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Annie & Romeo

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I think it is nice to Annie trying to be a bit more confident but I don't really like her and Romeo. He's seems more interested in messing her around as opposed to being genuinely interested and I just think they are too different to work.

Though as I said it great to watch, particularly Annie's attempts at flirting!

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I dont understand how a guy like Romeo likes a girl like Annie.

This new Annie we are seeing really shocked me. I would never have expected her to act like she has been lately.

Had to laugh when she attempted to flirt though....

I dont love them but also I wouldnt say I hate them.

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I thought it was a tough poll question to be honest.

I would have chosen don't like, but as there isn't one I had to press the hate button.

For me I think Romeo's character was never given a chance to settle into the bay and show his true character, instead you had him immediantly coming to the bay, spotting "clumsy" Annie and then chasing her around like a lost puppy.

I think that what the writers have tried to do, is water the good girl image down and they've tried to make Annie's character more grown up and more fiesty. Unfortunately this hasn't worked, because for this characteristic change in Annie it's been so sudden, were as they should have done it gradually, then it would have been more believable.

I think Romeo's character is a little too old for Annie, as in he is mentally maturer.

Annie is still very much Naiive and still very young. Unlike the other teen females, she's still very much a girl; where-as the others are making their transitions from girl to woman, and Annie hasn't done this yet.

I don't see that much on-screen chemistry and think she snubbed Jai, therefor I have gone off her. :ph34r:

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