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Keep Your Enemies Even Closer

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Keep Your Enemies Even Closer

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Ruby, Geoff, Nicole, Aden, Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, Friendships, Jealously, Family matters, Relationships, Love, Loyalty

Spoilers: Nope

Is this story being proof read: No

Warnings: If any; mild language, sexual content

Summary: Ruby Buckton has just moved in with her sister Charlie and her sisters boyfriend Angelo. When she catches Geoffrey Campbell’s eye, his girlfriend, Nicole, will have to pull out all stops to keep this girl from taking her boyfriend. Aden and Belle battle their own demons in their relationship when a blast from the past comes back into their lives. Who is it and what do they want?

Chapter One

As Nicole Franklin sat up in her bed, she realised how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like Geoff Campbell. He was the old fashioned guy. He would open the car door for you, pull out your chair at the dinner table, let you walk in the door first. He wasn’t just after one thing. A relationship with him meant way more than sex. He was a caring person. A boyfriend any girl would dream of. And he was Nicole’s boyfriend.

Nicole got out of bed quietly so she didn’t wake him up. The sun had just rose, it was early. She went into the kitchen area of the house she lived in with her father, Roman. Opening the fridge, she debated whether of not she would cook breakfast for herself and Geoff. Cooking at seven in the morning was pushing it. Some toast would cover her food cravings until Geoff got out of bed.

After finishing her toast, Nicole went out to the garden to get the paper. She waved at her neighbours Charlie Buckton and Angelo Rosetto, who looked like they were just heading to bed after a night shift at work. They were the local police officers, often working nights and days to make ends meet. Great couple, fantastic individuals. She sat in the living room reading the paper, going straight to the horoscope page. Aries - You should be on the lookout today. Keep an eye on your loved ones. Follow your gut instincts, or else you could lose everything good to you.

She sighed. Didn’t look like she would have a good day. But then again, Geoff is always telling her to never believe these. They are a bunch of nonsense in his eyes. Nicole sat on the couch drinking her cup of tea and flicking the stations. Nothing was on the television, since it was so early. She hoped Geoff and her dad would wake up soon so she could start getting ready for the day ahead. However, how many people like getting up early on a Saturday, Nicole thought to herself.

She logged onto her facebook changing her status to “Nicole Franklin is waiting to make noise!” She realised her best friend, Belle Taylor was on at the same time. Apparently, more people were awake at this time than she assumed. Belle started up a chat with her friend asking why she was up early

“Just can’t sleep, for some reason. Yourself?” Nicole replied as she waited for Belle to reply.

Belle’s reply came up two seconds later “In work and it isn‘t busy so thought I‘d check in.”

“Slacker! Still up for the movies tonight with the guys?” Nicole responded

“Yeah, meet at my place around seven?” Belle typed back to Nicole.

A few seconds later, another reply popped up; “I better head of this now. It was only a quick check”

Nicole began typing her reply “No problem, see you at seven then. Enjoy work, may pop in later”

Nicole also got off the computer. She was tidying up around the downstairs of the house when she heard a big bang coming from outside. Running out to find where it came from, she saw a moving van parked outside Charlie and Angelo’s house. There was a petite, brown haired girl standing with her arms followed watching two men take items out of the truck.

“Ugh, would you watch that dresser” she scowled “It was very expensive!”

“Sorry ma‘am” one of the man apologised as he took the dresser out of the van more carefully.

Nicole needed an excuse for her to be out in the garden and get a closer look at her, what appeared to be, new neighbour. As far as she was aware, Charlie and Angelo were not moving.

Nicole ran into the kitchen and grabbed her car keys. She strolled out of the house into the driveway as if she didn’t notice anything. The young girl was still in the same position and continuing to give out about how expensive her things were and to be careful with them. She opened her car down, rummaged around, pretending to be looking for something. A few seconds past and she got back out of the car. By now, Charlie was in the garden speaking to the girl. Charlie called Nicole over to introduce her to the girl.

“I had no idea you were moving, Charlie!” Nicole said sadly as she was going to miss her and Angelo.

“Oh, I‘m not moving!” Charlie laughed “This is my sister, Ruby. She is moving in. Ruby, this is Nicole, she lives next door”

“Nice to meet you, Ruby” Nicole made a friendly smile and put her hand out to greet her new neighbour.

The gesture was refused by Ruby, who replied in an unfriendly mature with “Hi.”

“Um, maybe I could show you around?” Nicole offered, wanting to get to know Ruby.

“I have been to Summer Bay many times before. I know my way around” Ruby snarled “Um…but thanks” she added.

“Okay, then. Well you know where you am if you need me” Nicole replied.

“I wont.” Ruby spat, analysing what her neighbour was dressed in. She made a comment to Charlie about how hideous and cheap looking her pyjamas were.

Nicole walked off without saying another word. She could hear Charlie giving out to Ruby for being so rude to her. Ruby wasn’t taking anything that Charlie was saying to heart. Nicole was disgusted by how disrespectful she was. She had never been spoken to like that and wasn’t really sure what to make of her. This someone who she needed to watch out for her. She seemed like the type of girl who would tear you down if you got on the wrong side of her.

* * * * *

Belle finally finished her shift at work. She was being collected by her boyfriend of two years, Aden. Belle sat on the chair beside the pay desk waiting for Aden to come and get her. She looked on as Colleen went on and on about how the teenagers in the town were keeping her wake at night, much to Irene’s annoyance. Belle knew the one thing Irene hated was to listen to Colleen gab on about something. When Aden arrived, Belle jumped off the chair and walked out to the car, got in and greeted her boyfriend with a kiss.

“Babe, missed you!” Aden said, as he switched the key on in the ignition.

“As did I, how was your day on the trawler?” Belle asked as she rooted out her mobile phone.

“Wasn‘t too bad, really. Just long and tiring, you know yourself!” Aden laughed, turning to Belle and saw her taking out her phone “Everything okay?”

Belle didn’t response. She stared blankly at her mobile before it registered Aden had asked a question “What?…Oh, um…What did you say?” she replied, coming back to reality.

“Is everything okay?” Aden repeated concerned something was wrong.

“Um, yeah. I just got a missed call, is all” Belle answered “From a private number” she added

“Well if it was really important, I‘m sure they will call you back, yeah?

“I suppose you‘re right” Belle smiled as Aden turned into the driveway of Irene’s house.

Belle grabbed the mail from the mail post and walked into the house, Aden following her. She placed it on the table, since it was all addressed to Irene.

“What time we heading to the cinema at tonight?” Aden asked from the bedroom, where he was changing out of his work clothes.

“Um, I said to Nic to meet us here about seven.” Belle replied from the kitchen where she was looking for inspiration for dinner.

“In that case, I better get a shower now. You‘ll take forever” Aden teased, walking into the kitchen and hugging Belle from behind.

“Well I guess you are right, I do take ages in the shower. But don‘t I always smell great?” Belle turned around to face Aden, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Aden leaned in and sniffed Belle “Um…want me to be honest?”

“Don’t you dare!” Belle warned, knowing he was going to say she didn’t.

Aden softly locked lips with Belle before going to have his shower. Belle continued looking for inspiration from the fridge, with no results. Take-out it was, she thought. She gave Nicole a text and told her not to eat and they would pick up something when the movie was over.


- Belle gets another phone call.

- Ruby is introduced to the Belle, Aden and Geoff

- Geoff and Nicole have a row.

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That was a really good opening chapter, I think its a brilliant idea to write Ruby and Nicole in the opposite way to the show, with Ruby being the stuck up City girl and Nicole as the friendly neighbor.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter, the preview looks very interesting

Hope you can write more soon :)

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I'm thrilled that I'm reading this from the beginning :D

I, like a lot of others, love the personaility switch between Nicole and Ruby. It's really interesting, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

I also love the Aden and Belle relationship, as well as the friendship between Belle and Nicole. I'm pretty sure I'll like the relationship between Geoff and Nicole as well, as Nic seems pretty impressed with it !

Update again soon

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Thank you very much for the comments. Glad you enjoyed the first chapter. Here is the next chapter, hope you enjoy it just as much. :)

Chapter Two

Charlie had prepared a meal for Ruby to welcome her to Summer Bay - her new home. While Charlie was setting out the table, Angelo was helping her by bringing the food in from the kitchen into the dining room. Ruby was in her new bedroom, making it feel at home by having all of her things everywhere. A real teenagers room, she called it. Charlie was one for liked to keep her home clean and when she would discover Ruby’s room, she wouldn't be impressed. Angelo called down the long hallway to get Ruby to come for dinner. Almost immediately, Ruby came out, skipping happily down the hallway into the dining room where she took her seat.

“This looks wonderful, thank you Charlie” Angelo smiled, thanking her for the meal she had spend the entire afternoon cooking.

“Yeah, looks great. Thanks Charl!” Ruby said convincingly, as she really thought it looked disgusting.

“Charl?” Angelo laughed wondering what was the story behind this nickname

“I used to call Ruby, Rubs. And she would call me Charl. I guess some childish nicknames really we got as children” Charlie smiled to herself thinking back on old times with their parents growing up.

The three of them ate in silence. It was almost like being at a funeral it was that depressing, Ruby thought. All she wanted to do was go mess up her bedroom, listen to music and browse around the internet while snacking on sweets. At home, she wasn’t used to getting cooked dinners and she was secretly praying Charlie wasn’t planning on cooking very day. She’d favour take-out over roast dinners any day!

Once Ruby was finished, she politely asked to be excused which Charlie gave her permission to do so. She felt like she needed to show Charlie she did have manners after what happened with Nicole, even if she was pretending. She placed her plate into the dishwasher and back to her bedroom to do what she wanted to do. Charlie was a little disappointed that Ruby didn’t stay and chat. She was wishing she would have that relationship with Ruby once she moved. Although it was only the first night and she was probably very tired.

* * * * *

Seven o’clock came and Nicole and Geoff arrived at Belle’s house where Belle and Aden were ready to walk out the door.

“What is it then ladies‘?” Aden asked wondering what they had decided to go and see.

“Some chick flick probably” Geoff muttered under his breath as Aden laughed and agreed with him.

Nicole looked at Belle who turned the turned back to the boys and replied “No, smartass. The new Saw movie…”

Aden laughed “You guys. Watching Saw?”

“You see Aden…” Belle began walking over to her boyfriend “We have these two strong, muscular men to hold onto. Is that right, Nic?”

“Definitely” Nicole winked at Geoff.

“Well then, lets get a move on” Aden said, grabbing his car keys.

“Oh, guess what! We have a new neighbour!” Nicole told her friends walking out the door behind them.

* * * * *

Once the movie ended, the gang went to the diner for a bit to eat. They sat down at a table as Irene greeted them with menu’s. After a couple of minutes, she came back and took their order.

“What did you think of the movie then, girls?” Aden said with a cheeky grin on his face.

“I refuse to sleep alone tonight…” Belle replied, seriously.

As they chatted away about the movie, Nicole noticed Ruby walked in. She whispered to her friends that that was the girl who she was speaking about earlier.

“The rude one?” Geoff asked and Nicole nodded.

Ruby began to walk over to the gang as Nicole started to feel uneasy. Who know what she would do or say to them.

“Hi! I‘m Ruby!” Ruby said nicely putting her hand out.

Nicole was speechless as were everyone. This wasn’t how Nicole described her. She sat down and started asking question about each of them, this wasn’t how she acted with Nicole that morning.

“And Geoff, you are with Nicole?” Ruby questioned, still in her sweet, innocent tone.

“Together over two years and never been happier” Geoff boasted while Nicole kissed him on the cheek.

“Aww, you guys are cute together” Ruby smiled.

“Why have you moved here Ruby?” Aden asked, wanting to know more about their new resident.

“Oh, a change of scenery!” Ruby said answering Aden’s question.

“Summer Bay is beautiful” Belle stated which Ruby agreed too.

“Will you be starting Summer Bay High?” Nicole asked, praying the answer would be she wouldn’t.

“Oh, well I haven‘t really discussed with Charlie how long I‘m staying for so I‘m not sure” Ruby replied, looking at her watch “Oh, I should really head home now.”

“Goodbye!” Nicole said immediately afterwards “Mind the step on the way out”

“Wow, Nicole. Very friendly, I must say.” Ruby laughed and rolled her eyes “Nice to meet you all” she added and left the diner.

“What is wrong with you?” Geoff snarled “That was very rude! And you were making her to be the rude one!”

Belle and Aden were taken back. They had never seen Geoff be so harsh to Nicole “Hey man, there is no need for speaking to her like -”

“No, Aden!” Geoff said, cutting Aden off “Ruby is only new and Nicole goes and acts that way when she leaves”

“I was saying goodbye, Geoff”

“No, you knew exactly what you were doing! Trying to get her out of here as soon as possible”

There was a pause. Geoff was genuinely fuming at Nicole. He believed they way she meant what she said wasn’t in a nice manner.

“Is it you are worried you wont be the sexy blonde anymore now? That you have competition with the beautiful brunette?” Geoff spat, leaving Nicole speechless.

“Guys, this isn‘t the place for this row…Maybe we should leave.” Belle suggested with Aden and Nicole agreeing

They got up and left the diner, Geoff refusing to speak to Nicole. Geoff walked off, leaving Nicole with Aden and Belle. Nicole broke down into tears.

“I don‘t know what I did wrong…” Nicole wept while Belle comforted her friend.

“Hey, wipe those tears away!” Belle laughed, trying to make cheer Nicole up “This will all be sorted out tomorrow. Come on. Aden and I will walk you home”

The three of them walked to Nicole’s house to drop her off and then went home themselves. Once Belle got into bed, she took her phone out to set her alarm but instead found herself confused again as she had another missed call. After telling Aden, he said once again they would call back if it was that important. What Belle and Aden didn’t know was this person would turn their worlds upside down…


- Will Geoff and Nicole make up after their fight?

- The gang try and make an effort to become friends with Ruby.

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Loved that update, it amused me at how Ruby was able to make such different impressions, and Geoff's reaction to Nicole definately points to a wandering eye in my opinion!

It looks like the mystery will get even more mystifying in regards to Belle's phone calls so I can't wait for the next chapter! :P

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