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You need to do something!

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I'm sick of it.... I post a comment in there, stating how I feel... and all I do is get attacked by people when im not hurting anyone and im not attacking or abusing anyone...

Just because I post something in there, it doesn't make me bitter or anything... some people didn't believe that adelle didn't have any chemistry, and some feel that way about naden... thats how I feel and I'm sick to death about being attacked by people when I'm just stating my opinion!

I want something done....

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I totally agree. I've been in the Nicole and Aden thread a couple of times, and I've posted about twice.

The first time was my opinion, and the second time was because someone had completely slagged off something that had nothing to do with anything.

The thread was shut down, some posts were deleted, and now it's open again, the problem seems to be fixed...

But then I went in there today, and someone said that matticus01 was bitter because Adelle didn't exist anymore, and that there was chemistry between Nicole and Aden...

The person didn't post a reason, they just trashed Bec's opinion.

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