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I have loved the scenes that Ruby and Geoff have had together ever since they left for the city. I thought that the way there feelings had evolved from friendship to something more was done quite nicely. I didnt feel like they had been pushed together as a couple like say

Annie and Romeo have been.

We have been able to see their feelings grow over a period of time. I think they could potentionally be a really good couple as we have seen that they both care about each other and we also know that they trust each other. I was actually really looking forward to being able to invest in a young couple now that Adelle is no more.

However now that I know that Lincoln has left I am finding it difficult to do that as it seems that the relationship is going to head for disaster. I think it is a shame that Geoff is leaving as the two characters suit each other and the actors have great chemistry off-screen. It would have been nice to have seen where this couple could have gone.

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In Belgium, Geoff and Ruby have been having a few scenes together recently and you can see their chemistry even though in most of these scenes, Geoff is worrying about Nicole being with Elliot. The first time I saw these episodes I hadn't really paid attention to Geoff and Ruby as I wanted him to be with Nicole. But now I can definitely see Geoff and Ruby's chemistry. Maybe it's because of what is happenning now in Australian episodes but I wish Geoff and Ruby would get together in the episodes which are airing in Belgium now. But that's not going to happen, is it? They haven't filmed other episodes for Belgian fans, have they? <_<:P

I watched Lincoln and Rebecca's interview on the official site the other day and you can see they have a great chemistry in real life as well. I can't wait to see the second part of the interview. :)

I only hope home and away don't make them out to be the next super couple.

I don't think they're going to be the next super couple

as their relationship won't last for long with Lincoln having left the show already.

:( IMO, a super couple would have more time together and have been through some drama and break-ups like Noah & Hayley, Adelle, KK, JM, Tachel etc. went through.

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