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Fri 6 Nov 09 – Episode # 4980

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Bullying AND The GFC Hit Summer Bay “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 6 Nov 09 – Episode # 4980 ]


After Miles & Romeo stoping ruing, they talk bout VJ and why he is doing tee water bomb ting.

They THEN TALK BOUT Kirsty. Miles insists at its up to Kirsty to contact him [because he tic she said it all in tee letter she left him].


After pounding on the door for a bit, ruby lets the angered Charlie in. Charlie isn’t please tat Ruby don’t tell her that she went to hospital beau of the diabetic episode at school. Whilst Ruby try to tell Charlie tee she has eveyryintihng under control, ting aren’t helped by the fact that Charlie scan see that some of Geoff’s underwear is in Ruby’s bedroom. Btw, charley has bought lotsa food with her – to ensue ruby is eating right.


In tee kinsmen Leah talks to Rachel [nursing harry] bout VJ.

Colleen tells them that there’s more activeuity that normal on the diner’s computers.


Geoff is worried tat his résumé ins't that log [only half a page]. Ruby wishes him luck with job hunt today. Charlie has prepared a healthy etc breakfast – but ruby tahk ta she is taking things over the top. Ruby insist ta they will be a big talk about ting later.


Colleen,. Leah &* other are quite shocked to sew ppl have access pics of scantily clad woman on the diner’s computers.

Meanwhile, nearby, Ruby is annoyed that charley is the latest person to go all overprotective on her – tarting ruby like as invalid. Ruby insist at what happened to her at school could happen even if she was taking every single precaution know to man that she can.


Geoff wonders if Tony has any work hojng here. Tony tells him that he doesn’t – but suggested that the suit * tie looks ta Geoff has going should he great at yabby creek. Geoff says ta hel;s already bombed out with he want there.


Romeo speak to Vj – insisting VJ can talk to him any time.. Vj bails though =- and soon as a kid called Riley & his mate enter 6te room.


Leah confrontts VJ. She wonder if he was the one with accessed the diner compuers to allow ppl to access pics like ta one that colleen commuted on before. VJ eventually admits he did. Leah is soooo not happy.


Leah talk to Miles bout wahts’ happened. They suggest tat maybe it’s because VJ is getting REALLY into girls. Although he isnlt initally keen, Mils agree to have “that talk” with VJ. When he does, VJ doesn’t like it – more to point, he thinks its gross ta Miles should thank that he is into girls like that.


Charlie talk to Rachel; bout Ruby. Rach is conscrened bout Ruby – whish further heightens Charlie’s worries


Romeo sees Riley & his friends kinda picking on VJ. After he approah riley, Riley & co bail – but as they do, they push VJ over,. Leah that sees the bruises on her son’s legs. VJH admits ta he did the water balloon thing etc beacewu he is being bullied.


Geoff tells Ruby ta he had no luck today trying to find a job.

Charley tries to talk to ruby bout eve trying, but ruby insist at charley should back off. Charlie bails.


Rachel speak to tony, she is concerned that there was no money in their saving acct,. he tell her the business at gym has been slow so he need to borrow some from saving acct to help out. He inist at its just a temporary glitch.


Mile & Leah speak to Riley’s dad – who suggest that they should toughen up VJ [rather than having Riley be not so aggressive]./ when Miles admits at hells not VJ’s dad, Riley's dad wonder why he is even here then.


Mile & Leah talk about encounter with Riley’s dad – it’s no wonder Riley behaves tae way he does.

Rachel talk to tony. She’s looked thru the book of the gym and realised what terrible trouble it’s in. tony tell her about how slow business REALLY is – and rach insist ta he shouldn’t hid ting like tis from her.


Miles speaks to Riley and "suggest" that he should stop hassling VJ.


When Mile tell Leah & Romeo bout his chat with Riley, romoe think ta Riley won’t back off just because of Miles talking to him.


As VJ walk to Leah’s car, Riley & his mates confront VJ. They threaten both VJ and Miles.


Ruby suggest to Geoff that they should seriously get al romantic, since Irene will be back in a few days.

Charlie arrives – with a suitcase. She tells Ruby ta she is moving in her til when Irene gets back. Ruby is not impressed.


NEXT DAY, Tony talk to Rachel; [who is hold harry]. Tony insist at things will be ok.

Naby, miles is having a shower. Several kids knockk him out by push him againts the shower pole. They [about 6 of them] kick Miles several time each before they run off. Miles face is esp. all bloody.



Miles confronts Riley – as is charged with assault

Hugo,. Marsha & Bam bang are being watched at thin farm

Irene returns ….

as doe Donna DeBono who insist at she didn’t kill Lou

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby : white [various bright color splotches] knee dress


Charlie : dark one shoulder [grey floral] knee dress


Colleen : apple green [red unknown motifs] blouse


Geoff : dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Geoff : grey t./denim jeans

Harry “ white beanie

Harry : light blue jumpsuit/light blue ][brown horiz strops] hat

Jamie [Riley mate] : orange [dark horiz stripes and red sleeves] football jersey

Leah : dark thin strap knee dress/ white jacket

Miles : dark [blue & yellow sleeves] wetsuit

Miles : dark shirt/dark [purple unknown motif] t/dark lonag pants

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/dark shorts

Rachel : white cardy

Rachel : white blouse/dark top/dark long pants

Riley : red sleeves hoodie/ dark l/s top/dark shorts

Riley’s dad : dark shirt/denim jeans

Ruby : green [white floral] knee dress

Romeo : dark [white surfy motif] singlet/white [black swirls] shorts

Tony : white [dark sleeves] t/dark shorts

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

VJ : dark [orange stripes near sleeves] t/dark shorts

VJ : light blue [dark unknown motifs] t

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