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Ah, this fic is amazing. I've been reading, just never gotten around to commenting... until now.

Rachel! :o Being abused by Mark... :( But I love how supportive Tony & Leah are, and how they hooked onto it. She's such a good friend.

Ah, Tony & Rachel. :wub: He's such a gentlemen, and so gentle & supportive. Such a difference from Mark.

And Emily, I feel so sorry for her. With her cancer, and having to tell the one she loves most that she's dying. :( It must be so hard. Plus, worrying about Rachel...

I'll give a more in-depth post soon. :)

Please update soon!

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Loved that update! :)

Glad Charlie also thinks something is going on with Mark and Rachel. Hopefully she can find something on him soon.

Really hoping Rachel will find the courage to talk to Charlie, Leah or Tony about this and accept she needs help.

update soon! :)

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Oh wow Kirsty that was an amazing update!!! So much was going on.

I loved the way you started it although it was really difficult to read. It's so awful that Mark has been able to make Rachel truly believe that no-one else could love her; I'm hoping Tony can convince her otherwise ;)

I'm really pleased that Charlie and Angelo are involved although I can't say I think much of Angelo at all. He just couldn't be bothered to take it seriously and Charlie was being so nice - good on her for not stepping down and doing the search on Mark, I wonder if she'll find anything?? Maybe previous victims who've reported something that has never been proven? It's really sad also how Rachel got really excited at the thought of the girls meeting up :(

The Tony/Leah bit was one of my favourite parts of that chapter. Obviously I feel so sorry for Rachel but I do for Tony to. He's really trying to care for her and love her but she's just used him and then rejected him. Interesting that he said he can't stand back I wonder what he's going to do? Hopefully not anything right that second while he's drunk! I loved how there was a subtle hint of Leah being really excited when she heard that Tony and Rachel had slept together, I guess she just really wants Rachel away from Mark and knows that Tony will look after her.

I really hope someone will help Rachel find the strength to leave Mark. I don't think it's so much that she's terrified of what he'll do if she leaves but it's more that he's been emotional abusing her for so long that he's managed to make her believe that no-one else could love her. She thinks that what he's doing is a sign of love.....I really hope everyone involved can help her to see it's not. Maybe what Emily was planning to do from the previous chapter.

Amazingly written Kirsty, it was so beautifully honest and heartbreaking for all involved. It's like everyone knows but can't do anything about it until Rachel's willing to admit to it. Please update soon - preferably quicker than a month

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Oh wow, what a brilliant chapter; well worth the wait!

Rachel. :( I feel so sorry for her. She feels so trapped, Mark has such a hold on her. You're portraying it brilliantly!

I feel sorry for Tony, too. His chat with Leah was one of my favourite parts of the chapter. I liked how, once he'd blurted out about him & Rachel, that he felt embarrassed. I hope they do something to convince Rach to leave Mark... just so long as Tony's sobered up by then!

Go Charlie! It's great that she's supporting Rachel too. Can't say the same for Angelo...

Great update! :)

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Great chapter.I loved the opening scene between Rachel and Mark, all the twists and turns, how Rachel desperately wants to leave him and is disgusted with herself for being so weak but can't quite bring herself to make that step, how Mark perhaps needs her more than him and is willing to use whatever tactics he needs to make her stay, be it sympathy or fear.Charlie, Leah and Tony are all trying to help Rachel but in the end only she can help herself.Nice point to end, really leaves me wanting more.

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