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Unfamiliar (by Taniya_K) - comments


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That was brilliant!

LOVED the chat between Aden and Roman, toatlly agree with Roman lol

They will make such good parents!

Bless Ric :lol: as always, loved Mattie, i think it's really sweet that she's still 'beanie' to her

That was so sweet and fluffy

I hope Drew does get back in touch with her

Cannot wait to read more, but i know you have exams really soon, so no pressure!!!

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you know what Taniya - i didn't like it!


All 18 pages!! infact could have happily read 18 more!

I don't even know where to start with fave bits!!

Roman's chat with Aden was lovely - he called him son :wub:

Ric and Mattie - funny as ever :D

daddy's little angel :wub:

the end with the just the 3 of them - they're just the perfect little family :wub:

the list could go on and on and on

so to sum up - Brilliant brilliant brilliant :D

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that was brilliant!! :D It did not drag at all I could quite happily have read 18 more pages :) (although you probably wouldn't want to write a chapter that long LOL!)

I can't pick out my best bit, although I want to slap Aden and tell him to stop thinking that he is going to screw it up and that he does not deserve what he's got :wink:

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Off? That wasn't off! More like brilliant.

All of it was fantastic. I did love Mattie and Ric. His horror when she mentioned them having a baby and her being so excited to see the baby. Too cute!

Amanda and Roman not wanting to be called Grandma and Grandad was funny. I can just imagine it, too.

Oh, and I liked Annie's reaction. It was like she was in awe of her.

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As if you could write anything other than amazing! Which btw it was!!!!!!!

It was so sweet and adorable and cute, and i loved Mattie wanting to steal her! And Ric's slight fright that Mattie might want a baby too. Added an element of humour that made the whole scene feel so realistic.

I love the way Aden is with them both! So adorable!

Fantastic and AWWWWy chapter!!!!!! Can't wait for another update! But TOTALLY understand the business! :D

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