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Wed 4 Nov 09 – Episode # 4978

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Do You Know An Electrician ? “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 4 Nov 09 – Episode # 4978 ]


Derek denies it when Angelo says that he was about to kidnap Bamang art tee wharf. He also dinnies having any knowledge book tat was found in Hugo’s boatshed. Angelo comments they are analysing the fingerprints on the log book now.

Angelo goes into the amen area and talk to Charlie. There’s no word on the ‘prints yet, and angle is concerned at this seems all too convenient [them busting Derek at this time].


The like of colleen & Alf are rally please tat Bambang is safe. Marsha is worried when their’s talk of the ppl who died on boat being involved in a ppl smugging ring, rather that then just being asylum seekers.

At the counter, Leah tries top talk to Miles [who looks very scruffy and unshaven btw] bout kiersty, miles doesn’t ant to talk bout it.


Nic is talking to Liam bout how kirsty just up & left that all when she gets a phone call. Its miles – and when Nic is off phone, she and Lima head off the police station.


When they get there, Angelo & Charlie talk to them & Miles. Nic insist that it was definitely Derek who she encountered on the island all those months ago.


Alf tri to talk to Aden bout the rift thween he & Nic over Liam. Aden isn't that keen on listening. He also is pretty confidant that Irene’s trawler will get open of the berths at marina when the announcement are made morrow.


Next day, Leah spec to Miles [whose looks more like he usually does, i.e. he’s shaven since the diner scene earlier in tee p]. She wonders if he's speaking to Kirsty. He says that he hasn’t – and she hasn’t contacted him in any way. Miles insist it’s up to kirsty to make the next move.


Angelo enters t interview room, and comet to Derek that he knows his real name is Derek Quade [and that Gould is just one of a string of false IDs]. When Angelo tell him what Nic & Geoff had to say bout THAT time on the island months ago [we see flashback of them as Angelo speaks etc] Derek say that on the islands he was dehydrated, delirious etc.

Charley speak to Angelo -0 and when Angelo specs to Derek again, he tells Derek that they’ve uncovered Derek’s fingerprints are both on the logbook AND on the coded message in Bambang’s toy. Derek now wants a lawyer present.


Liam & Nic talk – incl Liam telling Nic he’s having all kinds of trouble with the wiring [i.e. he needs to hire another electrician].


Nic & Liam speak to Alf, wondering if he knows a god electrician. When Martha laughs, Liam wonders whity, Alf tells Liam that Marsha is a qualified electrician. Marsha agrees to take a look at Liam’s place. Lima & co bail, just as Aden enters.


Outside the house, Marsha is looking at the fusebox. When she goes inside, Bambang is having fun when Liam, who is playing a little guitar. Marsha comment on how great Liam is with Bambang. She also tells him that the wiring etc is totally messed up and that he can’t live here til it’s fixed.


Angelo is keen to nail Hugo [with ppl smuggling] but Charlie insists tat when Derek doe time inde, he wills crack. Angelo is impatient, and wants results NOW.


Marsha commit to Hugo bout how great Liam was with Bambang. She is also pleased that everything is going VERY well with her life. When she leaves the room, Hugo looks at THAT plane ticket.


Liam speaks to Nic – who tells him tat she think that she did pretty well in the exam that she recently finished.

Nic spec to Miles – she wonders if Liam can stay arty the VPH for a bit. Miles says that he can’t.


Nic & Aden clash over Liam. Indeed, Nic doesn’t early get a chance to say whatever he was going to before Aden calls Liam a “miley Cyrus wannabe”. Nic storm out.


Nic sots net to Miles. She tells him tat she waaaaaaaaaay misses Kirsty & Oly. When Miles makes a comment bout Liam, Nic say that she has solved his housing problem.


Aden enters – and is NOT ken when Nic say that Liam is staying her for a while [since its Nick’s place after all]. And insist he & Liam are bound to kill each other, before Aden goes upstairs in disgust.



Sounds like Aden & Geoff don’t get a trawler berth at the new marina

Aden clashes with Nicole about Liam staying at Adelle’s

A school kids throw something at Leah or Miles car [whilst one of those 2 is driving along]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: elec blue jacket/white top


Marsha: hot pink [white tropica; motifs] top/white shorts


Aden: dark [green alien like motif] t/denim jeans


Aden: dark button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: faded yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Bambang: green [dark horiz stripes] t/white shorts

Bambang: red [light blue unknown motif] t

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Colleen: blue & brown tropical; village blouse/hot pink top

Derek Gould: dark t/dark shorts

Hugo: dark shirt/light blue [dark trim] singlet/denim jeans

Hugo: blue t

Leah: baby pink jacket/denim jeans

Leah: black [partly blue] thin strap dress

Liam: white [blue check] button up shirt/ blask lather long pants

Liam: white [dark check] button up shirt/green t/dark long pants

Marsha: white cardy/white top/denim shorts

Miles: dark button up shirt/ dark [streetscape]] t/dark long pants

Miles: olive green button up shirt/dark t

Nicole: red [white dots near “collar” and dark trim] singlet top/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

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