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Forever Yours

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Story Title: forever yours, forever yours

Type of story One Shot

Main Characters: Belle and Aden

BTTB rating: A (SC, D)

Genre: Drama,

Does story include spoilers:

Mentions Belle's death

Any warnings: Deals with the subject of Death

Summary: Belle and Aden no longer have forever...

It feels like

keeping and holding a star in the sky

born to be born again with you

the days of thunder cry their goodbye

and for the first time I know what to do

I just keep on being one with you

Belle Taylor Jefferies walked slowly home from the beach. She had spent the night there watching the stars pass overhead, watching the moon rise as the sun set and then finally the sun rise once more. She lay on the sand feeling the minute particles pass through her fingers, feeling like a speck of sand herself in the great scheme of the universe.

She was shivering with cold and so tired. The tiredness seeped into her bones and no matter how long she slept it was never enough. She opened the door and saw Aden on the sofa, he had waited up for her but at some point must have fallen asleep. She couldn’t bare another talk about things, just because she so couldn’t bare the look in his eyes, so she slipped her shoes off and climbed the stairs bare foot avoiding the squeaky step. She lay on the bed and closed her eyes. This is not the life she wanted. She felt the mattress depress and sighed. Within a heartbeat she was sobbing and held tight in his warm loving embrace.

“I just want to keep on being one with you.” She said tears falling down both their faces,

He kissed her and they made love, each caress the last caress, each touch, and kiss and sigh and gasp the very last one.

forever yours, forever yours

I'm here to stay

cause in your arms, in your arms

I feel so save

They lay entwined, man and wife, as the sun moved slowly across the day. Another lonely day joining with all the other days. Days that were limited by their number. Worn out by the night. Worn out by the loving she slept on. He watched over her. She was his bride and they promised forever, knowing that forever was a lie. He felt hot anger below the coldness of searing pain but he held back determined that their last days would not be filled with anything but this love.

forever yours, forever yours

I'm here to stay

cause in your arms, in your arms

I feel so save

Belle woke, and turned her head.

Aden lay sleeping beside her, she was still wrapped in his arms. She sighed her contentment, and then the all too familiar wash of anger went through her. There was no time, it had slipped away from her in wasted moments. She had waited too long to experience this love. She turned her head and looked at him once more as she clung to the feeling of being in his arms. She would cling to this memory of forever because that is all she would have.

loving and fighting the mirror I need

dearest I'm down on the ground

waiting to see whereto the storm leads

it's my blood that bleeds from your wounds

dearest you're all that I need

The moved thought the remaining days, somehow holding back, day after day, until the harsh words spilled forth in anger and resentment.

“Belle you can’t die!” the harshness of the reply cut though the anger and raked a deep wound within them both.

“There is no more time. We have this and no more.” Belle screamed at him, at the fates, at God. Silence swirled between them with the harshness of truth until they came together in anger and lust. The wounds on them both from the mocking eternity.

They held one another again then loved once more, building a memory of each caress each touch each sigh, until,

and when I kiss you

your lips are the only food I need

your fingertips open

spaces that make me complete

dearest you're all that I need

In the darkness of the night Belle looked at Aden.

With the stars floating overhead Aden looked at Belle.

They turned as one, lips meeting and fingers touching.

“I can’t let you go.” He whispered.

“I can’t stay,” she sighed.

He kissed the words from her lips, wanting no talk of death between them. He would swap in a heartbeat and be the one to go. Leaving her the gift of a hundred years and numerous loves but fate was laughing at them.

She kissed him back and felt his fingers ease all over her slender form. She would wish only that he found peace and loved him more for the gentleness of each caress, each whispered lover word between them. They joined their bodies moving together, pushing back their forever.

The last days took them by surprise, a feast of arrangements were made and times taken to say goodbye until the moment came that Belle lay under the stars for the rest of eternity and Aden found the strength to let her go. She would be with him forever in his heart until the day came they would lay together once more in each others arms.

Lyrics from Forever yours by Zandria


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