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I hate that everyone bases their dislike on how they look. Who cares about that? Shouldn't it matter more about how their characters complement one another and how they act together? If we're basing it on that then they do suit each other as they're both similar and they can bring out the best in one another. WE're already seeing Romeo bring Annie out of her shell, I can't wait to see what she will bring out of him.

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I'm soo happy about the Bay of Love promo, can't wait to see a proper relationship between the two, i was soo down when annie was just whisked off to Japan in the middle of the relationship. I think they are going to potentially be one of those great H&A couples if they are given a good storyline (sorry blabbering, i think i might just have a tiny obsession with this couple :lol: )

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I really love Annie, she is too sweet. I think her relationship with Romeo and the other guys she's been with has gone against her beliefs. She's changed alot from the girl we first met. I pray that she does not turn into her brother, Geoff. He has neglected his religious beliefs - disppointing. Does anyone in summerbay actually go to church?

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Oh no !

Annie was annoying enough as a young teen , just wait for the more stroppy Annie to come , now I wouldn't wish having to watch her like that on anyone. I don't know, the girl just grates on my nerves, I did kinda like Annie when she was all nice but then all of a sudden she's turned into something else and I expect she will turn out the same way as Geoff. It wasn't bad enough that they ruined Geoff's beliefs but I just know Annie will do the same. The show recycles story quite a bit ie stroppy teenager etc

and I am not really a fan of Romeo , he really reminds me of Kim who was a complete plank and I have actually seen more chemistry between 2 planks of wood than I've ever seen in a Kim scene. I hope they can make him interesting , but I don't really hold out much hope on his family backstory being much interesting t all sadly.

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