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Awww Miss Molloy! I wish they had kept using her.

That's insane but I love it!

My god the quallity of these episodes in terms of writing are fantastic, let alone for a soap. The end of that episode had a few tears flowing. I love Alf and Ailsa so much. I'm assuming she comes back and they renew their vows. Can't wait. :D The best bit about that was probably that by soap standards these days Alf probably would have unrealistically turned up there by the end of the episode and they managed to do an emotionally charged scene from both end over the phone. *thumbs up*

Oh and I couldn't stop laughing at Colleen. Maybe THAT'S why she really dislikes Marylin, not coz of Lance because she's always secretly still carried a torch for Don, lol. His face was hilarious when she backed him up against a corner. Especially licking her finger after she dropped the food. :P

The scene with Bobby and Roo was great. I really liked that Bobby doesn't kick her when she's down and I think (and hope) FINALLY Roo is maturing.

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are 7 two cutting scenes from the ealry years cause in todays epiesode 174 there was no bob barnet yet hes listed in the recap

If you're talking about the summaries on the website, we're aware that there appears to be some inaccuracies with a few scenes listed in the wrong episodes.

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Barbara got another mention!

Brett's last line to Stacey was amusing though, something along the line of "There's a little girl that may want to look up her father, I wouldn't want her to get a copy of Dad."

FF > pity that's exactly what she got.

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