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Two Sides To Every Story

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Story title: Two Sides to Every Story

Type of story: Long

Main characters: Belle, Geoff, Nicole, Aden, Liam

BTTB rating: T just to be safe

Genre: Romance, mystery, drama

Does this story include spoilers: No

Any warning: I’ll warn if necessary. (SC)

Summary: Seeing his girlfriend pashing a rock star devastated Geoff. A break up with Aden saw Belle hit the bottle. Coming home, Geoff and Belle hit the bottle, ending up in bed.

But a pregnancy in the mix makes everything come a head for Geoff and Belle. Nicole is missing, Aden is no where to be seen... what if your start to doubt what you see. Nothing is as it seems

Plus a trailer

So, this is my first fic that I have written that is not about Aden/Belle... and is something different I am trying.

this is dedicated to Georgia, Steph, El and RR1

Chapter One ~ Love and Hate

He stood there; staring at her as she had her lips pressed against someone else's, her arms wrapped around him like they had been together for years. Like they were a perfect match for the other.

He could feel the anger surging through his body, and his pulse quicken rapidly as he clenched his fists. Turning he stormed up the beach, the sound of the music beginning to thud a little louder as he neared the top of the beach where the coucil had allowed the bonfire to be lit.

Kicking sand behind the heels of his skate shoes, he turned and headed back to his home as he just left her there. He wanted to storm over to them and punch him in the face. That no good, sly son of a rock star; Liam Murphy.

His blood was almost boiling as he finally made it back to the Beach house and up the drive way as he saw the light shining from the kitchen window. He stomped up the drive way and through the already open door as he saw her sitting on the couch, swaying from side to side; she was most likely drunk.

He slammed the door as he saw her jump, before she quickly turned and looked at him, the tears running down her cheeks in vivid motion.

“Geoff” she panted, clutching her chest with her left hand and the bottle still present in her right hand.

“Hey Belle, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Geoff replied subtly before walking over to the couch and plonking himself down next to her.

“What’s wrong?’

Belle began to giggle as more tears rolled down her cheeks. Bringing the bottle to her lips, she skulled a huge mouthful before beginning to cough and wiping her mouth with her sleeve before looking back at Geoff and offering him the bottle.

“Drink,’ she mumbled as Geoff laughed before letting the smile disappear and taking the bottle from her hands and bringing it up toward his mouth.

He too, skulled from the bottle before starting to cough as the contents burned on the journey down his throat.

“Am I... sexy... I sexy not?’ Belle stumbled her words as she then realized she had completely stuffed up and began giggling once more as Geoff joined in.

“He... he broke up... with... me with...’ she began to sob once more as Geoff watched her drop her head and stare at her breasts before grabbing them with both hands.

“I want... I boobs get big,’ she stuttered as she squeezed them together and looked up at Geoff. “Feel!’

She quickly grabbed his free hand and placed it upon her left breast as he began to cough and blush.

“I... Belle there... ummm... great!’ He replied, quickly looking away as Belle looked at him.

“You think?’ She pouted, letting Geoff’s hand drop down as she quickly leant across him and grabbed the bottle from his hand, taking another swig of the bottle.

Geoff watched her down the rest of the bottle before letting it drop out of her hands and onto the floor and began giggling profusely.

“Got another bottle of that?’ Geoff asked, remembering his earlier vision as the anger surged right back through his body once more.

“Yep!’ Belle mumbled as she jumped to her feet and stumbled toward her room to retrieve another bottle for her to share with Geoff.

Hope you guys like

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So, this is my first fic that I have written that is not about Aden/Belle... and is something different I am trying.

this is dedicated to Georgia, Steph, El and RR1

That's not entirely true. I've read at least one non Adelle fic written by you and am still patiently waiting for an update for another one. *hint hint* :P


Oh yes... I forgot about those... *lowers head in shame for not updating Sexual Seductions* sorry Barbara lol

anyway, I want to thank Gee, Steph, El, RR1, meant2live, barbara, Zoe and Heaveforbid for your lovely comments

I hope you guys like this

Chapter Two ~ Memories and Reality

“No Belle. I dont want to talk about this right now,’ Aden spat as he stormed across the grass toward the Pier Diner with Belle tailing right behind him, just as angry.

“Aden Jefferies, Don’t you walk away from me. You stop and tell me what the hell you mean!’ Belle grabbed his arm as he spun around, reefing his arm away from Belle.

“Dont you get it Belle, I want to be left alone,’ he spat as Belle coiled back in shock at his words.

“Aden...’ Belle said as she just stood there, in complete shock.

“No... you know what Belle... if you cant leave me alone for five minutes, then I’ll leave you alone for good... it’s over!’ he spat before turning back around and walking off, leaving Belle to take in the news that she had just been dumped.


“He wouldn’t even... me what’s wrong,’ Belle sat there explaining her latest break up with Aden to Geoff.

“Well he ass just hole...’ Geoff stuttered back as Belle nodded, and downed the rest of the last bottle in her hand.

Belle and Geoff both went quiet and looked at each other, before both cracking up laughing as Belle leant into Geoff, slightly leaning her head on his shoulder as he just sat there, gob smacked as he looked back at her.

Lifting her head, she looked at him as she caught his gaze. Silence filled the room and the only sound was coming from the clock ticking loudly behind them and the beating of both their hearts.

He didn’t know what had hit him, but the next thing he knew, he was leaning into her, noses mere inches apart as he cupped one side of her cheek and delicately pressed his lips against Belle’s moist wet lips.

It wasn’t passionate to Belle, or loving, but a comfort thing as she quickly pulled away from Geoff, looking him in the eyes whilst his hand still rested on her cheek. She opened her mouth to say something, but the memories of Aden dumping her made her close her mouth again.

She looked at Geoff a moment longer, before she crashed her lips up against his, closing her eyes and pushing her body up against Geoff’s as they both fell back onto the couch as Geoff quickly pushed her away.

“Not here!’ he panted as Belle licked her lips hungrily and nodded.

Staggering, she got up off of him and stood up from the couch before leaning down and grabbing his hands and pulling him to his feet. Crashing her lips back against his in hunger, she let him wrap his arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck before moving them to tug at his belt as they both staggered toward her room.

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Thank you - RR1, Georgia, El, Steph, Zoe, Barbara, Heavenforbid, rockroll, meant2live and haaxhaa... also welcome to the new readers



Chapter Three ~ Hangover

His eyes flickered open the next morning as the thumping started almost instantly. Lifting his hands he began to rub his temple and groaned un-pleasant profanities under his breath. Hearing a shuffle in the bed he stopped in his tracks, slowly turning his head, stopping when he saw her brown locks and her skinny frame.

Mouth dropping open in shock he quickly sat up, lifting the duvet up and seeing his naked form, and hers, as his eyes widened and he quickly let the duvet fall back down over his legs and her sleeping figure.

“Oh jesus christ... oh god... oh sh*t... crap, crap oh no...’ Geoff muttered as he quickly swung his legs over the edge of the bed, flopping forward as his head fell into his hands.

They fell onto her bed after kicking the door shut behind them. She was now lying beneath him, staring at him with such hunger pressing over her features. Licking her lips hungrily as she played with the button on his jeans, his belt buckle pressing into the skin on her stomach.

Finally she got the button undone before pulling his zipper down. Pushing herself up as he pulled her emilie the strange shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor as he un-clipped her bra next.

She looked up at him, her heart was telling her to stop but her head was forcing her to keep going, desperate to forget about Aden, if only for a moment. Lifting one hand around his neck, she pulled him back down, their lips meeting and his now naked torso against her bare chest.

He ran his hands through his blonde hair before finding his boxers and jeans and slipping them on. Sneaking around the bed and to the door, he gently opened the door a crack to see if anyone was in the kitchen before slowly creeping out, being extra quiet not to wake her as he was even more careful pulling the door shut.

He sighed, slumping forward into the lounge and into the kitchen to find the nurofen. Opening the fridge as he finally found it and grabbing the milk and a glass from the sink.

“Morning darl!’ came Irene’s chipper voice as she trudged down the stairs with her dressing gown flowing behind her.

“Morning Irene,’ Geoff croaked as he poured himself a glass of milk and popped two nurofen from the packet before throwing them in his mouth and tossing his head back as he downed the glass of milk.

“Whats with the sour face this morning?’ Irene asked as Geoff ran some water in his glass, leaving it in the sink.

“Nothing. I’m going for a surf Irene,’ Geoff replied sourly as he headed toward the back door as Irene watched him through the window, picking up his surf board and the towel from next to it and walking past the window and down the path; out of sight.

Moments later Belle emerged from her room wearing a loose singlet top and a pair of mini shorts, rubbing her tired eyes and mumbling under her breath something about ‘cant get any peace and quiet around this place’ before scratching her mangled hair.

“Is it a day for waking up on the wrong side of the bed or something?’ Irene questioned as Belle looked up at her grumpily before dragging her feet into the kitchen and grabbing the coffee pot and a cup and pouring herself a black cup of coffee.

“Ok,’ Irene sat her cup on the bench and turned to look at Belle. “I’m going for a shower so get out of the mood your in!’ Irene told Belle before walking toward the stairs, taking one more look at Belle and shaking her head before making her way upstairs.

“Geez, whats up her bum today?’ Belle grumbled as she held the hot coffee in both her hands before bringing it to her lips.


He came out of the water and looked up and down the beach, trying to find her. Usually she would be walking along the beach at this time of morning but this morning was different. She was probably shacked up with Liam, that was the most likely scenario.

Geoff shook his head before jogging up the beach with his surf board under his arm. Slamming it down into the sand he bent down, picking up his towel and patting his face dry.

He sighed, before sitting down in the sand and throwing the towel over his shoulder and looking out over the ocean. “What the hell is going on with you Nic?’ he asked himself, confusion spreading across throughout his brain.

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Thanks for all your lovely comments, it means so much to me that you are liking this fic

Chapter Four ~ You Make Me Sick

“Will you stop looking at me like that!’ Belle hissed as she once again looked up from the table to see Geoff, on the couch looking at her like some sort of prized possession.

“Sorry!’ Geoff mumbled, returning his attention back to the blank tv screen. Geoff bit his lip curiously before craning his head back to look at Belle as she sighed and looked up at him again.

“GEOFF...’ Belle screamed slamming her hands down on the table. “What.... you obviously want to say something, so say it already,’ she bellowed.

For the last two days Geoff had been staring at her, constantly and it was beginning to grate on Belle’s last nerve and finally she had, had enough.

“I... its just... was I good?’ Geoff asked as Belle’s eyes widened and she raised one eye brow.


“When... well when we... you know...’ Geoff questioned as Belle scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Is this some sort of male ego. Wanting to know if you were good in bed... because I seriously dont get the gist of guys asking that.’ Belle was seriously confused, and a little aggitated as Geoff’s question.

“I just... I’ve only done it with... well with Nic...’ Geoff replied as Belle made a disgusted face.

“Ew, ew, gross Geoff. I really didn’t need to know what you and Nicole did!’ Belle replied feeling rather grossed out as she got to her feet and started walking into her room before stopping and looking at Geoff.

“Oh... and I cant remember, and that’s the way I want it to stay!’ she hissed before making the rest of her journey into her room, slamming her bedroom door so hard it shook the windows in the house.


Later that afternoon, Irene was walking along the path on her way home. She was smiling as it had been a good day at the Diner. She heard yelling up ahead, so quickening her pace she quickly walked toward the yelling.

Rounding the corner, she saw Belle, screaming furiously as her arms flung about in front of her. Irene creased her brows and stepped back so she wouldn’t be seen, leaning up against the wall and listening intently.


“No... Aden... you broke up with me... remember!’ Belle screamed as they stood there, about a meter apart from the other as Belle pointed at him. She was so angry, she was fuming as Aden just stood there, copping everything she was putting out to him.

“Belle... I’m sorry ok I was just having a bad day...’

Belle scoffed, shaking her head angrily. “Yeah... you seem to be having a lot of ‘bad days’ and you know what Aden? I’ve had enough of copping it all from you and I’m... I’m sick to death of being treated like crap...’ Belle screamed before turning on her heels and storming off down the beach, kicking the sand up behind her as Aden stood there, shocked at Belle’s sudden outburst.


Geoff sat in his room wondering if he had done something to upset Belle. She had been in a bad mood for the last two days and Irene especially, was beginning to wonder what was going on.

Even Annie had asked to stay at Ruby’s because she was over Belle’s mood swings, Irene had reluctantly agreed. He could hear Irene in the lounge room on the phone, but he couldn’t hear who she was talking to or what she was saying.

Geoff sighed. It had been two days since he had gone looking for Nicole, but no one had seen her, and he had even tried looking for Liam, but to no avail

Geoff was beginning to worry that something might have happened to Nicole, that maybe Liam had done something to her.

Jumping off his bed he walked into the lounge just as Irene got off the phone and looked up. “Love can we have a talk please?’

“Can't Irene,’ Geoff replied as he began to walk to the kitchen. “I have to find Nicole!’

“Nicole... wha-’ Irene called after the boy who had already disappeared out of the house as the raised her brow.

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Thanks for all your lovely comments, it means so much to me that you all like this fic so far :D


Chapter Five ~ Brother, Sister relationship

Belle walked through the door, shoulders slumped and dragging her feet along the floor, as she walked through to the kitchen. Looking up, she saw Irene looking at her from the couch. “Hi Irene,’ Belle sighed as Irene patted the seat beside her.

“Come and sit down love, tell me what’s going on...’ Irene suggested. Irene and Belle had been very close ever since Irene had taken the stray girl in just a few years ago, although Belle’s intentions to only stay a night ended up becoming a more permanent arrangement. Neither Belle or Irene minded though.

Belle shuffled over to the couch, propping herself down beside Irene on the couch as the older red haired woman manouvered herself so she was facing Belle and gave her the ‘What’s going on in the head of yours’ look.

Belle sighed. “Geoff and I had a fight the other day. Aden dumped me the other day and I had a screaming match with Aden about an hour ago!’ Belle blurted everything out as Irene looked shocked, and confused.

“Wait... Belle,’ Irene started but Belle sighed again and began biting at her nails. “I know Aden and I have had our differences but that doesn’t matter. I love him Irene but he’s just so stubborn and pig headed!’

“Belle... love... I dont know how to say this...’ Irene started but Belle cut her off with her next sentence.

“And now Geoff and I are giving one another daggers every time were in the same room as one another. It’s not fair... I want the brother, sister relationship back... I want to take back that night we...’ Belle’s voice trailed off as Irene stopped also, frowning and looking at Belle.

“The night you what?’ Irene questioned, completely forgetting about Belle’s issues with Aden.

“Nothing...’ Belle quickly replied, jumping to her feet. “Thanks for the talk Irene,’ she yelled as she bolted out the same door she had walked in only moments ago.

“What in the blue blazers is going on?’ Irene asked herself, slapping her hands up in the air, wanting to give up altogether.


She sat on the beach later that day, tears streaming down her cheeks as she thought about everything that had happened over the last couple of days. She couldn’t believe she had got herself into this situation.

Not even twenty-four hours after she had once again broken up with the man she loved, she had slept with a man she cared for so deeply and considered her brother.

She wanted to talk to Aden, tell him how much she loved him, tell him she didn’t want it to end, but every time she saw him lately she felt betrayed, humilated but at the same time: love and devotion. She choked back a sob and buried her head in her hands as her body was racked with sobs.


He bashed angrily on the front door of the house and waited for a few seconds before bashing again. Where was she? why wasn’t she home? Why was she avoiding him?

Geoff was beginning to go insane. Turning back around he stormed away from the house, toward the beach, searching for all the possible places Nicole could be.


Later that night Belle walked through the back door to see the lounge room lights on and nothing else. Annie was sitting in front of the tv, tears streaming down her cheeks and instantly the big sister emotions came out.

“Annie,’ Belle raced over to the teenager, sitting on the couch beside her and bringing the girl into Belle’s chest as she cuddled her tightly. “What’s wrong?’

Annie sobbed into Belle’s shirt, closing her eyes shut tightly as the little mascara she was wearing was smudging down her cheeks, wrapping her arms around Belle’s stomach; making the older woman sigh.

“Annie talk to me,’ Belle whispered into the teenager’s ear before tenderly kissing the top of her head of hair.

“Me a-and Ruby had a f-fight,’ Annie cried, cuddling Belle more tightly as the sobs became louder.

“Awww honey. I’m sure what ever it is you and Ruby will sort it out. You two are best friends, you love her way too much to give that up over a fight,’ Belle told Annie matter-of-factly but soothing the girl she held in her arms.

Annie slowly released her grip from Belle and pulled away, looking up. “How do you always know the right thing to say?’ she choked back a sob.

“Oh I dont know... maybe coz I’ve been in the same situation myself. You’ll both sort it out,’ Belle smiled before reaching one hand across and wiping Annie’s left cheek delicately.

“Thanks Belle,’ Annie half smiled at her foster sister before leaning across and kissing her on the cheek, slipping off the couch and dashing around it as she started to climb the stairs, two at a time.

Belle got up, walking over to the fridge and pulling it open, seeing the beer bottles down the bottom, sitting neatly on top of the crisper made Belle suddenly extremely thirsty. Reaching down, she pulled out one of the bottles and popped the lid before sculling to neck of the bottle.

Walking back into the lounge, she sat back down on the couch just as Geoff walked through the door. Belle looked up and saw Geoff, and noticed that Geoff saw her and started to turn around.

“Geoff, can... can we talk?’ she asked, desperately wanting to sort things out with the man she considered her brother.

“Sure,’ Geoff replied turning back around and seeing the beer grasped in Belle’s hand. “Only if I can have one of them!’

“In the fridge,’ Belle replied taking the bottle to her lips once more.


They both sat on the couch laughing in hysterics as the once neat beers that were in the fridge; now lay strew across the floor in front of them. One drink along with talking had suddenly evolved into many drinks and just laughing.

“So...’ Belle finally clutched her chest as she tried to calm herself down. “Did you end up finding Nicole?’

Geoff shook his head before sitting the now empty bottle on the coffee table in front of him. “No... she’s avoiding me, she knows she’s in the wrong and she’s avoiding me!’

“Well that’s ok. I had another fight with Aden today so I guess were both in the deep end with our relationships,’ Belle replied, simply tossing her empty bottle on the floor as it clanged up against two more bottles.

“Yeah...’ Geoff simply replied as he looked at Belle, feeling all the blood rush to the one area down in his pelvic region.

Belle looked at Geoff and her smile disappeared as she looked into those deep green eyes, once again licking her lips. Crawling across the couch she pushed herself up against him as her lips connected with his.

Electricity surged through both their bodies as she ran one hand down his chest and torso as he started tugging at her shirt hungrily.

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haha.... thanks for all your lovely comments :D But things will finally be starting to get interesting :P Hope you all enjoy :)

Chapter Six ~ I’m late

She had been wracking her brains for the last two weeks. Twice now Belle and Geoff had slept together, both drunken one night stands, but some how both Belle and Geoff were still as close as before they slept together.

But now; sitting in her room in front of her dressing table, she was frantic. Her period was late, by over a week and the first couple of day’s she just put it down to stress over her break up with Aden.

But now, now she was very worried, for they didn’t use protection either time they slept together. The box sat in front of her on the dressing table, and she was staring at it, fear etching every feature on her face.

She took a deep breath before opening the box and pulling the stick like object out of it. Looking at it, she saw that it had the words ‘pregnant’ and ‘not pregnant’ beside it.

She took two deep breath’s before pushing herself off the chair and walking out of her room and into the bathroom, closing the door and making sure she pushed the lock in before walking over to the toilet.

She popped the button from her jeans and pulled the zip down as she pushed her jeans down from her hips as they then fell down to her feet, following suit with her pants before taking a seat on top of the toilet.


She waited, sitting on the edge of the bath as the stick sat only meters away from her. So many thoughts running through her head, so many emotions racking her body as she kept changing her gaze from the stick sitting next to the sink, to the watch clasping her left wrist.

She looked at her watch, before jumping up from the edge of the bath and begining to pace impatiently, toward the door and then turning and walking two steps in the other direction.

Looking at her watch once more, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. Two minutes were up, it said to wait two minutes, didn’t it?

She unlocked the door and raced into her room, grasping the box with both hands before looking at it and scanning her eyes over the writing.

Two Minutes! It was two minutes. She threw the box back down as it bounced off the edge of the dressing table and hit the floor as she raced back into the bathroom, grabbing the stick and taking a deep breath before slowly turning it over in her hands.

No sound, except the racing beat of her heart speeding up dramatically.

She caught her breath as everything suddenly seemed to slow right down, except the beating of her heart. It was like a movie, a girl finds out the results and everything slows right down to an almost stop.

She felt her hands let go of the stick as it fell toward the ground, hitting the tiled floor and bouncing once... twice before settling itself at the foot of the door.

She made her way over to the stick, picking it up and throwing it in the bin before forcing her legs to take their steps out of the bathroom and turn right, down the single step and into the lounge.

She turned her head as she saw Geoff walk through the door. “Hey Belle!’

She heard Geoff, but it never registered as her hands began to shake violently, followed by the rest of her body. She felt her knees beginning to go weak and the tears finally brimming the edge of her eyes.


He heard her whisper two words as he watched her. He didn’t quite hear what she was saying, but tears were brimming her eyes and she was shaking violently.

“Belle...’ Geoff walked around the counter and looked at her as she finally took in that he was here. Slowly she looked up at him as the tears finally began to fall, first slowly, but gaining speed each second as she finally spoke the words.

“I’m... pregnant!’

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Thanks guys


A chapter now as Im off to bed because I have work in the morning!

Chapter Seven ~ Hide & Seek

She sat in her room, tears streaming fiercely down her cheeks as she rocked herself back and forth on the bed. Her legs were pulled tightly up to her chest and her head sat on her knees as the tears she had already shed had left a wet patch on her jeans.

“Belle...’ she heard Geoff on the other side of the door, but she refused to move. She didn’t want to talk to him at the moment; not while she was in this state.

No, right now; she wanted Aden.


He stood on the other side of the door, his head against the door as he heard her sobbing in her room. He had tried to enter but she had locked her door so he couldn’t.

“Belle...’ he called her name softly as his hands were pressed on the door either side of him, but no reply came; the only sound being Belle’s continued sobs.

“Belle,’ he whispered gently as he sighed, maneuvering his head so his forehead was pressed against the door. “Please talk to me, we need to talk about this,’ he told her softly as he heard the sobbing stop for a moment.

‘Go away Geoff’ was her reply through the door. She sounded closer this time, like she was now on the other side of the door. ‘Just leave me alone!’


She thought he had gone away, as she choked back the last of her sobs and pushed herself up from the bed. Her feet touching the soft carpet as she moved closer toward the door, pressing her face up against it.

She heard him sigh. “Belle. Please talk to me, we need to talk about this!’

She choked back another sob before lowering her head. “Go away Geoff. Just leave me alone,’

Two Weeks Later

Belle had done everything in her power to try and avoid Irene, for Irene always knew when Belle was lying and for Belle... this secret was taking it’s toll on her.

She hadn’t been sleeping well, she had bags under her eyes, she was pale, her breasts were very tender and sore, and after looking up the signs of pregnancy, found out that she wasn’t bloated at all, but in fact her uterus was swollen.

Sitting at the Diner waiting for her vegie burger with chips and salad and her orange juice, she pulled out her lap top and opened the lid, moving the mouse as the screen lit up with a website.

Looking around, she made sure no one was looking before beginning to read the information in front of her.

Nausea and vomiting: They may start as early as a week into the pregnancy. Many women experience illness in the morning (morning sickness); some experience this in the afternoon or evening; and others feel nausea throughout the entire day. There is no explanation as to why pregnant women feel this, or even a solution as to how to prevent it. However, eating small frequent meals, and snacking on saltine crackers, seems to give some kind of relief. Eating a protein/carbohydrate at bedtime (try an apple and a glass of milk) tends to lessen the nausea that occurs in the morning.

Swollen breasts: Your breasts may be very tender, swollen and start to enlarge. Many times the veins within the breast will become more visible. Your nipples may start to darken in color, become more erect and be extremely sensitive. These symptoms are due to increasing amount of HCG hormone that begins at implantation.

Swollen uterus: Pregnancy causes the uterus to swell and it will start to enlarge for the growing fetus immediately. The uterus puts pressure on your bladder, making you feel the need for more frequent urination. Many women start to feel this symptom within a week or two after pregnancy has occurred.

She sighed, closing her eyes and running her hands through her hair as she looked back at the screen. She suddenly saw Leah coming over with the plate of food she had ordered and her orange juice.

“Here you go Belle, are you going to eat all this?’ Leah questioned with a smirk as Belle nodded.

“Hell yes! I’m so hungry,’ Belle replied with a small smile as Leah nodded, sitting the contents on the table in front of her, before turning to walk away.

“Leah?’ Belle asked as Leah turned around and answered her reply with a ‘Yeah?’

Belle hesitated for a moment before gathering some guts and asking the question. “When you were pregnant with VJ... did you have many symptoms?’

Leah grinned before sighing and sitting down opposite Belle. “I had the usual, morning sickness, tender breasts, what we call bloating, but that’s just the short term for your uterus swelling up,’

“And, when did you symptoms start?’ Belle was curious, it said on the website that every woman was different, so she thought she’d ask Leah and maybe even Kirsty.

“I got mine in the first month of being pregnant. They last for a couple of months and then that was it. Except for the damn heart burn,’ Leah laughed as Belle giggled, picking up a chip and shoving it in her mouth, chewing a couple of times before swallowing.

“Why do you ask though?’ Leah asked as Belle froze before looking up at Leah and swallowing another mouthful of chips.

“Oh... no reason really. I heard some girls talking about it the other day thats all,’ Belle lied as Leah nodded before getting to her feet and looking at Belle.

“Well, enjoy your food,’ she said before making her way back into the Diner as Belle sighed in relief that Leah didn’t seem to click on.

After finishing her meal, she took a walk along the beach to gather her thoughts about her conversation with Leah. Leah had said she got her first symptoms wihtin the first month, Belle was a couple of days into her first month, and so far, the only symptoms she had gotten was the tender breasts and bloating, oh and a bit of spotting in her pants which she had read was normal and nothing to worry about.

She stopped, looking out to the ocean as she lowered her head. She didn’t know what to do, she was seriously considering termination, but it wasn’t like Belle; to give up when things got tough.

Another thing she was worried about, was Aden. What would he say when he found out? What would he say to her? How would he treat her?

She sighed before turning around and slowly beginning her journey back home.

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Thanks guys

A chapter, coz I'm off to bed

Chapter Eight ~ Putting on Weight

4 Weeks, Five Days

She stood in front of the mirror, adjusting her black bra before turning to her side and breathing in deeply, holding her stomach in as the tiny bump disappeared before Belle sighed and let her breath out as the bump returned.

Belle sighed before picking up a loose top from off her bed and sliding it over her skinny frame, luckily, the top was loose enough to make her bump disappear.

Belle had always been a reasonably skinny girl, she had always had a flat stomach, no matter what she ate, but now; now she had a tiny bump, and she was only just over 4 weeks pregnant.

“****!’ she whispered, frustrated that she had got herself in this situation in the first place. She had slept on her decisions over night, and finally decided not to be so gutless and was going to go through with the pregnancy.

Slipping a pair of skinny legged jeans on, she did up the zip and button before slipping on her yellow pair of ballet flats.

Fixing her hair into wavy curls, she went to walk out into the kitchen as the smell of bacon and eggs woofed straight up her nose. She felt a lump form in her throat and her glands begin to work over time.

Stomach churning, she clutched her hand over her mouth before turning and racing into the bathroom, quickly slamming the door behind her and racing over to the toilet, reaching it just in time as all the contents filed into the toilet bowl.


He heard the shuffling of feet coming toward him as he was just finishing up with the bacon and having the eggs cooked to his liking. He suddenly heard running and the slamming of the bathroom and finally, someone being sick.

Geoff turned quickly, racing out of the kitchen and to the bathroom where he stopped at the door. He hesitated for a moment. “Belle...’ he spoke softly as he heard quick breathing.

“Get me a hair t... tie from my roo... room,’ came the faint reply from the other side of the door. Geoff obliged quickly, turning and racing into her room and grabbing a hair tie from her dressing table.

Racing back to the bathroom door, he knocked as he heard faint ‘come in’ before entering and seeing Belle kneeling over the toilet bowl, holding her hair back with one hand and breathing quickly with her eyes closed.

The sudden vomiting sound made Geoff turn and look the other way as Belle emptied her already empty stomach into the toilet bowl.

Geoff turned back around once he heard her cough and walked over to her, pulling her hair back for her, making sure to get every piece of hair before tying the hair band around her hair.

Belle didn’t talk, she didn’t push him away, she just stayed there, hand on the top of the toilet and her other hand which was holding back her hair, now resting across her stomach as her chest rose and fell so fast, that anyone would have thought she’d just ran a marathon.

“I... I’ll leave you to it,’ Geoff mumbled once he had tied her hair back. Not wanting to crowd her any longer so, turning he left the bathroom and was about to close the door when he heard a small mumbled ‘thank you,’

Turning, Geoff smiled as he saw Belle loking up at him, still breathing quickly and leaning over the toilet bowl, but she looked at him genuinely, and Geoff nodded before closing the door behind him.


Irene stood in the kitchen of the Diner, a knife in her left hand; but she stood there, a frown on her face.

Not even the sound of Leah entering the kitchen bought Irene out of her daze.

“Irene...’ Leah voiced as she walked up to Irene. “Irene... are you ok,’

Irene blinked a couple of times before looking at Leah. “Oh god, sorry darl I was just.... off with the pixies I guess,’

“Is everything alright Irene?’ Leah asked, worried for the older woman. For the last week or so, Irene hadn’t been herself and, when ever it was quiet Leah would find Irene staring into outer space.

“Yeah love I’m ok, I’m just a little worried about Belle. She’s avoiding me, her and Geoff aren’t speaking much and well Kirsty came to see me yesterday, apparently Belle was asking her questions about her pregnancy.’

“Thats funny,’ Leah replied as Irene looked at her, her frown becoming more clear. “Because Belle was asking me questions about my pregnancy with VJ yesterday as well,’

Irene frowned, creasing her brows and letting go of the knife. “Love, do you mind looking after this? I have to talk to Belle,’

“Yeah, course and anyway, we're pretty quiet. You go!’ Leah told Irene as the older red haired woman nodded. Turning and grabbing her bag from next to the fridge before exiting the kitchen.

She was going to get to the bottom of this!

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thanks so much guys

:) im glad you all are enjoying this fic

Chapter Nine ~ Once More, With Feeling

“Belle... Geoff... are you both here?’ Irene yelled as she entered the house, sitting her hand bag up on the bench and looked around the lounge to see no sign of anyone.

“Belle...’ Irene yelled again as she started toward Belle’s room, seeing the door shut she pushed it open, seeing an empty, darkened bed room. Walking in, she walked over to the window, pulling the curtains open before turning and seeing a box in Belle’s bin beside her bed. Creasing her brow, she picked up the box and turned it over in her hand as her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock.

“My good lord,’ Irene started but Belle cut her off.


Turning around, Irene came face to face with Belle, the pregnancy box still in her hands as Belle just looked at her, tears welling up in her eyes before she spun around and took off, back the way she came, tearing around the kitchen counter and out the back door. Irene rushed quickly out of Belle’s room and into the lounge as she saw Belle race past the window and was gone.


She tore down the road, tears streaming down her cheeks and the wind brushing through her hair as she moved toward the beach. She felt the lump form in her throat for she pushed herself on, turning the corner of the street and down the main road as the smell of salty water became more vivid.

She didn’t stop as green bushes and the fence splitting the beach up from the road came into view and finding the first entrance that led down onto the beach, she turned as she ran down the small slope; past a couple of trees and finally out into the opening as her legs tripped over one another and she fell.

Hands out in front of her to break her fall she landed on her hands and knees into the sand as she felt the lump travel extremely fast up her throat as she bought up everything she had just eaten a few minutes ago, which was essentially a dry piece of toast.

Out of breath, she tried to calm herself down, wiping her mouth and pushing sand over the spot where she had just bought up her contents before pushing herself back up to her feet and rubbing her hands together as the sand particles fell back down to her feet.

She quickly wiped her face and eyes before walking a bit further down the beach to a secluded spot and sitting down before the previous events overwhelmed her and she completely broke down into continuous sobs that were racking her body.

How could she go home now that Irene knew?


She sat at home on the couch as she worried about Belle. After seeing the pregnancy kit; everything had clicked into place for Irene and then Belle came home, saw Irene holding the box and took off.

It had now been 3 hours since Belle took off, Irene had rang around, but no one had seen Belle on their travels and it was beginning to worry Irene even more now.

She picked up the hot coffee on the coffee table in front of her, holding it in both hands as she bought it up to her lips and, taking a small sip as she closed her eyes and let the hot contents travel down her throat as the let her head fall back onto the back of the couch.

She had to talk to Belle, no matter what it took.


He sat in the Diner, swirling a straw in circles in his milk shake. He didn’t even know how he was going to handle becoming a dad, he wasn’t ready for it. So many thoughts ran through his mind and one certain conversation he’d had with Belle earlier that day was playing through his head.

Geoff was sitting on the couch watching tv when Belle emerged from the bathroom and made herself comfortable on the couch next to him.

“Thank you, for... well, before,’ Belle replied as Geoff looked at her and nodded.

“It’s ok,’ Geoff hesitated before continuing to ask the question that was running through his head. “Are you, are you gunna keep the baby?’

Belle’s head shot up and she looked shocked for a moment before her face softened. “I thought about termination but... that would just make me selfish and anyway, it takes two to tango so yes, I’m keeping the baby,’

Geoff sighed, and nodded before reaching one hand over and taking Belle’s hand in his, but as quickly as Geoff did that, Belle moved her hand away.

“Geoff, I may be pregnant and everything, but I still love Aden and, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. I’m sorry,’ Belle whispered, tears visible in her eyes as Geoff nodded.

“I’m not expecting anything Belle, I just want to be here for you, and the baby!’

He sighed, getting to his feet and leaving his still full milk shake on the table as he walked out the door. He still hadn’t heard from Nicole and it was beginning to grate on his last nerve, all he wanted was to talk to her and find out what the hell was going on between them. But she couldn’t even bother sending him a message.

Pulling out his phone he scrolled down, finding Nicole’s name and pressing the dial before bringing up to his ear.

‘I’m sorry, the number you have called has been disconnected. Please check the number, and try again’

Geoff moaned in frustration before hitting the door on his way out of the Diner, gaining a ‘HEY’ from Leah as he left.


It was 8:00 Pm by the time Belle walked through the back door, seeing Irene sitting there watching television as she looked up and saw Belle.

“Oh god father, I was so worried about you love,’ Irene said, quickly getting to her feet and racing into the kitchen and bringing Belle into her embrace.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Irene,’ Belle began to sob again as Irene stroked the girls hair and shushed her before kissing the top of her hair.

“Come on, come and tell me what’s going on sweet heart,’ Irene said as she guided Belle over to the couch, sitting them both down as she continued stroking the teens hair.

Belle wiped her tear stained face before looking up at Irene. “I’m pregnant and... Geoff’s the father!’

Irene’s eyes widened and she looked at Belle as the tears brimmed her eyes. She sighed. “Well I won’t deny that I’m disappointed in you Belle, and Geoff, but I’m not going to yell and scream at you because your already beating yourself up enough about this!’

Belle nodded before sniffing as she looked down and then back up at Irene. “I’m sorry I let you down Irene,’

“Love, you may disappoint me from time to time, but you can never let me down, now tomorrow, I’ll book you in for an ultra sound, and then we will sit Annie down and tell her, and we will all talk about what you and Geoff are deciding to do, okay!’

Belle nodded in agreement as Irene smiled lovingly at the girl she considered her daughter, before bringing her back into her embrace, Belle hugging her tightly and digging her face into the crook of Irene’s neck.

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thanks so much guys :) and I'm so lad your enjoying this fic... and maybeeeeeeeeeeee there is more to chapter Nine's title but maybe not hehe :D

hope you like

Chapter Ten ~ I Can Hear the Heartbeat

The next two weeks had been a bit of a struggle for Belle. Irene had agreed to stand by Belle no matter what and, she had done. Calling the hospital the next day as planned and booking Belle in for her Six Week Ultrasound and also sitting Annie down and telling her about the pregnancy.

Two weeks off being eight weeks pregnant, Belle was really beginning to show, having had to get Irene to take her shopping to buy the beginning of some maternity clothes, but not wanting to be too obvious as she wasn’t ready to tell people about the pregnancy yet, so she just told Irene to buy her normal clothes, just slightly bigger than her usual size.

It was the day of her ultrasound and, standing in her room in just a bra and her pants and skinny leg jeans; she rubbed her slightly bigger stomach which looked like she’d only put on weight and for the first time, a smile crept on her lips.

One Week Earlier

Irene had just got off the phone to the hospital when Annie walked through the door, confusion spread across her face as both Belle and Geoff sat side by side on the couch.

“Annie love, come and sit down. We all need to talk,’ Irene told the teen as she looked around and frowned before making her way over to the chair and taking a seat, crossing her legs and looking at Belle and Geoff as Irene sat down on the arm of the couch and looked at Belle.

“Ok love,’ Irene pet Belle’s shoulder as she looked at Annie watched her carefully.

“I... I have something to tell you...’

“Oh my god... Belle, are you pregnant?’ Annie cut her off as Belle quickly looked down, and nodded her head.

“Yes...’ Belle whispered as she looked back up at Annie and a smile was plying the girls lips.

“I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend. Who’s the father?’ Annie asked, now seeming even more excited than Belle.

“I... ummm... I don’t have a boyfriend and ah, Geoff is the... the dad,’ Belle once again looked away as Annie’s mouth dropped open in shock and she looked over at Geoff before jumping to her feet and taking off out the door.

“An-‘ Belle started but Geoff took her hand and shook his head.

“Let her go, so she can calm down!’

Belle was bought back out of her trance, with her hand still on her small but visible baby bump by a knock on the door. “Hang on,’ Belle yelled as she grabbed one of her new, loose Emilie the strange tops and slipping her arms in the holes and bringing it over her head and covering her chest and slightly enlarged stomach.

She looked in the mirror as it hung loosely around her frame, not even showing her bump as she then sat on the bed to put her black flats on. “Come in!’ she yelled as she slipped the shoes on her feet and looked up to see Annie enter the room.


“Yeah,’ Belle replied softly as Annie came in and sat down on the bed beside Belle.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately. It’s just... Geoff has never believed in sex before marriage, and when he slept with Nicole he threw away the one thing he cared about and now... now he’s having a baby,’ Annie told Belle as she nodded.

Belle took Annie’s hand in hers and smiled kindly. “Annie, just because Geoff and I are having a baby together, doesn’t mean he still isn’t interested in his beliefs,’

Annie smiled and nodded. “Yeah I know that now, and the idea of becoming an aunty is growing on me,’ she giggled as Belle grinned and pulled her into a sister-loving hug.

“Awww, you’re a good kid, you know that!’

Annie laughed and smiled at her foster sister before nodding. “Thanks Belle...’

She sat on the beach, staring out at the ocean as she heard someone come and sit down beside her. Looking to her right she saw Geoff looking at her.

“How could you do it Geoff, after you got with Nicole you changed, and your beliefs changed,’ Annie was angry as she spoke to her brother, turning and looking back out at the calm blue ocean only meters away from her.

“Annie, you don’t know what Nic and I went through on that island and Belle and I, we were grieving and we were drunk. Her problems with Aden and mine with Nicole,’

“Geoff, Ummm, Nic is gone,’ Annie replied as Geoff looked at her, frowning.


“Well we better get going, you have an ultrasound to get to,’ Annie smiled as Belle took a deep breath and nodded, getting to her feet as Annie did the same.

“Let’s go!’


She was lying on the hospital bed, her top pulled up over her stomach and her small bulge as Geoff, Irene and Annie waited as the nurse finally entered the room.

“Hello Belle, my name is Alyce and I’ll be showing you your baby,’ she said as she walked around the bed and sat just in front of the monitor.

“Now this will be a little cold,’ Alyce told Belle as she squirted the cold gel onto Belle’s stomach before pressing the x-ray monitor into her lower abdomen.

Everyone was silent for a moment as the woman named Alyce moved the monitor around but soon enough, a strong, fast beating sound echoed throughout the room and onto the monitor as a picture soon showed up on the screen behind the woman.

Belle had tears in her eyes, but they weren’t sad tears but, happy ones as Geoff’s eyes were wide open and a smile was spreading across his face. Alyce showed them all where the baby was on the screen, and although the baby wasn’t any bigger than a finger, everyone was ecstatic.

“There you have it, a strong heart beat is good,’ Alyce said as Geoff looked at Belle and smiled with Belle smiling back.

“Can you tell the baby’s sex?’ Annie asked as Alyce shook her head and cleaned the gel off Belle’s stomach.

“No, not just yet, but you can find out at your 18 week scan. Any earlier and we can't make a positive sex,’

“Thank you!’ Belle grinned as Alyce nodded.

“Would you like a scan or would you like it on dvd?’

“Dvd please,’ Belle replied as Alyce nodded and turned the monitor off, before getting to her feet.

“I’ll get that sorted for you,’


Later that night, Belle and Geoff sat on the couch watching the dvd again as the sound of a strong heart beat filled the lounge room.

“That’s our baby Belle,’ Geoff grinned as Belle took his hand on hers and nodded.

“Yeah it is. Geoff I can hear our baby’s heart beat,’ Belle grinned as she rested her other hand on her stomach, rubbing her hand in soothing circles.

“I can hear the heart beat!’ she mumbled to herself, smiling and knowing she had made the right decision.

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