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Wed 28 Oct 09 – Episode # 4973

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Don’t EVER EVER EVER Come Back !!!!!!!!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 28 Oct 09 – Episode # 4973 ]


It’s the morning after the events of 4972, and as Kirsty & Oliver sleep side by side on the bed, Miles quietly open stat the bedroom. Looks at them briefly, and then he exits.


Miles is walk along when he sees Shelley. She tells him that Oliver got in the bed at around 2am this morn. Miles wonders if Shelley got a rall change to talk to Kirsty. Shelely tells Miles she * Kirsty chat bout many tings last night.


Liam & Nicole order some chei [sp?]- that Colleen didn’t even know tat diner was selling.

Xavier enters, and he is please to overhear that Liam is going way for a few days. Nicole of course isn’t so keen on that – but at least they can stay on contact with their phones.


Xavier suggest to Romeo tat they have the party [that was to be at place that found Bambang] at Liam’s Romeo isnklt so sure bout this – but after he leves the room, Xavier tells Rosie [whose just entered] tat the party is back on. He tells her it’s at Liam’s place.


Nic is talk to Leah and either sending a text msg to Liam, or getting omne forms him. Aden enters an sees that Nicole is getting all dissected with all the testing and that she hadn’t been studying. He takes the phone off her – she chases him around the diner, but Aden insists that he will only give Nicole back the phone after she’s studied. After Aden boils [with the phone], the various customers applaud.


Shelley has packed her tings, and Kirsty, Oly & miles says goodbye to here.


Romeo talks to Xavier – wondering hey he just got a txt bout a party at Liam’s tonight. Xavier says at he dinlt realise it would get this big so soon. Romeo insists tat her will be no alcohol there.

Romeo answers his phone – its kirsty, and he tells her that he will be home soon.


After everyone [Alf, miles, Oly, kirsty, Nic, Romeo] finished there meal, Nic talk to Kirsty – telling her that its nice to have her home etc. throughout this scene., there’s just something weird bout the way kirsty is subtly behaving.


Romeo aroives, and there’s more ppl at party tat he imagined – and there’s ppl who’ve bought alcohol. Xavier is surprised surprirsed when Rosie is ken to get t9gther with him – after she tell him tat Ally’s folks wouldn’t let her go to party.


Just before Miles heads of to a P&C meeting, Kirsty apologises to him for not opening up to him bout what’s neen happening etc. she’s all teary as she says it – and they agree to talk more when Miles get home. Miles bails.


Liam and a mate arrives. Liam isn’t pleased that tee party is happening. He tells Romeo tat the recording session he was out of town for got cancelled. Whilst Liam’s band mate is keen to party, Liam is anouyed when he haers a noise upsatairs - that means ppl at in his flat.

Soon after, as Liam’s mate kisses a girl, he spikes her drink. Liam re enters tee room – and realises tat his band mate is astray a bit wasted, so he taken him home. Liam “suggest” tat everyone be out of his place by time he returns. After he bails, Romeo drinks FOM what he thought was his glass -0 but it was the spike one.


As kirsty packs her bags, she tells Oly that they are going for a drive – and that he can takes all his toys etc with him.


Romeo begins to rally be affected by the drugs tat were in the drink, whilst Rosie asks Xavier to walk her home. After they bail, someone starts up the music again.


Aden is talking to colleen when he phones rings. It’s Romeo, who is somehow ewbel to alert Aden to his trouble.


After the call ends, Romeo [whilst still try to stop the party] is knocked over. Whilst he is on the floor, we see even more ppl arrives.


Kirsty leave miles a note on teior bed.

When in the main room, kirsty tell sheely tat she was to leave miles – and she say there’s no future for them, as things have been too painful. Kirsty, Shelley & Oly bail.


Aden arrives, and finds Romeo on the floor. Liam arrives secs later. He orders everyone out oaf his place – and when he’s done that, Aden has a go at liam for what’s happening to Romeo.



Aden is insistent to Nic tat ppl like Liam don’t change [which continue to be ironic, given Aden’s past]

Trey’s dad asks Gina out on a date

Miles finds Kirsty’s note

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rosie: multi colour v neck maxi dress


Girl interested in Liam’s band mate: white lace [kinda “old school”] top


Miles: purple button up shirt/black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t /dark shorts


Aden: dark t/dark long pants

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/

Colleen: white [zebra stripes] blouse/dark top

Kirsty: black & grey [kinda night sky motifs etc] long sleeve top/dark long pants

Kirsty: grey dressing gown

Leah: white [several gold semi circles on bust] thin strap top

Liam: white ][red check] button up shirt/dark jacket/denims

Liam’s band mate: dark jacket/red [dark horiz stripes] t

Miles: white [dark vert stripes] long sleeve button up shirt

Nicole: yellow thin strap top/dark long pants

Oliver: orangey-red [aliens?] PJs

Oliver: red t

Romeo: fluro yellow [dark horiz stripes]\ t/white [red check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Rosie: red [white trim] singlet top

Shelley: brown shirtdress/dark ¾ pants

Xavier: blue button up shirt/white t

Xavier: dark aqua [white “Ecuador Ambato”] t/dark [mustard dots] shorts

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