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Unfamiliar (by Taniya_K) - comments


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Tanyia that was just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

AOL at the bath scene...i love how they still tease each other. and "Daddy" is just *sigh* :wub:

Also Ellen you are so right, you would never be able to resist him!!! *sigh*

Poor Belle ... i hope she talks to Aden soon!



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God, I always feel like I'm repeating myself when I comment on your stories - but I can't help it, I just love your books so much, seriously like! yes, books, I said that word! I meant chapters but seriously ... bah!

The bath scene - Aden's opening words were just gas, and I could pure picture him saying them too.

Then, the descriptions I really don't know how you wrote that; seriously - I was reading and thinking, "I wish I'd written this" - if that makes sense :o

There's just a carefree but intensely loving theme between them all; and really enjoyed reading about Belle introducing Krissy to the photos, and what she thinks of everyone ...

More, please, asap :D

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:D Brilliant! Well worth the wait chick

I loved the banter between Aden and Belle!!

Krissy misses Aden :wub: Just adorable

Loved the scene with Drew, glad it's kinda sorted now..... even though i'm intrigued as to the truth with him lol

The scenes with Mattie were brill too

Dont worry about updating, you've had alot on, just update when you can. We'll wait :D

Looking forward to reading more

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that was just FAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

I've missed the purple updates :D hehehe

AOL, Krissy and Aden are just..........awwwwwwwwww :wub:

Loved the Belle/Aden banter and poooor Aden. damn the doctors hehe

loving Mattie and Amanda too, brilliantly written characters. a joy to read

i'm very intrigued as to where Drew was...

as Laura said, dont worry about when you update. update when you can :D


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That was worth the wait - LOVED it :D

Sooooooooo sweet that Krissy misses her daddy :wub: though who can blame her!

Got me wondering though - what's going on with Drew and what are Aden's nightmares about?

Hope Belle and Aden talk soon about what is bothering them.

Like i said i LOVED it and as usual can't wait for more :D

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That was brilliant Taniya, well worth the wait :D

It was so sweet that Krissy missed Aden.

& I liked the Belle/Aden banter!

Like the other guys have said, dont worry about the updates, we know you've had a lot on, just update whenever you can!

Looking forward to reading more


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Totally worth the wait!

The stuff with Drew was great. I want to know what he was up to. Loved the conversation with Matilda. I love Amanda in 'mother mode'. It's sweet that Krissy's a daddy's girl - I don't blame her :P


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