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1988 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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.....I'm also starting to appreciate what people mean when they regard orginal Pippa as the superior version. I don't know what I mean, but because I had only ever witnessed Debra's version I automatically preferred her, but now I'm starting to see why the oringinal portrayal of the character was so loved. Some of Vanessa's dialogue does seem a little wooden at times, but I think there's a fragility and softness to her that is very endearing. I admit I think she's a character that takes some time to get to love, but once you do start to like her, I think you do from then on.

Just watched ep 32. That Ben is a right little brat. I thought it was funny when Floss was speaking to Scott on the phone and put a funny voice on.

I was truly shocked at the end when I saw Carly coming home after hitching with that guy. :o

I watched the first repeat run and couldn't wait for what I call the Real Pippa to join in

Episode 586

, and still hold the view that the "Real Pippa" (

Episode 586 onwards

) is better than the blonde, curly-haired one.

***SPOILERS FOR EPISODES DUE TO AIR IN EARLY 2011!, refers to last stages of major plot line so proceed with caution!***

I don't like how the blonde curly-haired one treated Dodge in his last episodes, the way she ripped up the family photo

(374) and

burnt Dodge's jacket


I also hate how she supported Sally against Dodge even though neither Sally, Alsa nor "Pippa" never explained why they hated Dodge


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Awww Miss Molloy! I wish they had kept using her.

That's insane but I love it!

Presuming that they keep showing over Christmas, this thread is for discussion of the following eps:

23rd - 36

24th - 37

25th - 38

28th - 39

29th - 40

Today's episode marks the first appearance of Colleen :wink:

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At first when she walked in I was thinking is that Colleen as her hair was much longer and she dressed more middle class back then.

And once she spoke I knew she was Colleen. I think its a pity they didn't make Colleen a regular in 1988 instead of making her a regular 11 years later.

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One thing I've noticed, at least throughout these early episodes how some of the people in the town just assume the kids names are Fletcher. Fisher has had a few scenes where he's called Carly and Lynn Fletcher's, though in 34 he calls her Morris and in today's episode Alf calls her Carly Fletcher at his visit to Celia's house, if that was Celia's house and I assume it is because there's never been any mention that I've read about Celia being part time gardener, though quite what she does before she buys a business later on I don't know. Does she just appear in scenes to gossip for 150 episodes?

These are now, for 15 episodes at least completely virgin episodes to me.

Also, interesting in light of what happens, is that Lynn is 2 scenes behind Pippa is the character that appears most in the opening 36 episodes.

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I'm a virgin to these episodes too, Ryan. :P

I'm really enjoying these episodes. In fact, I'd say there's only one thing wrong with them and that is that 7Two isn't airing at least two episodes a day. I think they're so awseome though, really really fun to watch.

I was shocked to see it was Colleen's first episode today as someone had told me earlier on that her first appearance was in episode 38. However, I was pleased to see her and to me it's a funny thought that she turns out to be one of the Bay's most enduring residents. I do find it absolutely hilarious that she was introduced as a plot device to provide a town gossip for the show, and that's pretty much her function 21 years later. I still can't decide whether I think she's a legend or just a disaster though. She does make me laugh and her appearance today did make me smile. It was weird seeing her with such long hair!

Anyway, as for the episode...that Sandra must go down in history as one of the worst guest characters in history, the scenes with her and Steven are very wooden, but he's not as bad as her though. I love that TPTB are really building up the community by having so many recurring characters and guests used when they're needed, i.e. the bitchy brunette at school, Nico, Sandra and her father, Colleen, Doris Peters.

I'm not sure if I think it's entirely realistic how the teens would be behaving at school though. I thought Summer Bay was meant to be a fairly middle-class area, and I certainly know that at my school if someone had been raped the pupils wouldn't be disrespectful enough to bully the person about it. No compassion whatsoever, hey?!

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The schedules on the Seven site do show H&A showing at 9:30am every morning this week, though without the 'Early Years' tag on them which I think is what is confusing that little box on the official site.


Also the synopsis for that episode on Monday is indeed for Episode 39, which would be airing on that day if H&A wasn't taking a break this week..... :wink:

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I dont know if it just stuffed up or whether it wasn't on, but my timer didn't record Home and Away and now when I look at my scheduled recording, the next Home and Away episode appears to be 28th December!

I just watched the Christmas Day episode uploaded onto Youtube, which was good, nice and festive! That will probably end up being on 7TWO around September/October next year?!

I also wish 7TWO would air 2 episodes per day, the time goes so fast I'm left wanting more, still wish they'd change the time slot to late afternoon but I'm just grateful they're on at all! I hope that's how I'll feel about the 2010 season!!

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