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I Need You

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: I need you

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Nicole and Geoff

Mentions: Irene, Annie, Aden and Ruby

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, angst, love and and pain

Does story include spoilers: Nopes

Any warnings: None

Summary: Geoff wa in a car accident, Will he pull through??

Let me know what you's think!! :D

I don’t know how to feel, I’m sitting here watching your lifeless body on that bed, I can’t help feel like it’s my fault. Everything we’ve been through, I wish I just acted on how I felt, I wasted so many months not telling you how I really felt inside, every time I seen you I longed to kiss your lips or to throw my arms around you an let you hold me until all the pain and heartache left me, but I didn’t. Instead I tried to find someone to like me and want me, and I did, but the problem was I never liked them or wanted to be with them, I wanted you and only you.

That night two weeks ago, I never got to say all the things I wanted to say to you, I never got to tell you I loved you, Instead I said I didn’t know how I felt, when in fact I knew I loved you.

I wish I could go back to that night and change everything, if I could you probably wouldn’t be here right now.


“I’m sorry Geoff, I didn’t know who else to call”

“Nic, its ok, what’s wrong?

“It’s my dad’s birthday, I miss him, and I can’t talk to anyone else”

“What about Liam?” he asked

“He’s out; I can’t get a hold of him”

“Probably out getting stoned of his face”

“Geoff, that’s my boyfriend, you know he’s clean now”

“That’s what he say, I can see through him, Nic he’s not good enough for you”

“He is good enough for me, he was there for me when no one else was, I needed him and he stuck around”

“Nic, I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, But he’s no good Nic”

“Geoff, I phoned you for dome help, If all your going to do is moan down my ear, I don’t want to hear it!”

“I’m sorry, I’m only telling you the truth”

“Well can you not?”

“I’m not going to lie Nicole, You shouldn’t be with him”

“Oh yeah, And who should I be with? I don’t see anyone else asking, I like Liam ok”

“You like him? That’s not want what a relationship should be based on, It should be based on love and care”

“I do love and care for him”

“You don’t even sound like your convincing yourself let alone me”

“I don’t need to convince myself, he loves me and I love him, I don’t see anyone else loving and caring for me. I do nee that you know”

“I love you”

“You have a funny was of showing it will”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, In case you haven’t noticed I’ve had some stuff to deal with too”

“So now you’re calling e selfish?”

“I didn’t say that”

“But you were implying right?”

“No, I mean I don’t know, No I wasn’t, your not selfish Nicole, I just need to understand that I’ve had problems to lately, I didn’t deal well when Belle died and threw everything away, My school life is over and my life is messed up”

“I’m sorry, I know you have problems, Look I hate talking on the phone, where are you?”

“I’m driving home”

“Do you want to meet me later? On the beach?”

“Ok, And Nic, I really do love you, I always have”

There was a sudden crash and Geoff’s voice stopped

“Geoff?” Nicole asked worryingly “Geoff?” She shouted down the phone “Geoff!” She screamed, she realised he wasn’t answering; She stopped the call and called the police.

“Constable Buckton speaking”

“Charlie, Its Geoff, I think he’s been in an accident

“Ok, Nicole calm down, Where about’s?”

“I don’t know, he way on his phone, he said he was on his way home, He usually takes the back road, Please Charlie you need you find him!”

“Ok, Nicole, We will try our best, I will notify you if we find anything”

“Ok, Thank you” Tear streamed Nicole’s face as she thought of Geoff lying somewhere.

**End of Flashback**

That night haunted Nicole, Every time she thought of it a chill would hit her, She didn’t even say she loved him too, Because she did, he was all she ever thought about, how she wanted to be with him, and how she wanted him to love her and care for her and look out for her. But he never knew any of that, and now he lay in that hospital bed, wires coming from all over him, and that stupid beeping noise interrupting the silence that filled the room.

“Geoff I’m so sorry, This is all my fault, If I didn’t phone you, you wouldn’t be here, Please wake up, you need to wake up” She sobbed into his chest.

She came everyday and sat with him, wishing he would wake up. But he never did.

“Geoff, Why can’t you just wake up, I love you. I always imagined us being together, our Wedding, and us having kids one day, I even have their names picked out, I have for a long time, since we were first together, Although I don’t really have their names, just heaps that I like, I’m never good wit decisions, Our first child will be called Noah, Whether its a boy of girl, And I have lads of other boy names, I like Wyatt and Jesse and Blake and I sort of like Harris after me Daddy” She took hold of his hand “ And for a girl I like Jessica and Britney and Rayne and Jewel, There’s so many more, but they’re my favourites” She smiled before tears filled her eyes once more.

“I really hope you can’t hear me you know, you’ll think I’m a nutter” A giggled escaped her lips

Three months passed and Geoff still didn’t wake up, the family were called together by Rachel, Nicole was allowed to be there.

“Well, its been about four months now, And Geoff is showing no signs of getting better, the life support is the only thing keeping him here, We really advise we turn it off and let him go peacefully, instead of making his body suffer anymore” She said remorse clear in her voice

“What! No, you, you can’t! Please don’t do this, He’s going to wake up! I know it! Please!” Nicole pleaded

“Nic, I really don’t believe he will come around” Rachel assured her

“This is my entire fault!” Nicole fell to the floor sobs soaring through her delicate body

“Dawl, No of this is your fault, Geoff is a fighter, If he was going to wake up he would have woke already”

“He will wake up, he’s just not ready, and He just needs more time”

“He’s had enough time; Nothing has changed since the day and hour he was brought in here”

“Who decides what happens to him?”

“Well it would be his family, you all have a say but really its up to Annie, She’s his next of kin”

Annie who had been quiet for the whole thing spoke up “Turn it off” She said tears all over her face, “I can’t see him like this anymore” She said and turned away, “Just do it”

“No, Annie you can’t please! He’ll pull through!” Annie didn’t turn around; instead she shook her head and told Rachel to do it once more

“I’m sorry Nicole, We have to do what she says, you’s can say your goodbyes, we’ll do it in a couple of hours”

Nicole and Irene entered the hospital room, “Do you think anyone else would like to say their goodbyes?” Irene asked

“Well em, Ruby and Aden I’m sure would, Irene can’t you do something? I know he’ll wake up, but if they pull the plug, that’s it, I can’t lose him, I need to tell him I love him”

“You can dawl, I’m going to phone Aden, I’ll tell him to tell everyone, and I’ll let you have a couple of minutes”

Irene left the room, Nicole sat on the bed and lifted his hand, “Please Geoff, Squeeze my hand if you can hear me squeeze my hand” She waited until she felt his fingers gently move, “Geoff? Do it again, I felt it, there goanna pull the plug on the life support! They can’t please do it again” And again she felt this fingers lightly tighten around her hand.

“I felt it again, I knew you were in there, they can’t do it now! Rachel! Irene!” Nicole shouted as she exited the room, “Rachel, he squeezed me hand! I told him to squeeze my hand and he did”

“Nicole, I’m sure you thought he did, but he didn’t he’s gone that’s only his body”

“He did! Twice! I’m not making this up”

“Rachel entered the room, followed by Nicole and Irene, “Geoff, If you can hear me squeeze my hand” She waited “Nothing”

“Geoff please, squeeze Rachel’s hand”

“Nicole’s there’s nothing happening I’m sorry”

“No Rachel, I didn’t make it up”

“I’m sure you thought you felt it, you wanted to feel it”

“I’m sure I felt him squeeze” tears burst through Nicole’s eyes once more, he eyes were all red and her face was blotchy probably from the weeks of crying she had done.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll come back to switch off the life support in an hour”

“I phoned Aden, he’ll be up soon dawl”

“Irene, I felt his hand move, his fingers lightly, but it was still something”

“Maybe it was his way of saying goodbye”

“Well Goodbye Geoff, if it was” She kissed his forehead lightly, “I love you, I always have and I always will, no one will compare to you, Your my soul mate, Hopefully one day, we’ll meet again” She pressed her lips to his, and for a second she thought she felt his breath on her lips, but she reassure herself it wasn’t, she was imaging things now, his grip and now his breathe. “Irene I’ll be in the hall”

“Ok dawl, I’ll join you when Aden and Ruby get here”

About ten minutes later Aden and Ruby were at the hospital, they said something to Nicole but she wasn’t listening, she didn’t want to listen. They entered Geoff room.

“Bible boy, I guess this is it mate, I’ve missed you on the boat, I had to hire another guy, he’s no where near as good as you, and he doesn’t drive half as crazy as you did, Just when I was beginning to like you, You decided you wanted to play stunt man and pull a few skids eh? Mate I hop our happy wherever you end up” He put his hand on his shoulder and left to see Nicole.

“Geoffrey, you were always stupid, Why did you have to lose control of the wheel? You used to be a pretty good driver, I guess it was just fate, I’m going to miss you, our late night chats, Trying to solve each others problems, That never worked did it? I want to thank you, you helped my relationship with mum, seeing you in here, I realised I don’t know what could happen, I’ll take care of Nic for you, I know you’d want me too, She’ll be fine in time, I’ll let her know how much you loved her, how you always used to tell me, I won’t embarrass you to much” She giggled “Goodbye Geoffrey, I love you, not in that way you idiot, I know your thinking that, Your like my big brother, And I’ll take care of Annie too, God I’m going to be like your slave!” She pressed a light kiss to his forehead and left. The hallway was silent; everyone had tears in their eyes.

Rachel made her way towards the group “Are you’s ready?” Irene nodded and followed Rachel to the hospital room, Ruby followed her, Nicole couldn’t find the strength to go in, Instead she let everything out, she sobbed loud, Aden put his arms around her, but she found no comfort.

“Do you want to go home princess?” She merely nodded, he put his arm around her and walked her out to his car, he drove her home and she went straight to her room, even though Miles tried to talk to her, she wasn’t in the mood, she wanted to be alone. “Well Geoff Campbell, you really have done it this time, I can’t believe you’ve left me, I had our future planned, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you” She cried herself to sleep that night, Her phoned switched off, her room locked, she wanted nothing to disturb her, she awoke late the next day, she didn’t care what time it was, If she missed school or not.

Many people knocked on her door, but she wouldn’t let any of them in, She just told them to go away, that she would be out when she was ready. It had only been a day, she needed time”

“Nic!” It was Aden he frantically banged on the door

“Aden go away! I don’t want anyone to be here!”

“Nic! You’ll want to see this!”

“What?” She swung the door open to reveal herself, in one of Geoff’s tops she had secretly kept from when they were dating, her eyes dark and her hair thrown up, it was the opposite of Nicole Franklin

“Come with me” She stepped out of her room and down the stairs following Aden, “Nic aren’t you gonna get changed?”

“why bother?”


“Aden were are we going?”

“You’ll see!” he drove her to the hospital, he got out of the car and opened her door

“Aden, i don’t want to be here take me home”

“No, you have to be here”

“If this is some sort of thing that’s suppose to help with my grief, it’s not going to”

“Nicole, Please just trust me” She reluctantly followed him into the hospital.

He took into the room where Geoff had been for all those months, that’s when she saw him, lying on the bed his chest rising up and down, “He’s, He’s breathing.”

“On his own” Rachel added from the bed

“You’s didn’t pull the plug?”

“We did, it turns out he’s been breathing on his own for a while, the life support was preventing him from waking, He really did squeeze your hand Nicole” Nicole just stared at the bed, she couldn’t believe it

“Has he woke?”

“Yes, last night, he’s just resting now, he should be awake soon, I’ll leave you to it” She left the room and Aden left swiftly behind her nodding ant Nic as he did. She walked forward into the room and sat in that all to farmiliar chair, She took is hand and his eyes fluttered open

“Nic, Nicole?”

“Yep,” she said tears falling from her eyes again, happy ones for a change.

“So Noah eh?” He laughed but it was weak, “I missed you, I heard everything, But i couldn’t respnd, When the machine was turned of I thought I lost you, I tried so hard to get through to you guys, but I couldn’t”

“I knew you were there”

“I know you did, And I love you too by the way, More than you could ever imagine”

“I love you Geoff, And I love to be able to say that, I was heart broken, I tried my hardest to keep that machine turned on, turns out that’s what was keeping you unconscious”

“I know, Ironic right?”

“I’m glad now they turned it off, I’m so happy to have you, I dumped Liam, You were right I didn’t love him, I loved you, But couldn’t tell you”

“You’ve told me now, And by the way it feels good to be right!” he stuck his tongue out and Nicole placed her lips onto his, “I’ve wanted to do this properly for so long” he broke away to say that “Its hard being in a coma and no one knows you can hear everything and know what’s going on”

“I can imagine”

“Seriously but Noah?”


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