that he is getting Leah to help him, yay! :D

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