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Thurs 5 Nov 09 – Episode # 4979

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Is Nic Using Liam to Make Aden Jealous ??? "

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 5 Nov 09 – Episode # 4979 ]


Liam is cooking a meal - he is talk to Nic as well. Aden enters the room, and they clash. Aden is annoyed - and bails.


Leah is a bit surprised when Miles says tat he can't sty her to eat diner 0 as her has to head back to school too do more work [despite it being pretty late at night].

Aden enters,and mouths of bout Liam.


Next day, Geoff exits his room just as Ruby;s finishes checking thru her assignment. he is worried ta she has been up all night,m but she insits tat she hasn't and ta ht she is already to go to school today =- as she has done her insulin injecting and head breakfast etc. she pisks up her assignment [that she just printed] and is about to head off when Geoff reminds her to take some jelly babies with her. Ruby grabs them of te counter and bails.


Aden does not like tat Liam has messed up much of te lounge and hasn't tidied up after himself in te kitchen,. Liam then turns on some music, rather loud music, so Aden bails.


Leah sees VJ siting by himself and wonders why he isn't siting with his fiends who are at another table. he tells her that he hasn't been firnds with those gits for ages now.


Aden tells Geoff bout his issues with Liam. both are sure that getting a berth for their trawler shouldn't be any trouble today.


Miles start to teach a class. Gonk, who is siting in fnt of Ruby, grabs te jelly baby lollies off her desk and eats them. Ruby is annoyed but does not say anyting to be [ie that she's a diabetic]


Aden & Geoff encounter Liam who is putting up poster advertising guitar lessons fom Liam. Aden doe not like tat Liam didn't even talk to him bout this.


at ten end of class, Ruby realises ta she has pick up te wrong copy of her assignment, she ask Miles if she can go home and get Te Right one. he says ta she can at lunch time.


Leah & VJ enter,. vj had just been to Te docior, but Leah insist att VJ is going to go back to school for te rest of te day - after they have a juice.

nearby, Aden clashes with Nic. he tell her if she does not kick Liam out of Te house, Aden will leave. Nic tells Aden to pack his bags - Aden is shocked, but Nic doesnot look too happy [after Aden bails].


Ruby runs into class and hands in her assign met, when she hoes into te corridor, she looks all groggy, and collapses. when Miles talk to her, sh tell him that Gonk ate her jelly babies. she quickly drinks sometjhing she is given - and mile tell Gonk and te other students nearby ta Ruby has diabetes.


Aden & Geoff are talk when Alf shocks them. he;s heard tat they won't get a berth for their trawler at the new marina - because the ownership of te business has changed hands [from Lout to Irene so recently[.


Miles & esp. Rach are disheartened when Ruby tells that ta she didn't tell anyone at school ta she has diabetes because sh did want that to think tat she was different to them.


Alf tells Aden & Ge of tat there are ppl worse off than thembecaue they also lost their berth ][incl a guy who recently remortgaged his house[. Aden is annoy tat he;d going to have to goo back to Nic and hope he can still stay at her [adeel's] place =- ep. since he pays her "mates rates".


Miles is driving Ruby home,. she isn;t ken on them having an assembly at school because of her diabetes. when they stooped at a crossing, someone in a hodsie throws a water bomb at them. the kids runs away - Miles gives cahse, but te kid is too fat.


Miles comment to Ruby ta he recognise the the kids was waring a SB public school shirt under te hoodie. Miles does not think tat its a laughing mater when ruby Jones bout someone talking bout what's just happened at school Assembly.


Nic agree to let Aden move back in - and Aden & Lima Say ta they will try to make an effort to be friends.


Ruby talk to Geoff bout what happened. whilst she doesn't;t want to be sen as a freak, goeff tells her ta she is an amazing woman.

they then talk bout te day;s bad news - loosing th trawler berth.


Aden makes round with Lima' guitar = aden doe a bad impression of Liam. when Aden & Nic talk, she wonders when he says ta there is something her that he wants. she is disheartened when he says ta he was talking bout the couch.


Miles talk to Leah bout the water bomb thing. he then sees that VJ's bag has the same sort of red keyring as the bag tat the bomb threw had. Leah opens VJ's bag - and finds an emptily water balloon packet.

Leah "goes off" at VJ =- esp[. in light of what happen earlier this year to Roman. when Leah is finished, VJ sits down - and breifly looks at te bruises taht his socks cover [bottom part of both legs].



Miles & Romei talk to te ppl bullying VJ - but souind like that maeks it worse

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: aqua [pink floral] halter top/


Nicole: white & silver top/blask leather long pants


Red: SBH uniform


Aden: dark [white “Plymouth Regional’s”] t/denim jeans

Aden: dark singlet/dark long pants/dark [grey sleeves] jacket

Aden: dark [green alien like motif] t/denim jeans

Alf: blue-green [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Geoff: dark long pants

Geoff: white [black “north east sect.” and crest] t/olive green shorts/2 tone grey hoodie

Gonk: SBH uniform

Leah: dark low cut v neck dress

Liam: white [red 7 blue check] button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Liam: white [dark check] button up shirt/green t/dark long pants

Miles: purple button up shirt/ grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/olive green long pants

Miles: olive green button up shirt/dark t

Nicole: dark [silver swirls etc near “collar”] knee length dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rachel: dark dress

Ruby: white [dark abstract eagle type motif] t/dark ¾ pants

VJ: blue (primary school) button up shirt/olive green hoodie

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