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Never Let Go

Guest telisha

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This is my first so please don't be harsh! I love writing but I don't know if I am any good :wink:

Story Title: Never Let Go

Type of story: Short Fic

Main Characters: Ruby, Geoff, Charlie.

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Drama, Family matters, Relationship, Love.

Spoilers: May for non Australian viewers.

Is this story being proof read: No.

Warnings: Kissing

Summary: Ruby has just began her relationship with Geoff and is living in the same house with no adult supervision, when Charlie finds out she decides to move in with them. Ruby and Geoff find it hard to cope with Charlie watching them every second.

Chapter 1

Ruby opened the door to her room and ran into her room forgetting to close the door. She quickly applied some make-up and changed her clothes.

"Ruby!" Geoff called from outside.

"Yes," Ruby said as she rushed out.

As Ruby got in viewing distance of Geoff she blushed and her heart pounded, her relationship with Geoff was strong although they had only been going out for 2 days.

"Are you okay? Have you checked your sugar levels?" asked Geoff.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What did you want?" Ruby was relieved he didn't know why she was really blushing.

"Oh, nothing really.. just came to check on you."

"Geoff, I'm fine!" she said pushing Geoff through the doorway.

Ruby waved to Geoff as he left.


Charlie peered up to see who yelled out her name, it was Ruby.

"Don't tell me your in trouble," she slightly frowned.

"Me? I never get into trouble sis," Ruby giggled.

"Sure. So what do you want Rubes?"

Ruby sat down on the chair opposite Charlie.

"I want you to be the first to know Charlie... I am going out with Geoff!" Ruby was so excited to tell Charlie.

"Didn't you just break up with Xavier?" Charlie's face turned puzzled.

"Yeah, but that was part of the reason."

"Wait, arn't you and Geoff living together?"

"Umm, yeah.." Ruby's tone quitened.

"Well you better not do anything I wouldn't want you to do," Charlie looked Ruby in the eyes.

Ruby stood up, gave Charlie a slight smile and walked out of the room. Charlie sat back in her chair and wondered how she could have deserved a daughter like Ruby.

Ruby was snuggling up to Geoff on the couch as they were watching a scary movie. Ruby slowly rised from the couch and turned to Geoff.

"I love you," she said before kissing him on the lips.

"I love you too Rubes," Geoff said but his eyes were fixed on the TV.

Ruby noticed Geoff staring at the TV and turned back to watch it so she wouldn't be in his way.

"I told Charlie today," Ruby said.

"Really? What did she say?"

"Just not to do anything she wouldn't like," Ruby laughed quietly.

"What's funny? I thought the movie was scary," Geoff shifted his eyes onto Ruby.

"Charlie, she thinks we have had it," Ruby looked up to Geoff and their eyes locked.

"Hi Rubes and Geoff," said a voice from the door.

Ruby and Geoff shifted their eyes to the door.

"I am coming to stay with you guys, Irene said it was okay if I could sleep in her room until she comes back," Charlie smiled and dropped her luggage on the floor.

"Great.." Ruby mumbled "Another mother to boss me around, just what I need,"

Geoff nudged Ruby understanding exacly what Ruby ment. Ruby giggled at Geoff's reaction.

"So, what are you two doing," Charlie said looking at the TV.

"Just watching a movie, nothing special," Geoff responded.

Charlie instantly sat down in the chair beside them.

"I might go to bed," Ruby said standing up.

"Night Rubes," Geoff said looking back as she went into the hallway.

"Well, I might unpack and go to bed too," Charlie said.

Ruby streched and rolled over to see the time.

"It's 7 already!"

She slowly pulled herself up and got changed into a red top and black 3 quarter jeans. She brushed through her hair and then went out, she realised no one else was awake so she ran into Geoff's room and woke him up.

"What are you doing?" he said sleeply.

"Waking you up, Charlie's not up yet," Ruby kissed Geoff on the cheek.

"I thought she was an early bird," Geoff said kissing her back.

"Not today, maybe the beds to comfy to get out of."

Geoff got up and put on a white t-shirt.

"Have you checked your sugar levels?" asked Geoff.

"No, I will do it know," Ruby said kissing Geoff then running off to her room.

Geoff walked to Ruby's door.

"I will make you breakfast then," he said before walking in to the kitchen to make himself and Ruby breakfast.

Ruby raced in and hugged Geoff from behind and kissed his back.

"Are they good?"

"Yep, all good."

Ruby let go of Geoff and sat down to watch TV.

Geoff had finished making the breakfast so he sat down and ate his breakfast. Ruby came over and sat next to him.

"Thanks Geoff."

"That's ok Rubes," Geoff said.

Geoff and Ruby always kissed before eating breakfast and this moment was the same. They slowly locked lips.

"Goodmorning," said Charlie as she came in.

Charlie looked at Geoff and Ruby and saw then kissing. Geoff and Ruby quickly stopped kissing and turned to where Charlie was standing.

"Oh no," Ruby mumbled under her breath.

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I have finished the second chapter :rolleyes:

Chapter 2

Charlie sat opposite Ruby and Geoff and tried not to look at them. She grabbed the newspaper and started reading it.

"So, Umm.. did you have a good sleep Charlie?" Ruby asked looking down at her bowl of food.

"Yeah, Irene really knows what a good bed is," Charlie slightly laughed.

Ruby nudged Geoff and giggled.

"I was right, it is a comfy bed," she whispered to Geoff.

Geoff smiled at Ruby and ate a spoon full of cerial. He then looked up at Charlie and noticed she was looking at then, he quickly looked back down and had another spoon full of his breakfast. The silence was long, well it felt long. Ruby shuffled a little on her chair, she wanted to start a conversation but didn't know what about.

"School today, I can't wait," Ruby said sarcasticly.

"Your so lucky!" Geoff teased.

Charlie looked up at Ruby and Geoff.

"Well I better go to work. See you both later," Charlie said grabbing her car keys and walking out the door.

"Bye Charlie!" Ruby yelled as Charlie disappeared.

Ruby took a spoon full of her breakfast and looked up at Geoff.

"I think I should go too or I will be late," she said.

"Yeah, don't want to be late."

"Cya Geoff," Ruby said leaning in to kiss Geoff on the lips.

Ruby grabbed her bag and put it on one side, she then waved to Geoff and walked out.

Ruby walked up to her locker, opened it and threw her stuff inside. Her friend Annie was beside her when she closed the locker. Ruby looked at Annie with a smile.

"Hi Annie," she said.

"Hey Ruby," Annie answered.

"So, what did you and Geoff do last night?"

"Not much, Charlie is moving in until Irene comes back."

"Why, I thought you were there to be away from Charlie?" Annie was puzzled because she didn't know about Ruby and Geoff.

"If I tell you promise me not to be angry," Ruby said.

"Why would I be?" Annie answered Ruby.

"Okay, follow me."

Ruby took Annie in to the girls bathroom where no one else was at the moment.

"Geoff and I are... dating," Ruby closed her eyes because she didn't want to see Annie's reaction.

"What? His my brother Ruby," Annie was shocked.

"I know, I know.. it just kinda happened though,"

"Ruby, you should never go out with your best friends brother!" Annie yelled.

The bell suddenly rang, Annie stormed out. Ruby stood there for a minute looking down at the floor, she finally decided that she wouldn't accomplish anything looking at the floor so she went to class.

It was the end of school, all the drama of telling Annie was gone.. but not of what she thinks of her.

"Hey Ruby, wait up!" called Annie from the distance.

Ruby stopped and turned to her friend who was puffing after running after her.

"You okay? Why were you in a hurry to catch me?"

"Can you tell Geoff I am going over Nicoles today," asked Annie.

"Sure, didn't you sleep over yesterday though?"

"Yeah but we still need to work on something," Annie said turning her head to the car park where Nicole and Roman were waiting for Annie.

"Okay, have fun," Ruby watched Annie run to the car.

She wondered what Nicole and Annie were doing. A hand touched her. She looked behind.

"Hey, I thought I would walk you home," said Charlie.

"Charlie, I am oldernough to walk home myself!" Ruby was angry that Charlie didn't trust her anymore.

"Look, I need to talk."

"What about Charlie?" asked Ruby.

"Could you please not kiss Geoff on the lips while I am around,"

"Charlie! You weren't around, you just so happened to come at the wrong time," Ruby was angry that Charlie was blaming this on her, she liked it when Charlie was her sister, not her mother, she had enough people telling her what to do.

"Look, I don't want to fight. I am just saying, maybe this morning was an accident but maybe you just shouldn't kiss in the house," Charlies voice was firm.

"Charlie, I have enough worries not including you."

Charlie sighed and knew she was getting no where with her teenage daughter, times like these she would rather be Ruby's sister then mother, Ruby always used to listen to Charlie when they were sisters.

Ruby and Charlie reached their house. Ruby threw down her bag and sat on the couch while Charlie made a cup of tea. Geoff looked up from his laptop and wondered what was wrong with them.

"How was you day Rubes?" he asked waiting patiently for an answer.

"Fine," she said in a angry tone.

"Charlie?" he said.

"Oh, my dad was great, thanks for asking Geoff."

Geoff looked at them and thought it would be best not to know about their problems, Ruby would probably tell him sooner or later. He looked back down at the screen of his laptop and started typing again.

"I'm going to have a rest," Charlie said walking of to Irene's bedroom.

Ruby watched Charlie go and waited for her to close the door, she then got up and sat next to Geoff. She took one of his hands from the key board and kissed it then held it on her face.

"Why are mums so mean?" she asked.

"That's mums for you," he answered.

Geoff turned to Ruby and smiled. He kissed her on the forehead then got up. He went to the fridge and poored a glass of milk.

"So what was all that about?" he asked.

"Charlie doesn't want us to kiss when she is around.." her voice quietened at the end.

"She is your mum, let her have her rights," Geoff told Ruby.

"But this isn't her house, if she doesn't like it she should leave!" Ruby didn't want to change her point of view towards Charlie's talk.

Geoff turned back to his laptop and started typing. Ruby huffed and understood that Geoff wasn't going to change his mind either so she got up and went to her room. The minute her foot hit the ground of her room the phone rang, she raced down to where the phone hung but Geoff had already grabbed the phone and was holding it to his ear.

"Yeah.. Okay, but what about Ruby?" he said into the phone.

He hung up after about 2 minutes and turned to see Ruby facing him.

"Who was that?" Ruby asked.

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Thanks everyone! I have included Angelo in this one.

Chapter 3

"Umm... no one, just a friend," he answered.

Ruby was worried but didn't want to say she heard what he said because she thought it would sound like she was eavesdropping. Geoff went over to his laptop and turned it off, he walked to Ruby.

"Do you want to go out?" he asked.

"Where to?" Ruby replied.

"The beach?"

"Okay.. I will go get changed!" Ruby said running off.

When Ruby got to her room she went into her cupboard and got her favorite bikinis and boardies and but them one, she got out a black singlet and put it over her bikini top. She undone her hair and brushed it then looked in the mirror at her reflection. After she fixed up her make-up she was ready to go. She went to where Geoff was standing and kissed him on the cheek from behind.

"I'm ready!" she said.

"Okay, lets go," he said smiling.

Charlie was left alone in the house while Geoff and Ruby were out, she felt a bit lonely so she called Angelo and asked him to come over. After she hung up the phone she went and made a cup of tea. Charlie was about to pour the milk when Angelo came.

"Angelo!" Charlie said excitedly.

"Hey Charlie," he said "Are you okay?"

"Oh, just teenager trouble as usual," she laughed.

"What's wrong now?"

"Nothing really, I just don't want her to kiss Geoff in the house,"

"Charlie, she is a teenager, give her some freedom with her boyfriend. She is reliable and will make the right decisions," Angelo said putting one arm over Charlie.

"I guess your right. I just feel jealous or something," Charlie said looking up at Angelo.

"You shouldn't, you have everything you want Charlie. Maybe you should go back home and give them some space."

"I think your right, I have been harsh on Ruby being with Geoff."

Charlie hugged Angelo then Angelo kissed Charlie on the forehead.

"Maybe you could move in with me Angelo, it's quiet without Ruby," Charlie looked back up at Angelo.

"Sure, anything to make you happy," he smiled "Well, I got to go, duties call," he said.

"Yeah, lucky I have the afternoon off."

Angelo leaned in and kissed Charlie. He walked off and turned back to wave.

"Bye," Charlie's hand rose as she spoke.

Ruby and Geoff were splashing each other with water and laughing. Ruby ran out of the water and sat on her beach towel while Geoff followed.

"Do you feel better now?" Geoff asked.

"Yeah," Ruby wasn't really paying attention though.

"There's Annie and Nicole," Geoff said looking over at them.

Ruby looked over to where Geoff was pointing. Annie’s face was happy, not like when Ruby told her about her and Geoff. Annie saw her brother and raced over to him. She sat down and hugged him tightly. Nicole went over to Ruby and held her hand out.

"Wanna go have some girl time, I think Annie and Geoff need to talk about something," she said grasping Ruby's hand to pull her up.

Ruby got up and put on her singlet, she smiled at Geoff and went off with Nicole.

"Nic, is Annie still mad at me?" Ruby was looking at Nicole in a worried way.

"What do you think? Geoff's her brother. Any girl would react like that to there best friend going out with their brother, it's like betrayal in some ways," Nicole said looking into the mercy blue water.

"I wish Annie would see how much I love him and realize we belong...”

"She will one day, give her time," Nicole shifted her eyes to Ruby.

She looked at Ruby's expression and realized how much she loved Geoff, she understood by Ruby's face that it wasn't just puppy love, it was true love, something rare for Ruby's age.

"Ruby, I know this may seem motherly but please don't get to in love with Geoff," Nicole thought she sounded like a horrible friend.

Ruby stopped looking down at the sound and turned to Nicole, she smiled and gave Nicole a hug.

"I will try not to Nic, but it's hard," she replied.

"I know Ruby, but don't be surprised when he breaks up with you and if he does I am always here for you," Nicole said trying to sound more like a friend.

"Nic, I know you will be, you’re a great friend."

Nicole laughed and hugged Ruby. They both giggled for awhile until they got back to Annie and Geoff.

"Hey guys," Annie was trying hard to smile at Ruby.

"Me and Annie were just going to get you two."

Ruby and Nicole looked at each other.

"Why, were we that long?" Ruby asked.

"No, not really," Annie looked at Nicole while saying it.

Geoff got up and went to Ruby's side,

"Well, we better get going," Geoff said.

Ruby and Geoff picked up their stuff and went back home.

"I'm sorry Annie isn't being the nicest person to you," Geoff said.

"It's okay, I'm sure she will get over it," she said smiling at Geoff.

The minute Geoff said that she felt a some weight come of her chest, she didn't have to worry about Geoff breaking up with her because of Annie's reaction.

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New chapter, it was sad writing it but enjoyable.

Chapter 4

Geoff clutched the cup of water tightly, he knew what was right and what was wrong but he still didn’t know what one to choose. He sighed at how stupid he was and decided he had to make the right decision for himself and Ruby, not just him.

“Geoff, what’s wrong,” Ruby asked coming towards him.

Ruby could see the confusion in his face, she had never seen him confused before and she knew it wasn’t normal, Geoff always knew the right answer.

“Nothing really, just thinking,” He looked up to his girlfriend.

“About?” Ruby knew he wouldn’t say what but it was worth a try.

“Don’t worry Rubes,” he smiled.

Geoff got up and made himself a coffee. He juggled the sugar and coffee cup in one hand and the coffee in the other. He gently placed the coffee on the bench first then the sugar and finally the cup. He pushed the button on the jug to boil the water that was already in it. Ruby sat down at the table and wondered why Geoff was acting strange. A knock on the door startled Ruby.

“Hey guys,” said Angelo as he opened the door “I just came to get Charlie’s stuff, she is moving back into her house,” he said.

“Really?” asked Ruby very surprised.

“Yeah, I convinced her it was for the best.”

Ruby laughed and knew that her sister, well mother, wasn’t crazy because she knew she wouldn’t move out by herself someone would have had to convince her and that person was Angelo.

“Thanks so much Angelo, she was getting annoying,” Ruby laughed.

Geoff laughed at Ruby’s words.

“She wasn’t really,” he pointed out to Angelo.

“Well, I am moving in with her so she probably won’t be coming back,” Angelo smiled.

Ruby got up and showed Angelo where Charlie’s stuff was and helped him put them into the car. After they got everything into the car Angelo got into the car and started the engine.

“Thanks Ruby, have fun,” he smiled slightly.

“You too,” she laughed.

Ruby waved to Angelo as he drove away then she walked back into the house and sat next to Geoff at the table.

“Ruby, I have to tell you something,” Geoff looked at Ruby.

“What?” her voice sounded worried.

“I might have to leave Summer Bay,” Geoff moved his hand on top of Ruby’s.

“Why?” She said as her eyes watered.

“Annie and I might have to leave due to family problems,” his face was pale white.

Tears started running down Ruby’s face.

“You can’t leave me!” her voice was quiet as tears rolled down her face.

“Rubes, I wouldn’t If I didn’t have to,” he knew it wouldn’t make the situation better.

Ruby cried harder, she got up and ran to her room. She slammed the door shut and cried in silence.

“Why me! Why do my boyfriends always leave me!” she screamed into her pillow.

Charlie was sitting at the table of her house when the phone rang, she got up and grabbed it.

“Hello?” she said into the receiver.

“Charlie, it’s me Ruby, can you please come over?” She sobbed.

“Sure Rubes, what’s wrong?” Charlie asked hearing the sobs of her daughter.

“I will tell you when you come over,” Ruby told Charlie.

Charlie quickly got her car keys, hopped into the car and drove to Irene’s house. When she got there she walked up to the door and knocked.

“Rubes, You there?” she asked calling from the door.

“Come in Charlie!” Ruby called from her room.

Charlie opened the door and walked into Ruby’s room, she noticed the house was deserted apart from her and Ruby. She opened Ruby’s door and sat on the bed next to Ruby.

“What’s wrong Rubes?” She said wrapping her hands around her.

“Geoff, he might be leaving,” she cried.

“Rubes, it’s okay. You can find better guys,” Charlie said

“Not like Geoff though,” Ruby cried.

Charlie kissed Ruby on the forehead,

“Rubes, he still loves you.”

“Then why is he leaving?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Charlie told her daughter “But there must be a good explanation.”

Ruby’s tears stopped rolling down her pale face as she wiped the last of them.

“Charlie, can I move back home?” her voice was very quiet.

“If that’s really what you want,” Charlie stood up.

“Yes, it is.”

“Okay, you can come back tomorrow.”

Ruby got up and hugged Charlie, her wet face on laid on Charlie’s shoulder.

The next day Ruby checked her sugar levels and then started packing. Geoff had just woken up and saw Ruby packing as he was going to the lounge.

“Ruby, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I am moving back in with Charlie,” she replied not even looking at Geoff.

Geoff came in and stopped Ruby from packing, he looked into her eyes.

“Ruby, I might not be going,” he hugged her gently.

“But you will, I know you will!” she cried.

“Ruby, I am so sorry.. I didn’t mean for this to happen,” his voice was sincere.

“Why do you have to go!” she cried, tears rolling down her face.

“My Uncle needs me and Annie, I would stay if I could,” he said wiping the tears off Ruby’s face.

Ruby looked at Geoff, her face was flooding with tears.

“Why?” she said in a quiet voice.

“Ruby, if you want you can come.”

“Really, Are you sure?” she asked, the tears were slowing down slightly.

“Well, I would have to ask my Uncle but I am sure he will say yes.”

“Okay,” her tears came to a halt.

Geoff looked down at Ruby and wiped the tears off her face once again; he looked into her green eyes and locked lips with her. His lips were soft on hers; Ruby knew this might be one of their last kisses if she wasn’t able to go.

“I love you Rubes, forever and always, no matter what,” he said releasing his lips from hers.

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