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Which character do you relate most to?

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Who do you relate to?  

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What I think she has been very caring this last year. She helped Miles find Melody and she saved Annie's life last year.

She's a cop, helping people in trouble is part of her job. Deep down Charlie is a decent human being, so she isn't going to turn her back on someone who needs help, but she does have a cold, standoff-ish personality. She isn't like Leah who is all happy and smiley and big-hugs-for-everyone.

As sexyluc said, she's guarded. And I think that's great. I identify with a character like that.

No I disagree with you, Charlie didn't have to help Miles look for Melody, she took time off from her job to help, and she was there for Miles when he was upset.

Charlie is a caring person but has tough side.

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