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Title: Repercussions

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Rating: T

Main Characters: Belle & Geoff & Aden

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: SC, L

Is Story being proof read: No

Spoilers?: No

Summary: Belle has fallen pregnant with Geoff's child. Will Aden support her? Will Belle and Aden ever be together again? Follow their journey into parenthood.

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.


"When I see Belle's smile and know that that smile isn't for me. That is when I miss her the most. The hardest thing about all this situation is watching the one you love, love someone else and I have no one else to blame, but myself" Aden looked down at his feet in misery as Irene took in his every word.

"Aw, darl. You have to remember this is bringing up a lot of old feelings for Belle again. When she was 16 she had a fling with Geoff. Now the poor girl is confused, it didn't help you slept with Nicole the day before she got released from rehab, now did it?"

Aden shook his head, "No" he said sadly. Irene was right. Aden had made a huge mistake, one that would alter the course of his life.

"It's like I always say love, when you are in love and you get hurt. It's like a cut....it will heal, but there will always be a scar. Belle will always love you, I have no doubt about that and there's no questioning you'll always love her. But things are different now. Belle made a decision and that decision has propose a life-changing opportunity for her. She will be a mother in 9 months"

"I know....I just hate myself Irene.....I should have been the one. Belle and I...." Irene stopped preparing a meal and looked at Aden. "Belle and I should have made a little one together, not bible boy"

Irene sighed, "Well to be perfectly honest with you love, I didn't think he had it in him..." Aden was expressionless and then burst into laughter, "Yeah you're right about that". Irene and Aden grinned at each other. "That doesn't change the fact, I still love Belle. I don't love Nicole and we'll never be together, not on my watch"

"Just remember love, she'll need all the support she can get. So don't you be a tool and give her the cold shoulder, she needs you"

"Well she hasn't exactly forgiven me yet"

"Yet – she'll come around...eventually" Irene said comfortingly. "Yeah" Aden whispered, still unconvinced, there was no turning back time, what's done was done. Belle was pregnant with Geoff's baby; Aden had slept with Nicole as Belle was treated in a Drug Rehabilitation clinic.

"I'll be there for you, I'll never hurt you like Aden did. I'll love you until the end of my time" Geoff's words rang in Belle's ears as she got dressed, looking in the mirror topless, rubbing her belly which had developed a little speed bump.

Circling her hand around her stomach she sighed after having held her breath for twenty seconds or so. "I can do this....I can do this....I want this, I want this" Belle had always pictured herself one day before a mother to a handsome young prince, Geoff was kind of beautiful in a way, but she never expected to carry his child.

Belle didn't even foresee her future with Aden before she was hooked on drugs, Aden and Belles' commitment was strong, Aden would stand by her through the drug hell, but he couldn't watch the one he loved go through withdrawals, it was too hard but thankfully he came around and supported Belle until she overdosed at Rachel and Tony's wedding, that was the last straw and Belle hadn't heard of Aden up until now, just dropping by for a casual visit Belle noticed the door was a little door, not thinking much of it she opened it slightly peeking through a gap only to see her true love sleeping with the enemy – Nicole.

"Hello in there" Belle spoke to her stomach, "I'm your mummy, I'll take good care of you I promise....and so will.....your daddy....Geoff...." Belle paused and then looked back from her stomach to the mirror. Her hand still clutched on her stomach protectively, "Uncle Aden will be here too, protecting your from harm"

Belle removed her hand from her stomach and slipped on an Emily the strange t-shirt. "Daddy and Uncle Aden will always love you and if you ever hear them fighting it's because they both want you to themselves and I'm going to love you as much as I loved Aden"

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why is it that we don't always recognize the moment love begins, but we always recognize the moment it ends


“Hey Belle, what are you reading” Annie skipped through the kitchen and then into the living room where Belle was lying across the couch reading a book which was elevated by a pillow underneath it.

“Breaking Dawn....nearly finished...” Belle replied automatically not fully comprehending her question. Annie waited smiling in a friendly manner, “Oh sorry, I was so engrossed in the book” Belle laughed closing the book up. “Aw, no don’t stop on my account, the books are awesome”

“Yeah...” Belle smiled in a dreamy fashion. “Are you okay? You seem like you’re thinking of something dreamy”

“Yep...” Belle had a smug look on her face. “I was just picturing Jacob without his shirt on....phew, hot stuff” Belle fanned herself. “Yeah well, not as hot as

Edward” Annie replied as if it were a fact. “Um ah sorry Annie but Jacob definitely wins my heart, he so should be with Bella. They are meant to be together”

“No he’s not he’s second best, that’s all he’ll ever be....Edward and Bella are soul mates” Annie said in a dreamy voice. Belle sighed, “Yeah I know Edward is Bella’s true love but Jacob is perfect for her”. Belle couldn’t understand how so many people were with Team Edward. “But he’s not as good as Edward, he’s Bella’s best friend” Annie sat down at the table.

“So? They are still good for each other. Jacob knows Bella well. He’s so protective of Bella” Belle sighed with a smile.

“Well I’m with Team Edward.... I so should get a t-shirt saying that....” Annie giggled. “Hang on...Annie; you’re not supposed to be reading those types of books are you?” Belle stopped realising it was impossible for Annie to have read the books.

“Oh....um....well technically I’m not allowed....” Belle raised an eye brow. “Okay but you have to promise you won’t tell Geoff...or mention it to anyone.....besides the girls at school who drool over Edward at lunch time”

“Annie....” Belle laughed, “Reading the Twilight Series isn’t a crime you know”

“Well it is if you’re beliefs are like mine....” Annie scratched her hair showing a sign of her anxieties. “Where...and when did you read them?”

“Ahhh....I borrowed yours...” Annie said ashamed. “Well....next time can you please ask if you want to borrow Edward and Jacob for the night.....actually scratch that just let me know if you’re borrowing my Jacob for the night”

“Belle don’t you have a boyfriend....” Annie reminded Belle and then her smile disappeared. “Yeah well, he dumped me remember, in rehab...”

“He did!” Annie pulled an extreme sad face, like she was let down by the fact we weren’t a super couple anymore. “Who cares anyway, who needs him...” Belle said defensively. “But you still love him?” Annie asked innocently not wanting to provoke Belle. “Y..Yes....Of course I still love him....” Belle looked sadden by the question.

“Well don’t worry I’m sure you’ll get back together, it’s only a matter of time” Annie said cheerfully. “I don’t think that’s possible...”

“What do you mean, why, why isn’t it possible?” Annie was upset by Belle’s response. Annie had a lot of faith in “Adelle”. Belle’s lips started to tremble, “He....he.....Aden slept with.....another girl” Belle wiped away her first tear with her arm. “He what?!”

“Can we not talk about this” Belle picked up her book again. “No what let’s talk about this, Aden had no right to sleep with another girl. He loves you!”

“Actually he is entitled to sleep with whoever he wants we broke up, remember....” Belle sniffled, reading Breaking Dawn again. “Is that why you’re drowning your sorrows by reading the Twilight books, and Breaking Dawn isn’t gonna help get your mind off Aden. Breaking Dawn is about happily ever afters...!” Annie was worked up.

“Jacob is always comforting; he can warm me up anyway...” Belle sighed with a smile, still sniffling.

“Belle why did Aden slept with another girl, he loves you doesn’t he? Do you even know who it was, it was probably some random, which means he probably regrets it and it was a stupid mistake, come on Belle you know he still wants you!”

“Annie, can you just stop it we’re not having this conversation anymore...I don’t want to see him and he doesn’t want to see me. It’s over and it wasn’t just some random...” Belle hissed. “Well then who was it?” Annie insisted in keeping the conversation going. “Argh, Annie, I told you I don’t want to talk about this anymore, so can you just keep your mouth shut”

“But why not?” Annie moaned, “Because I don’t want to have to think about it Annie! I don’t want to accept the fact that my .... that he isn’t my boyfriend anymore, I lost the most important person in my life. I love so much....” Belle broke down again. “Belle I’m sorry, I didn’t mean....”

“It’s okay....I just miss him so much” Belle sobbed, with water sitting comfortingly above her lip. “I...don’t want to have to face the fact that Aden’s gone....and I betrayed his trust and now he wants now to do with me anymore”

“Aw that’s not true, he loves you, he does, he does....” Annie tried to comfort Belle in every way possible. “Give it up Annie, my relationship with Aden is gone...I don’t think I’ll ever gain his trust again....and I don’t think I can trust him” Belle hands were shaking, Belle was even struggling to consume air, panting. “What do you mean, why can’t you trust me....oh because he slept with someone else....a bit odd given his abusive past”

“Y...Yeah...I know but maybe he didn’t have a problem with it since it was someone he trusted, someone close to him.....someone that stabbed me in the back and slept with the man I love”

“Belle, please just tell me who it is....” Annie moaned with worry. Belle took two deep breaths in, but the air wasn’t easy to inhale in. “It ......It was....N....Nicole....” Annie made an “O” shape with her mouth and then closed it. “I can’t believe that, he slept with Nicole. Aden slept with Nicole, that’s disgusting.....”

“You know what sucks even more” Belle managed to flash a little smile. “Naden doesn’t sound as good as Adelle” Belle laughed, still sobbing. “Yeah you’re right, it sounds awful” Annie was tearing up herself. “We really need to stop this whole adelle business, it’s kinda creepy Annie” Belle giggled, wiping away her tears. “Yeah you’re right, our little inside joke has run its course, I promise I won’t bring up Aden and “Adelle” anymore”

“Thanks Annie...sorry for ruining your lunch break, you should get back to school”

Annie looked at her watch, it was time to get back to school, “Belle don’t say that, we needed to talk”

“Yeah it was good to talk, thanks” Belle smiled. “Well I better go”

“Cya.....” Belle smiled. When Annie left Belle sighed and got up off the couch as she did her stomach ached. “Ouch” She clutched it.

“Hi....” Geoff entered; Belle quickly removed her hand from her stomach and changed her stance. “H...Hey...” Belle didn’t know whether to look away from Geoff or pretend he didn’t exist. “Have you seen Annie?”

“Yeah Geoff she went back to school....otherwise she’ll be late”

“Oh true, thanks....look Belle about before...” Geoff stepped forward. He was wearing his school uniform but he had a study period.

“I don’t want to talk about it...” Belle looked away. “We have to face it sooner or later...” Geoff encouraged. “I don’t want to even THINK about it....it was a mistake” Belle brushed past Geoff and went inside her room, shutting her door behind her. “Crap....damn it, crap” Belle put both hands to her forehead looking in the mirror. “What have I done....What have you done Belle, what were you thinking”.

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Thanks so much to the people who are reading this and leaving me messages of love <3. You're awesome! This is a longish update. I hope you enjoy it...

“I have a headache....” Geoff complained as he ate his breakfast. “Yeah well, you are a headache” Belle mumbled under her breath as she ate her toast, unfortunately Geoff heard her response. “What is wrong with you, you’ve been grumpy with me ever since....” Geoff stopped as he remembered they weren’t the only two at the table, “You’ve been ignoring me for a while now” Geoff finished his sentence, no one suspected a thing. “Have not” Belle grumbled. There was a moment of silence.

“Can you pass the milk” Belle asked Geoff. “Get it yourself” Geoff snapped back. “Excuse me?” Irene hissed. “There happy” Geoff passed the milk. “There’s hardly any left!” Belle said angrily. “Oi, that’s enough out of you too, I dunno what’s going on between the two of you, but sort it out because I’m had it up to here, I would like a nice and peaceful breakfast, if ya don’t mind. Thank you!” Irene said crossly.

Then the unexpected happened, Belle covered her mouth suddenly and rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. “What was that all about?” Annie looked at Geoff. “I have no idea...” He rolled his eyes drinking his glass of milk. Leaning over the sink Belle’s breakfast was deposited down the drain, “Oh no” She wiped away her spit on her lip with a tea towel. “Please, god, no” She whispered to herself.

“Geoff, what was that all about” Irene pulled Geoff aside once Annie had gone upstairs. “Nothing” Geoff replied turning away to rinse his plate. “Come on darl, I didn’t come down in the last shower, what the hell is going on?” Irene answered wanting answers. “I don’t know honest.....” Geoff pretended to ignore Irene’s constant staring and curiosity. “Alright darl if you say so”

“Bye Belle!” Irene called out as Belle was on top of her bed. “Bye” Belle called out in return and then burst into tears as she felt nausea. “This can’t happen....please, I made a mistake, a stupid mistake. I’ll never have sex without protection again I promise, I wasn’t thinking, please god if you’re really out there.....don’t make me.....” Belle chocked burying her face into a pillow; her tears seeped through the pillow covers.

A few weeks later.....

“Ouch” Belle whined. “Belle, you ok?” Annie asked as she watched Belle who looked like she was trying to rearrange her bra at the front. “Yeah...I’m fine” Belle lied. “You don’t look fine; in fact you look a little pale”

“You’re exaggerating” Belle rolled her eyes as she continued to adjust her bra at the front, moving it side to side to make it comfortable. “Belle, seriously what’s going on?”

“My....my breasts are really sore, okay, happy now” Belle said sarcastically. “Oh” Annie was surprised by Belle’s answer. “I thought maybe the bra wasn’t fitting properly”

“No...the bras fine, Argh, Jesus Christ. They really hurt” Belle got up furiously from the dinning table. “Belle maybe you should take something...like a panadol”

“Annie, every time something goes wrong with my body you suggest medication, okay, I can deal with it”

“So-orry” Annie rolled her eyes, she just wanted to help. Annie went back to her school work which she had been trying to finish before the weekend was over. “Oh my god, is that milk chocolate” Belle’s eyes lit up as Annie pulled out her lunch box, “Ahh yeah” Belle licked her lips, her mouth was dry, “Well are you gonna share or what” Belle said as if it were a requirement. “Sure” Annie hesitated passed Belle some chocolate. “Mmmm....sooo goood” Belle stuffed the chocolate into her mouth, “I’m been craving sweet things all day” Belle finished the chocolate quickly. “Really” Annie nodded finding it usual that Belle was so delighted to have chocolate.

“Belle, you’ve been acting really strange lately...” Annie broke the silence. “What do you mean”

“Well you never eat breakfast anymore.....you’ve craving sweets and your breasts are sore”

“Yeah so?” Belle licked her fingers. “So ... doesn’t that sound like you’re pregnant”

“What don’t be stupid Annie, you have to have sex to be pregnant” And then it finally had stunk in, Belle was not only showing signs of morning sickness, she had cravings and tender breasts. “Oh.........boy” Belle began hyper-ventilating. “Oh gosh, Belle are you okay” Annie grabbed her maths book and began fanning Belle. “I......I.....think so.....just give me a minute” Belle gasped for air.

“Belle, I’m sure Aden is gonna be thrilled about this, just wait you’ll see” Annie smiled. “No.....no, he won’t be happy he’ll hate me” Belle was now crying. “Hey.....shhh......you don’t know that, he loves you, he’ll be just as happy as you are about this....you are happy about this aren’t you”

“Annie, wake up! I didn’t have sex with Aden.....” Belle paused, “I had sex with your brother....” Belle admitted feeling guilty. There was a long moment of silence as Annie registered the news, “YOU WHAT!” Annie screamed. “You slept with my brother, are you serious, ew, ew,ew, you slept with Geoff” Annie got up using the force of the table to lift her up. “That’s disgusting, Belle”

“I know, I’m sorry, it never should have happened. I’m sorry Annie”

“What were you thinking sleeping with Geoff and now you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant Belle, and you’re pregnant!” Annie repeated, “You’re......what....” Geoff had entered the house and then collapsed “Geoff! Geoff!” Annie screamed and shook Geoff who was on the ground unconsciousness. “Oh crap, oh crap....hey we don’t know this for sure...I mean I haven’t taken a pregnancy test or anything....I could be negative....this could all be just a misunderstanding” Belle laughed in denial. “Belle wake up to yourself, you’re pregnant!” Annie continued to try and wake Geoff.

Belle stood outside Aden’s front door. Despite the lack of privacy Aden refused to let Belle in.

“You’re what....” Aden looked half confused and half angry. “I’m so sorry Aden” Belle broke in tears instantaneously. “I can’t believe you.....why the hell would you sleep with bible boy, oh right, I break up with you, and then you decide let’s get back at Aden for breaking up with me by getting pregnant”

“What no!, it wasn’t like that!” Belle was hysterical. “Aden, I love you...” Belle said desperately in tears. “Yeah right.....but you know what I don’t give a stuff you can do whatever the hell you want. If you want to have bible boys’ baby, then go ahead”

“Aden I can’t do this without you please” Belle reached for Aden’s hand, but Aden pulled away. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine” Aden frowned. “Aden, please let me explain...I never planned to fall pregnant, I was completely wasted....I wasn’t thinking, I would never sleep with any without using protection, it wasn’t me....”

“So what Belle, you still made the decision, you got drunk when you were in a vulnerable state and you didn’t even consider that you might screw him....and get knocked up” Aden looked at Belle as she was the most disgusting thing he’d ever laid eyes on. “Aden...please......please don’t look at me like that.....if I could take back everything I would, but I can’t, I need you more than ever right now, please you have to tell me what to do”

“You want me to tell you want to do, how about having some protection on you for an emergency for starters, and second get rid of that thing” Aden glanced down at her stomach, still disgusted by the thought of Geoff’s baby inside of Belle. “What....I can’t do that......” Belle’s lips shook. “You can’t expect me to get an abortion”

“Hey, you asked me what you what you should do and I’m telling you, get rid of that damn thing inside of you” Aden said in a horrifying tone. Belle’s body was almost shaking, “I... have to go”

“Yeah you should” Aden slammed the door in Belle’s face. Leaning against the door with his palm, Aden squeezed his eyes tightly; he just wanted to forget what he had heard. “DAMN IT!” Aden shouted kicking the couch. “F**” Aden swore falling onto the ground, “Why, why” Aden broke down in tears, breathing deeply, “This isn’t fair.....it should have been me..........”

“Aden....” Nicole was upstairs; she had heard the entire conversation. “Go away” Aden threatened, not making eye contact. “Aden, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault”

“Did you get her pregnant?” Aden yelled at her. “No...” Nicole said quietly. “Yeah well, it’s not your fault is it!” He yelled again.

“You know what you said was really mean to Belle....getting an abortion is so much more than just removing a baby that you don’t want”

Aden then looked remorseful, “I.....I know I was a bit harsh to her”

“A bit?” Nicole questioned. “Okay a lot, but I can’t stand the fact that she’s having his baby okay....it should have been mine”

“So if Belle was pregnant with your baby, you wouldn’t be reacting like this”

‘Yeah” Aden whispered nodding. “Aden.....Belle is going to need your support now more than ever, you know that and the way you just spoke to her isn’t going to do much good is it?”

Aden processed Nicole’s words, “No”

“Then you need to go and tell her to what you really feel, otherwise she’s going to regret making the biggest mistake of her life”

“Look just because I told her to go get an abortion, doesn’t mean she’s going to listen to me. Belle has a mind of her own”

“Yeah well, when it comes to situations like these, I think Belle would take your word on this”

“Nic....she wouldn’t do that.....she wouldn’t listen to me, because I know in her heart that having an abortion goes against her beliefs”

“Aden, just go and talk to her. Tell her you’ll be here always and that you don’t want her to give the baby up”

“But....” Aden sighed. “NOW!” Nicole warned, pointing to the door. Aden got up and headed to the door, “You know what this is your fault.....Belle never would have slept with Geoff if you hadn’t seduced me”

“Excuse me, it takes two to tango, now get out of here” Aden left.

“Hey Irene, have you seen Belle” Aden checked the diner. “Ah no love I haven’t seen her, sorry”

Aden walked outside looking around, until he spotted Geoff in the distance. Taking a deep breath Aden knew it was wrong to approach him about it, but Aden wasn’t able to resist. “Oi” Aden stopped Geoff in his tracks.

“Hey...what’s up” Geoff said unaware that Aden knew the truth about Belle.

“Oh nothing much, just the usual, people dying....people cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriends....knocking them up, you know...that kind of stuff” Geoff started to look uneasy. “Ah yeah well I’ve actually got to be somewhere”

“Yeah like where? Like to see Belle” Aden eyed him. “Ahhh....no.....I was just about to.....hey what are you doing” Aden lifted Geoff by his shirt shoving him against a wall. “How dare you, even think about touching her, you sick....why did you sleep with Belle, why!” Aden pushed him against the wall harder.

“I”M SORRY!” Geoff raised his voice, “It never meant to happen....we didn’t plan it”

“Just shut up I don’t wanna hear it!” Aden shoved him back again. “Look Aden you’re just going to have deal with the fact I’m going to be in Belle’s life from now on, you weren’t there for her and I was, I love....”

Aden pushed him with all his strength, “Shut up” He whispered. “SHUT UP!” Aden shouted. “You don’t love her I do!” Aden screamed. “Yeah you’re right, if you love her so much why did you sleep with Nicole, huh? Yeah that’s right...” Geoff was released, and began to walk away. Aden nodded his head, with a mad expression, and then his fist went flying into Geoff’s left cheek. “You’ll pay for this, you’ll pay!” Aden was on top of Geoff, they were both on the ground. “Oi! Break it up, break it up!” Alf ran towards them, “Aden!” Belle screamed as she spotted them as well. But Aden and Geoff continued to fight; Alf pulled Aden off of Geoff, “What the flamin’ heck is going on here?” Aden and Geoff were breathing heavily, they both were silent. “Well, is someone goin’ to tell me what that was all about?”

They both began to talk, but it was hard to make out, “AH!” Alf said cutting them off. “You’re an idiot you know that” Belle hissed at Aden. “Belle, wait” Belle walked away.

“Belle, wait, please” Aden called behind Belle. “What, Aden what the hell was that” Belle screamed in horror. “I know I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself”

“You couldn’t control yourself, what a pathetic excuse Aden!” Belle shouted again. “Belle” Aden sighed, “I just wanted to tell you I don’t think you should get an abortion, I was being a jerk back there”

“What at the house or here? Oh and by the way I don’t appreciate a door being slammed in my face!”

“I know, I’m sorry” Aden looked down ashamed of his actions. “You’re such a loser”

“I know” Aden nodded. “Can....can you forgive me”

“Hang on, did you just say that you wanted to tell me you don’t think I should have an abortion, is that why you wanted me for? Irene said you were looking for me...”

“No....well yeah, but I wanted to say sorry for the way I treated you. It was wrong”

“You think” Belle raised her eye brows. “If you never wanted to speak to me again after this I understand...I just don’t want you to make any decisions without knowing that I don’t want you to abort the pregnancy”

“Do you think that little of me that I’d actually take your word and do such a horrible thing”

“No....I....” Aden stuttered. “You’re unbelievable” Belle started to turn away, Aden grabbed her arm, “What?”

“Don’t forget, I’ll be here if you need me” Aden said in a caring and genuine voice, “And I am sorry”

Belle wanted to give into his charm, but this time she had had enough, “Goodbye Aden”, Belle walked away. “DAMN IT! Thanks a lot Nic” Aden said under his breath crossly.

“Hey, so what did she say?” Nicole was outside the diner as Aden walked pass, “YOU!” Aden pointed. “I told you so had a mind of her own, I told you she wouldn’t listen to me”

“Well it didn’t help you killing Geoff” Aden’s mouth opened. “Geoff’s inside, Irene’s addressing his wounds. “Great” Aden rolled his eyes. “Aden.....”

“Just leave me alone”

“We need to talk about this”

“I don’t have to do anything!” Aden yelled back, heading home to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

After a few weeks, Aden had calmed down and Belle was beginning to forgive Aden and so was Geoff. Reality was starting to set in for Aden, he had finally decided that it was best to steer clear of Geoff and focus on other things.

“Hey, I need to talk to later, can you meet me at Irene’s” Belle whispered into Aden’s ear, as he worked in the kitchen. “Sure...” He looked at Belle, not sure what Belle wanted to discuss. But then again, he did expect any other cop of abuse for sleeping with Nicole.

“Belle...what’s going on?” Aden entered Irene’s. There was no one else in the house, they were all out. “Come here” Belle led Aden into her room. Aden leant against Belle’s dressing table, while Belle sat on the end of her bed. Taking a deep breath in, Belle launched herself into a situation she knew would end with heartache and tears. “Aden...You slept with Nicole and I slept with Geoff”

“Yeah...look I understand why you slept with him and that’s perfectly understandable, I don’t hold it against you. I hurt you and I’m sorry and this situation with the baby, Belle we’ll get through this together okay. I’ll always be here to support you” Aden gave a little smile, but Belle didn’t mirror the same smile. “Aden....I brought you here today to tell you.....that I don’t want anything to do with you anymore” Belle tried to stay strong but a tear pushed through and managed to escape. “What Belle, no, you don’t mean that. Look I know what I did was wrong, but we belong together”

“No Aden, I’m having a baby....Geoff’s not yours. You deserve to make something of yourself, not being dragged down by me”

“What – Belle you’d never drag me down. I love the fact you’re going to be a mother soon. At first I was angry that it was Geoff’s but babe I’ll be there for you, I always will. We’ll have a little family of our own someday, raise this baby and then who knows in the future we might have a little Aden or Belle running around”

“No, I mean it Aden. I don’t want you in my life anymore” Belle’s eyes watered. “What?”

“I don’t want you to be there, I don’t need you to be there...I have Geoff”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say...” Aden was expressionless. “I’m saying” Belle gulped, “That I don’t want you to be involved in this baby and I don’t want you to be involved in my life anymore”

“What....no...Belle, that’s not right. You’re expecting me to believe you want me out of your life completely?”

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind and I think its best Aden”

“So we can’t even be friends?”

“How can we be friends Aden, it wouldn’t work” Belle shook her head.

Aden wasn’t ready to accept this, “This is silly, I don’t want to be your friend, and I want to be something more. The road to true love was never easy, I know I've hit all the bumps, but now I'm standing here telling you that I’m in love with you and I'll never let you go ever again. I love you more than anyone; I just had to let you know. I've never stop loving you, each and every day, I always will Belle. You can’t deny your feelings I know you want me. You’re not fooling anyone Belle”

Belle sighed, "Its true....I have painted a million of kisses for you. I have filled an ocean of tears for you. I have walked a thousand miles for you. I have counted the stars for you. Aden, every touch reminds my heart just how much I love you. But the end has come, we can’t be together anymore.

“Okay just do something for me then, tonight I want you to look up at the stars, and then I want you to try and count them all. There’s billions and billons of stars out there, I miss you that much. When you go to the beach, try to count every grain of sand. I trust you that much. When you go in the water, try and count each drop of water in the ocean. I need you that much.."

Belle hesitated, “I...I do miss you, but we can’t...”

“Look when I was in the diner today and I heard someone whisper your name I turned around to see who it was and I was alone. Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you. Sometimes, I’ll listen to music or look at pictures of you....not to remind me of you but to make me feel as if I'm with you. It makes me forget the distance and capture you."

Belle looked down, crying, she replied feeling ashamed “I know.... I can’t seem to erase the memories of you either, and no matter how hard I try to I can’t do it.” Then she looked up guilt killing her inside, announcing the hurtful truth, “But I’m with Geoff now; you’ll just have to accept that.

“No, I don’t believe you.... We belong together” Aden repeated.

“Aden stop being ridiculous, I know this feels like a dream, but its reality and its time to face reality Aden. I’m sorry, I’ll always love you but I’m doing what’s best for the baby....and me. I’m better off with Geoff.

“No Belle... no. Geoff will never love you as much as I love you” Belle’s words were being processed, he was still in denial. He didn’t want to believe it.

“How do you know that? You can’t state that as a fact, because Geoff loves me so much more than you can ever imagine”

“No....Belle....no......this isn’t goodbye for us” Aden said knowing he was being defeated.

“It is Aden, its goodbye....we are no more. I have to go”

“Don’t leave me...” Aden reached out for Belle’s hand trying to pull her closer. “I’m sorry, I have to go now”

“Baby.....don’t....” A tear fell down Aden’s cheeks as he watched the love of his life walk out of his life forever. But he still had hope in his heart. He didn’t want to believe Belle could walk away from him. There must still be hope us, Aden thought to himself. That night he cried himself to sleep for the first time ever.

Inspiration from: http://www.lovingyou.com/scripts/quotes/qu...php?cat=loveyou

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We must learn to view change as a natural phenomenon - to anticipate it and to plan for it. The future is ours to channel in the direction we want to go... we must continually ask ourselves, "What will happen if...?" or better still, "How can we make it happen?"

~Lisa Taylor~


Belle’s vision was a bit hazy; Belle looked in the distance, the rain poured down, dribbling down her raincoat, “Aden?” She called, as her voice echoed “Aden”, “Aden”, “Aden”. Aden stared out to the ocean. This moment had felt all too familiar. “Aden?” Belle walked closer towards him, meeting him at the shoreline, Aden turned his head slightly and smiled, “I knew you couldn’t stay away from me”. The smile was irresistible and genuine; love was beaming from his eyes as he looked at Belle. Belle sighed with a smile, “I love it here”. Belle and Aden were a metre apart both staring out to the ocean as the waves crashed, ripples grew and then disappeared as the rain hit the water with a gentle force.

I remember the rain on our skin

And his kisses hotter than the Santa Ana winds

Whispering our goodbyes, waiting for a train

I was dancing with my baby in the summer rain

“You’re so beautiful you know that” Aden whispered. The voice felt so close, like he was whispering in her ear, “It feels like you’ve never left me”

I remember laughing till we almost cried

There at the station that night

I remember looking in his eyes

“We’ll never be apart, I’ll never leave you Belle” Aden replied in a slow soft tone. “I can’t stand this Aden, it’s so unfair, I was so stupid, I don’t know why I did it...” Aden then raised his fingers to touch her lips, “Shh..” He pressed his finger against her lips quietening her. “I....I want this to be our baby” Belle broke into tears, “Just remember this moment....remember the love we shared, treasure that, keep my close to your heart. But always remember I’ll be here for you...always” Then Aden slowly disappeared into thin air, “Aden....” Belle said frightened of losing Aden, “Come back, where....where are you” Belle called out, breathing heavily as she searched the beach, he was no where to be seen. “I love you....I love you...” Belle fell to her knees, “Belle....Belle.....Belle......” A voice called, getting louder.

Oh my love it's you that I dream of

Oh my love, since that day

Somewhere in my heart I'm always dancing with you in the summer rain

Doesn't matter what I do now

Doesn't matter what I say

Somewhere in my heart I'm always dancing with you in the summer rain

“BELLE!” Geoff said loudly, hitting her in the face with a pillow once. “Ahhh......GEOFF! Get out!” Belle woke up in a rage, “Are you okay, you were talking in your sleep, well kind of screaming actually” Geoff chuckled. “Geoff, I said get out!” Belle screamed. “Okay, I just wanted to check if you were okay....and the baby”

“SHHHH, shut up, Irene could hear you” Belle was furious. Aden, Nicole, Annie and Geoff were the people who knew about Belle’s pregnancy, Belle wasn’t quite ready to tell Irene let alone the town. After all she was only 20, unmarried.

“I thought you told her....” Belle shook her head, “And that’s the way it’s gonna stay, so tell the other guys to keep their mouth shut”

“Yeah well, I’m not going anywhere near Aden” Geoff said with a look that conveyed his fear of Aden. “Only if you want to stay alive”

“Well, I need to stay alive if I’m going to be here for you Belle....” Belle cut Geoff off, “Just shut up...I don’t want to talk about the baby, okay, now can you please get out”

“Okay” Geoff got up and closed the door ever so quietly. Belle let out an angry sigh and fell back into her mattress. “Stupid bible boy” Belle muttered to herself. “Who knew Christians were created with sperm who were fast swimmers, Argh!” Then Belle drifted back into the dream world.

“Congratulations, Belle Taylor, graduate of 2007” The principal handed Belle a certificate as she stood centre of the stage, looking out to the audience. “Aden?” Aden was sitting right at the very back with Axel, kicking the back of his mate’s chair. “Aden.....It’s Belle, Aden” Belle called out. Many students in the audience were applauding and cheering, “What’s going on, Aden? Why am I here?”

“Oh there seems to be some mistake, Belle I’m sorry but I can’t allow you to graduate” Sally was now in my sights on the stage. “Yes indeed, I’m afraid I’ll have to take this” The principal snatched the certificate back, “Wait, why, I passed all my exams, I got a 99.8% in my HSC, what’s happening”

“We don’t commend teenagers who throw their education away” Sally said looking disappointed. Belle was confused, angry and scared. Then everyone said to burst into a fit of laughter, pointing at Belle’s stomach, “What do you mean...I passed my exams, why shouldn’t I graduate” Belle’s eyes released two tear drops of water, “I’m sorry Belle, but we don’t keep student who are expecting...”

“Belle I’ve done the HSC, I’ve passed every subject....please.....education is important, I want to go to uni....”

“Belle.....look at you.....you’re huge, getting bigger every second” Sally pointed to Belle. “I’m not big, I haven’t even got a baby bump yet, why are you doing this?”

“She’s right....Belle doesn’t deserve to graduate skipping classes, screwing every guy she can get her hands on, she was so desperate she screwed bible boy” Aden called out.

“No....what.....Aden....” Belle’s face grew redder. “You’re being really mean....please......” Belle looked at Aden as she spoke, even though he was in the back of the audience Belle didn’t need to raise her voice for Aden to hear her. “You’re nothing but a skank Belle, deal with it” Aden laughed. “Oh and Sally’s right....you’re huge, like a balloon”

“I am not! I’ve been going to the gym at least once a week, I hardly eat junk food, I’m slim” But then Belle finally took a glance at her belly, it was flat as she expected but then the unexpected happened. Belle began to grow larger.....and larger......and larger......and larger! Her stomach expanded, growing three times larger than the average 9 month mark. “What...what’s happening....”

“You’re getting fat, what do you expect!” Axel called out. “But I’ve just fallen.....no.....”

“She’s ugly, that’s what she is” Aden smirked. “No, on the beach you said you thought I looked beautiful”

“Yeah right, why would I say a thing like that...”

“I’m not FAT, I’M NOT FAT!!!” Belle shouted out over the top of the audience’s laughter. “Belle, love?” Belle felt her body being shaken, “Belle, love, are you okay?” Then Belle’s eyes opened, “Irene” Belle sat up immediately, covering herself with her blanket. “Belle, darl, you’re sweaty, is everything alright?”

“Y-Yeah I’m fine” Belle pulled a fake smile, Irene didn’t believe the smile for a second. “Come on girlie, spill....I heard you calling out “I’m not fat”...love are you worry about your body image?”

“What....ahhh......no....” Belle was in shock. “It’s alright Belle, I understand these days there’s an enormous amount of pressure for girls to look a certain way, MTV and those flippin Dolly magazines don’t help either”

“Irene, I’m fine with the way I look....” Belle hesitated, “I’m not fat am I?” She questioned Irene, feeling insecure, uncertain whether she was still dreaming. “No darl, you’re not and there’s no need to put yourself under more pressure you’ve just come out of rehab for god’s sakes, take it easy girlie” Irene smiled giving Belle reassurance.

“Yeah you’re right....I was just being silly, I had a bad dream that’s all....” Belle faked a laugh, and this time Irene was convinced it was genuine.

“Ahh you’re finally up, it’s a miracle” Geoff rolled his eyes as he ate at the table. “Hey, what did I say about this’ Irene raised her hand as her index finger waved side to side as if to say “no”. “Sorry....” Geoff sipped his drink. Belle sat down quietly, Geoff’s comments hadn’t seemed to ignite any emotion in Belle, “Come on eat up girlie, you’re not going to get into food into ya by staring at it”

Belle stared at the food, frozen emotionless, “Belle?” Irene repeated her name. Belle flinced as she realised Irene was speaking to her, Belle looked at her and smiled, “Ah yeah I’m not hungry, might pass” Belle stood up, “Hey girlie, what did I just say about this body image thing”

“Yeah, I know I’m not....fat” Belle said in a quite voice, as she didn’t want Geoff to eavesdrop of the conversation, unfortunately he did. “Ah well, I’ll be off now, I have to sort out some paper work a delivery”

“Bye Irene” Geoff and Belle said together. “So that’s what you were screaming about this morning, you’re afraid of getting fat” Geoff smirked teasingly. “Shut up” Belle eyed him threateningly. “I was just teasing....hey Belle...”

Belle headed for the back door, “Belle, I was only joking around”

“Yeah well, it’s not a joke, I’m going to get huge, everyone is going to be gossiping about me behind my back saying oh there goes Belle Taylor the skank”

“Yeah well, I’m Christian, how’s that going to look for me?” Geoff’s face was no longer a smile. “Oh Geoff, I’m sure god will forgive you” Belle mocked him in an angry tone. “This isn’t going to work, how are we suppose to do this Belle, everything was going great for us, we were happy together and now this....gets in the way of us”

“Geoff, “this” is our child, and “this” won’t prevent me from being with anyone, “this” won’t be responsible for my relationship problems”

“Belle, be honest do you want this baby...” Geoff asked the unthinkable question. Belle’s mouth dropped open and her eye brows were lowered with fury, “Are you serious, you’re asking me if I want to get an abortion, are you insane!” Belle shouted. “You know Belle, if you yell any louder the neighbours might find out your little secret!” Geoff shouted.

“Do you want me to kill our baby, Geoff, is that what you want?”

“No!” Geoff shouted once again, “No” he said in a calm tone realising the sickening question he had asked her. “Belle, I just want what’s best for you, if you’re not comfort or happy with this situation, if you feel like I’m stopping you from being happy with Aden...then I’d do whatever it takes to make your life easier....”

“Geoff, I’m never going to be with Aden......It’s over between us, he knows that”

“He loves you Belle....you can’t just walk away from him”

“Well I have....I can be in a relationship with him because....I’m in love with someone else”

Geoff was silent, “Oh” was his only reaction. “Yeah....I mean I love him, but I love you too. Is that possible, can you love two people at once?”

“I don’t....” Geoff answered but was cut off, “Id rather be with you anywhere....I want you....I want this....I want us to be together Geoff”

Geoff was taken by surprised, “Oh...yeh well me too, you know I love you, it’s killed me seeing you with Aden all these months”

“I know” Belle smiled. “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you, ever”

“It’s okay, are you sure that’s the only thing worrying you?”

“Um.....well now I’m pregnant...I’m beginning to realise all the things in life I’ll miss out on” Belle’s lips was shaking a little. “What, like what?”

“Like....I won’t be able to go to uni, I’ll miss out because I’ll have a child, I won’t be able to travel the world, because I’ll be busy with mother stuff.....”

“That’s silly, you’ll get to do those things eventually”

“Eventually? What if I never get the chance, Geoff....god...I’ve left this too long, why didn’t I apply for uni the second I got out of high school” Belle’s tears fell. “Hey.....shh, come on, you’re gonna gain more new experiences by being a mother, think of everything you have to gain by having a baby....it’s going to be a blast” Geoff laughed, Geoff pulled Belle closer as they swayed, hugging each other. “Thank you Geoff....I’m sorry I’ve been such a ....” Geoff cut her off, “Hey, you’re not a ....you know....you’re beautiful, sexy, smart, and you’re going to be the best mother this baby could possibly deserve”

“Really?” Belle pulled away smiling, “Yeah” Geoff pulled her back into his arms. “I love you” Belle whispered. “I love you too”

Lyrics: Summer Rain, Belinda Carlisle

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I would like to thank all the people who are reading this and commenting - G, Bec, John, Tessalove, amz89, Mira and Red Ranger! :P You guys give me motivatation to write these chapters!

During our lives we're faced with so many elements as well, we experience so many setbacks, and fight such a hand-to-hand battle with failure, head down in the rain, just trying to stay upright and have a little hope. The Tour isn't just a bike race, it tests you mentally, physically, and even morally ~ Lance Armstrong ~

“Arrghhhh, owwww.....owwww” Annie moaned on the couch, holding onto her stomach. Belle came out of her room drying her hair from the shower. “What are you whining about now?”

“My stomach really hurts...” Annie complained holding her stomach tightly. “I feel like I’m gonna be sick”

“Oh god, please don’t tell me you went out and got yourself pregnant too” Belle obviously wasn’t being serious with this comment. No one else was in the house so it was okay to say the words “pregnant” and “pregnancy” in the house without sounding the alarm. “No, Belle I’m not having a baby unlike you.....I.....I’ve got my period and it really hurts”

“Oh please Annie, can you be a little less dramatic I’m the one who’s going to have to push a baby out of my body....stop being such a baby”

“Yeah well I get really bad period pain and besides you’re not gonna have your period for like nine months, how unfair is that?”

“Would you like to go and get yourself pregnant so you don’t have to deal with the pain of a period” Belle said sarcastically. “No...” Annie moaned. “Still, it really hurts, especially when I first get it at the start of each other, it’s so painful, I can’t even sit properly, I feel like I wanna gag, it’s such a horrible feeling”

“Annie, I know, I have experienced periods before, oh wait so that would explain your sudden mood swings yesterday and it would also explain the chocolate bar that went missing last yesterday”

Annie was caught out, “Yeah well, I’m not the one who has cravings every second of the day”

“Ouch that’s hurts” Belle mocked. “You stuff your face with unhealthy foods all the time, that poor baby inside of you. It’s gonna be a food junkie”

“It is not” Belle gave Annie a look of horror. “Maybe you should consider swapping chocolate for vegetables as a snack Belle....geez....”

“Excuse me, chocolate is a vegetables”

“It is so not!” Annie hissed still in pain. “Ah yer it is, chocolate is made from vegetables beans....so waalaa, you have a vegetable”

“You need therapy” Annie rolled her eyes.

“You do” Belle threw her comment back in her face, clearly Annie’s hormones were causing her to be more sensitive to things.

“Do not” Annie retaliated. “Do too” Belle whined back. “Arrrggghhh, stupid hormones” Annie shouted. “You said it!” Belle agreed. Irene then walked in, carrying a few shopping bags. “Hey girlies”

“I’m so over PMS, seriously...” Annie’s head fell back against the couch. “Aw, dear...” Irene added.

Just a little before Annie was due to leave for school, Annie and Irene had gotten into an argument. Annie refused to attend school for the day. After they had finished arguing, Irene dragged Annie to school. Belle sat at the table for thirty minutes of so, going over her possible conversations with Irene if she broke the news of her pregnancy. Then as Irene arrived back home, Belle took a deep breath and decided it was for the best to break the news to her.

“Irene, there’s something I need to tell you” Belle took a deep breath of air in. Irene and Belle sat down at the table. “Of course love, is everything alright” Irene said sympathetically. “God, you’re gonna hate me” Belle’s eyes swelled up with water. “I won’t hate you...sweetheart, what’s the matter, you haven’t been yourself for days now”

“I don’t know how to say this....umm.....I’m just going to come right out and say it, Irene....I’m....pregnant”

Irene’s sympathetic expression changed into a furious one. Belle looked scared and begged for forgiveness, “I’m sorry Irene”. Irene took several minutes to process the information shaking her head, finally she broke the silence.

“You’re sorry are ya? For god sakes girlie, what on earth were you thinking having sex without any protection? I thought you would have known better”

“Irene, I’m sorry. I never planned this”

“Of course you didn’t plan this girlie, your plan was to go to uni next year and study medicine. You’ve just gotten out of a drug rehabilitation facility and now you think it’s acceptable to go and get yourself pregnant. What did you think the baby bonus would feed this addiction of yours?”

That comment was like a thousand knifes stabbing her heart. “Of course not, I want this baby and I’m gonna love it”

“Oh so you planned to become a mother did ya, to think I had such faith in you Belle. I can’t believe you and Aden would do such an irresponsible thing”

“Well Aden and I haven’t done anything together!! In fact he dumped me. So are you happy” Irene stopped her in her tracks a gasped, Belle then regretted her word. Irene took a step closer and lowered her voice, “So if the baby isn’t Aden’s, then whose is it then?” Belle was silent for nearly thirty seconds. “TELL ME!” Irene raised her voice, nearly shouting. “G-Geoff’s” Belle began to cry, but she knew she wasn’t about to get any sympathy from Irene.

“Belle Taylor” Irene whispered, “I want you to go into that room, I want you to then pack your bags and leave my house and don’t come back”

“No” Belle was in tears. “PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET OUT!” Irene shouted at the top of her voice. Belle was balling her eyes out, she then got up out of her chair and headed for her room instead of crashing face first into her bed like she would usually do, Belle automatically without having to think about her actions began to grab her things, the essentials, hairbrush, toothbrush, clothes, iPod, laptop, shoving all her stuff into a bag. Belle collapsed to her knees holding onto the bed at the end, covering her eyes with her hands.

Later in the diner, the news had spread of Belle’s pregnancy. “To think Belle Taylor, a bright young girl, who future was snatched away from her”

“Colleen, put a sock in it” Alf called out as Colleen went back into the kitchen. Alf was attempting to calm Irene down. The diner had just closed, Colleen was busily bringing dirty plates into the kitchen and wiping down tables, however she was also eavesdropping. Colleen walked back out of the kitchen and finished shutting down the coffee machine, she looked at Irene, “All I’m sayin’ is Belle was a straight A student, had everything going for her and now her chances of getting into a good uni are out numbered. No one is gonna want a knocked up 20 year old. Mind you back in my day you were married by twenty. Having children at a young age was not frowned upon”

“Times have changed....” Alf looked at Colleen angrily. “Irene, do you really think it was such a good idea to kick young Belle out of home” Alf suggested.

Colleen jumped into the conversation, “Oh no, you can’t have done that. Poor Belle, she’ll have to defend for herself and someone as fragile as her right now....to think what that poor girl must be going through”

“Colleen please, I’ve had pregnant teens in the house before I’m well aware of how tough pregnancy is. I just can’t bare the thought of Belle going through this”

“She’s going to need you more than ever Irene, which is why you shouldn’t have kicked her out...I know you don’t want to look at her right now, but did Belle actually plan on this happening, did Aden somehow convince her they needed to get pregnant at twenty?” Alf questioned.

“No darl, apparently Aden and Belle aren’t together anymore....it was Geoff who got her pregnant” Suddenly there was a loud, smashing sound. “Oh my goodness” Colleen gasped, smashing a plate in the process. “Colleen not a word, you hear me, the town doesn’t need the word spread across town”:

“Well I’m sure the town would like to be updated with the affirmation that Geoff Campbell has the ability to reproduce” Alf joked. “Oh Alf please, this is a serious situation I have on me hands here”

“Sorry, just a bit of a shock finding out that Geoff had gotten someone pregnant, let alone Belle”

“Tell me about it” Irene rolled her eyes. “Hm, well I guess I can’t let Belle defend for herself now can I. I guess I did overreact a little?” Alf smiled at Irene, “You’re a good person Irene and don’t stress your reaction was perfectly normal.”

“Oh yeah real good, I just let my daughter walk away from me, oh well, better go find Belle and bring her home” Irene smiled and got up, “You gonna be alright to close up love”

“Oh yes, don’t you worry about me, it’s just important we get young Belle home stay and sound. Oh to think a little mini Belle will be joining us soon” Colleen said in a delightful voice. “Joy” Irene rolled her eyes and waved farewell to Alf. “Bye” Alf whispered.

Irene walked out of the diner, strolling along the pathway when she noticed Belle was down at the beach alone, her body covered with a woollen blanket. The cold wind blew, “Belle” Irene called, Belle turned around, she was still crying. “Aww love, I’m so sorry for what I said to you”

“I am deeply sorry for what I’ve done Irene”

“I know you are love” Irene smiled. “There’s no doubt you’re life is gonna change completely, but in such an amazing way. I’m sorry that the pregnancy has made you feel ill, but trust me it’s all worth it. I’m excited that I’m gonna become a grandmother, again, you and Geoff will certainly do your best to raise the baby to the best of your ability, and love I just wanted to tell you I couldn’t be happier for you. I really am. I’m in shock and I’m disappointed that you won’t be attending uni straight away, but I believe in you Belle and I know you’ll get through this and journey onto uni and much greater things. I’m so proud of who you’ve become. You’re not that whiny and bratty teenager anymore; you’re a beautiful young independent woman who’s going to be the best mother she could possibly imagine”

“I love you so much Irene, you don’t know how much it means to me hearing you say that”

“Aww come here girlie” Irene and Belle hugged tightly. “Now don’t you worry about a thing, I’m gonna be here for ya.” Irene kissed Belle’s hair. “Thank you so much Irene” Belle whispered. “Now how about we get you home, aye” Belle and Irene smiled at each other. “Sounds like a plan” Belle smiled again through her tears. “Come on”

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Thank you Red Ranger, amz89, Bec and G.

:P You're all awesome!

"None of us knows what the next change is going to be, what unexpected opportunity is just around the corner, waiting a few months or a few years to change all the tenor of our lives.”

Kathleen Norris

“Why is everyone looking at me?” Belle strolled into the Surf Club when Alf, Martha and Tony glared. “I’m not sure...come on let’s get a juice, I’m so thirsty” Annie grumbled. “What can I get you ladies” Alf was wiping the inside of a glass with a tea-towel. “Just a strawberry smoothie please” Annie smiled graciously.

“Um can I have a coke” Belle mumbled softly as Martha and Tony continued to gawk at Belle. “Ah, do you really think that’s the best idea, I heard it’s best to avoid caffeine in your state” Alf said softly.

“Excuse me? In my state?” Belle roared at Alf, she felt absolutely insulted by his words; hormones didn’t help her rational thinking either. “I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean it like that” Alf was remorseful, “Just forget it...come on Annie” Belle left without the bottle of coke she had ordered.

“Oh Belle” Leah greeted Belle and Annie with a huge smile, the smile wasn’t like her ordinary smile, it was like she was hiding the fact she knew a secret. “Hi Leah...” Belle replied.

“Can we have....a hamburger and chips please” Leah hesitated, “Oh for crying out loud!” Belle hissed, “Two hamburger and chips coming up, please take a seat. They’ll be about a ten minute wait, yeah?” Leah smiled politely at them. Belle just rolled her eyes and sat down. “Why does everyone keep telling me what to do, it’s getting annoying”

“Well Belle you’re pregnant, people are just looking out for you” Annie looked at Belle in a serious way, Belle shrugged and looked away. Ten minutes later,

“There you go” Leah placed their meals on the table. “Thanks Leah” Belle said then began to eat. “Belle, I just wanted to offer my congratulations”

“Oh thanks, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get into that course I applied for at uni” Belle lied, knowing exactly what Leah was talking about. “Ah Belle, I mean....you know, falling pregnant. I’m so happy for you sweetie” Leah rubbed Belle’s shoulder. “Leah what are you talking about....” Belle lied again.

“Irene told me this morning” Leah smiled again, still thrilled over the news. “Well Irene’s exaggerating because I’m not pregnant. She’s got the wrong idea” Belle stuffed a spoon full on chips in her mouth. “Forgive me Belle, but I thought you were the one who told Irene you were pregnant”

“Look she’s got it all wrong, now can you just leave me alone, I’m not pregnant and I’m having a baby!” Belle shouted at Leah, heads turned and stared at Belle and Leah’s listening to their confrontation. Leah sighed and went back into the kitchen with a sorry look on her face. Now Belle was in denial over her pregnancy. “Belle what was that all about....you know you’re pregnant don’t you, I mean you took like three pregnancy tests”

“Annie, of course I know, I just don’t want the whole town to know” Belle whispered, feeling and looking ashamed. “Belle what’s wrong, why don’t you want people to know about it” Annie continued.

“Look Annie, just be quiet” Belle took a bite out of her hamburger. “Please Belle, I want to know. You shouldn’t be ashamed to tell people, why are you ashamed, why?”

“Oh for god sakes Annie, in this day and age is it acceptable for a twenty year old to fall pregnant without being frowned upon, is it okay for a teenager to raise a baby?” Belle hissed. “Oh”

“It’s not like it the bible Annie, girls who are my age should be thinking about their uni applications, travelling the world, dealing with their last break up, not dealing with having a human being growing inside of them...” Belle covered the side of her face with her hand. “But no one is making a big deal of this, only you are, people are accepting this Belle, no one is having a go at you”

“Yeah but secretly they are all thinking oh there goes that slut Belle Taylor who got herself knocked up by a Christian boy, how pathetic and desperate is she?” “

“I’m sorry you feel that way Belle, I really am, but I think this is something you should be celebrating, a baby is a blessing”

“I know...I know....I feel awful for rejecting the idea of becoming a mother, but the truth is I’m really scared Annie, I don’t know how I’m gonna do this, I miss Aden, I miss being me, I just wish this was all a dream”

“So what you rather get an abortion is that what you’re saying” Annie snapped. “Not it’s not; I could never do such a thing”

“Well it sounds like that to me, Belle you either want the baby or not, and you either want to be a mother or you don’t”

“Annie....I’ve always planned on having a baby one day but not like this, this isn’t fair, I’m not ready for this”.

“Yeah sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it but you have to learn to embrace the unexpected and you better get ready because that baby is growing every second, little fingers, little organs, little eyes, little heart and before you know it the baby will be fully grown, so you better get prepared instead of just moping around” Annie got up and left angrily, sick and tired of Belle’s mixed emotions.

Luckily for Annie she didn’t have to see Belle until the next morning as she was sleeping over Ruby’s. Geoff also out of the house, Summer Bay Church was holding a bible camp for a day and a half.

“Hi darl....” Irene slurred, Belle took it as fatigue, but once Belle took her shoes off and sat at the table she realised Irene had a bottle of vodka in her hands. “Irene....” Belle said worriedly. “What are you doing...”

“What does it look like I’m doing, I’m watching TV” Irene snapped angrily. “It’s just you’re drinking vodka, when you shouldn’t be”

“Are you the boss of this house missy?” Irene roared with fury. “Um no” Belle said helplessly, “So what gives you the right to tell me how to live my life, girlie, shut the hell up” Irene took another drink, the bottle was nearly empty. “I might go to sleep, I’m tired” Belle got up slowly. “Where do you think you’re going, I thought I told you to pack your bags”

“No that was yesterday and you said it was okay for me to be here, remember?” Belle was nearly in tears. “I did NOT say that HOW dare YOU accuse me of LYING, now GET OUT!” Irene raised her voice, slurring her words. “No...I’m going to bed” Belle’s tears began to escape her eyes. “Oh no you’re not girlie, come here” Irene placed her hands on Belle’s shoulders forcing her out the door, “Irene you’re hurting me, Irene”, Irene shoved Belle out the door and slammed it.

“Don’t you come back, I don’t wanna see ya here....” and then Irene collapsed on the couch. Belle couldn’t stop her tears from falling; she didn’t want to go back into he house despite the door being unlocked.

“Aden, Aden, Aden!” Belle knocked on the door, crying hysterically. It was 10:30pm, “Belle, what’s going on?”

“I....I just need someone to talk to, I’m so scared” Aden pulled Belle close, “Hey, shhh it’s okay, come in” Belle broke down telling Aden about what had happened with Irene.

“Babe, that’s terrible. But you’re okay now, I’m gonna take good care of you, okay” Belle sat in Aden’s lap, his arms tightly around hers. “Th-Thank you” Belle cried, Aden kissed the back of her hair. “I just didn’t know where else to go, I feel so alone”

“It’s okay...do you want something to eat?” Aden offered, the sympathy was in his eyes. “No...I just want to sleep. I’m so tired”

“Okay you can stay in my bed and I’ll just sleep on the floor, how does that sound?”

Belle laughed through her tears, “No...” Belle shook her head, “I want you to stay with me”

Belle and Aden headed up stairs and into his room, Aden and Belle held each other as they slept. “Goodnight gorgeous” Aden whispered. “Night” Belle was almost asleep.

The next morning, Belle made sure she left before Aden had woken up, Belle went home, “Oh Belle, I was so worried, where have you been?” Irene looked at Belle with worry. “Well I was here for about five minutes until you kicked me out”

“I did what...” Irene’s hands shook. “Yeah, you kicked me out, I guess you don’t remember being drunk and all” Belle said sarcastically. “Oh love, I’m so sorry..”

“What the hell are you doing, I thought you were over that problem, why didn’t you tell me you had starting drinking again”

“I was so ashamed” Irene was in shock and guilt. “I can’t believe you...” Belle brushed passed her, only to be stopped as Irene grabbed her arm, “DON”T TOUCH ME” Belle yelled at her. Irene let go straight away, “Oh darl, I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt you last night did I?”

“Only a little, you’re just lucky you didn’t hurt my baby...or I don’t know if I’d ever be able to forgive you”

“Belle, love, I’m sorry” Irene begged. “You need help, Irene, you can’t go on lying to people, drinking secretly at night, I wont allow it” Belle closed her door.

Belle looked at herself in the mirror, her forehead was sweaty, and her breathing was shallow. “This is going to be hard than I thought” She rubbed her stomach soothing it.

“It’s okay; I promise I’ll take good care of you” Belle removed her clothes she had been wearing all day yesterday she slipt into something more comfortable, feeling breathless and tired Belle climbed into bed and decided to have a nap for an hour or so. Even though sleeping with Aden and given her the best night sleep she had had in ages. Belle set her alarm, closing her eyes she fell asleep and began to dream.

“Aww look how big you’ve gotten how’s the baby” Leah rubbed her belly. “Oh it’s wonderful, I felt the baby kick for the first time” Leah, Irene, Alf, Geoff all laughed happily. It was such an animated dream.

“Mummy, mummy” Ollie called to Kirsty, “Yes I know, I know, you want to see the baby bump as well” Ollie skipped over to Belle, “Can I touch it?” Ollie giggled, “Of course” Ollie touched Belle’s stomach, circling his little hand around Belle’s belly. “So how long now?” Kirsty asked thrilled, “A couple of weeks”

“Mummy, mummy, mummy” Ollie tugged on Kirsty’s sleeve, “Hold on Ollie, mummy’s talking”

“There’s something wrong with the baby” Ollie told Belle. “There’s something wrong with the baby” Ollie chanted. “What, no there isn’t” Belle replied back.

“Mummy, mummy” Ollie continued to tug, but his mother ignored him.

“Look, look, you’re bleeding, you’re bleeding, wake up, you need to wake up” Ollie chanted to Belle. “Huh?” Belle replied feeling confused. “There’s something wrong with the baby, you have to wake up, wake up, can’t you feel the baby’s pain, can you feel it, can you?”

Belle then woke up screaming in pain, “ARGH!” Belle clutched her stomach, pulling the blanket off of her she looked down there was a blood stain on the sheet. “No, ARGH!” Belle screamed again, “Irene, Irene, somebody help!” Belle screamed.

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Thank you to Bec, Mira, G, Red Ranger and Amz89 for continuely reading and commenting you rock!

Warning: Contains Sexual References.

Be Prepared... the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.

Robert Baden-Powell

“Belle Taylor, 20 years old, pregnant” Belle faded in and out of consciousness. “Aden...” Belle called quietly, her vision was blurry, she could feel she was being pushed as she was lying on a bed with wheels. “Suffering with virginal bleeding”

“Rach is she going to be alright” Irene asked Rachel frantically. “We don’t know yet, but we’re going to do our very best to save the baby”

“Save the baby, what do you mean, is Belle going to be alright?” Aden asked as he went into panic mode. “We’ll do everything we can to reduce the risks, I promise now you need to wait outside”

“But Rachel, that’s my baby in there you can’t expect me to stay out here”

“I’m sorry Geoff, but I have no choice, it’s in the best interest of our patients and it allows us to do our jobs correctly, now please just wait. Everything is going to be okay” Rachel closed the door and quickly rushed to Belle’s side, “Sweetie, Belle, can you keep your eyes open for me, can you tell me are you in pain?”

Belle sipped in and out of consciousness, “Belle, Belle” Rachel shook her. “Alright, we’re gonna need a blood transfusion, looks like she’s lost a lot of blood” Rachel spoke to Nurse Julie.

Thirty or so minutes later, “Oh Rachel how is she love” Irene asked trying her hardest not to shake. “She had lost a lot of blood, but we gave her a blood transfusion so she should be fine now” Rachel smiles reassuring the boys to take a breath. Aden sighed with relief flashing a small appreciate smile at Rachel, “Thanks”.

“So what happened back there, why did she bleed? Is the baby going to be okay?” Geoff asked in desperate need of answers and reassurance. “Geoff, calm down, it’s okay. Belle is going to be fine and so are the babies”

“Babies what?” Geoff asked with his eyes wide as they could possibly go. “The two babies are fine....Belle had...”

“Geoff cut her off, “What so you’re saying they are fine, they are in two individual babies”

“Yes, I’m sorry I thought you knew...” Rachel was genuinely shocked. Geoff sat down on a seat in the waiting room one hand one each cheek, leaning up against them in shock. “I’m going to have....two babies.....are you kidding me?” Geoff asked scared for his life. “Yes...” Rachel responded smiling.

The jealously sparked a dangerous fire inside of Aden that would never burn out now that it had been ignited, “Well congratulations bible boy, I didn’t think you had it in you” Aden felt like he had hit the bottom of the earth.

“Oh darl, that’s fantastic news” Irene was ecstatic. ‘Yes also, you guys are free to go and see Belle if you wish”

“Thanks Rach” Aden quickly added, still feeling alone and miserable.

“Belle....oh sweetheart....” Irene came to Belle’s side without delay. “Hi....” Belle said garbled. “Is the baby okay?” Belle asked looking at Geoff. Geoff’s expression gave away despair and lost, not helping Belle’s concerns at all.

“Geoff?” Belle repeated fighting back tears of fear. “Yeah...Yeah....they’re fine”

“They...what do you mean” Belle asked now looking at Aden for answers. “We’re...having twins Belle” Geoff burst out laughing. “Seriously?” Belle smiled.

“Yeah” Geoff smiled back. “I...I can’t believe it, that’s so great” This certainly lifted Belle’s mood.

“Yeah, it’s great, congratulations Belle, I’m so happy for you....” Aden had no happiness in his voice, “I should go, you guys have plenty to talk about” Aden turned and walked to the door. “No wait Aden, please stay with me”

“No, I really can’t I’ve got to be somewhere anyway, I promised Nic we’d go to the movies tonight”

“Oh...okay then....bye...” Belle looked sad again.

“Aww girlie, you had us so worried” Irene rubbed her back for comfort. “Yeah, sorry about that, so what was wrong with me”

“I think I can answer that” Rachel came into the room smiling, “The placenta is covering a portion of the cervix, which means you’ll need to reduce your activities and get plenty bed rest. You’ll need what’s called pelvic rest, which means things like no intercourse and no tampons. Nothing should be placed in the vagina. We gave you some medicines to prevent premature labor. Otherwise the twins wouldn’t have survived as their main organs aren’t fully developed yet. This occurrence it most common with pregnant woman who are expecting twins or triples. During pregnancy, the placenta moves as the uterus stretches and grows. In early pregnancy, a low-lying placenta is very common. But as the pregnancy progresses, the growing uterus should "pull" the placenta toward the top of the womb. By the third trimester, the placenta should be near the top of the uterus, leaving the opening of the cervix clear for the delivery. Sometimes, though, the placenta remains in the lower portion of the uterus, partly or completely covering this opening. This is called a previa. If you have any concerns or problems, please contact me immediately Belle. It’s very important”

“I will” Belle smiled. “I’ll let you three talk so more” Rachel exited the room. “Actually Geoff would you mind grabbing me a juice outside”

“Sure” Geoff nodded and left so Irene and Belle could talk. “First of all love, I’m so happy for you, twins is such a blessing. Secondly, I’d like to apologies for my behavior recently and I want you to know I’ve scheduled an appointment with a counsellor and I’ll attend group meetings which deal with alcoholics like me self”

“Irene, I’m so proud of you...I am, you’ve been so strong this ordeal with Lou...Donna and me going to rehab, I’m so sorry for what I put you through and I want you to know I’ll be here for you to support you through this. I love you”

“Aww darl, I love you too and I always will sweetheart. You know it’s important to understand that as rewarding as having two little ones is, it isn't always fun — caring for a baby is a huge responsibility and a lifelong commitment. You need to prepare yourself for the reality that you won't have as much time for the things as you used to do — that your life is about change and the baby will take priority”

“I know....and I’m preparing myself for it, knowing that you, Geoff......and Aden, will be there means everything to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys” Irene broke down in tears, “Aww darl, you and Geoff are gonna make a great team. I just know it”

“Thank you, I hope we do” Belle smiled, touching Irene’s face. Belle took a deep breath in, rubbing her stomach with her fingers, “Just sucks I can’t have sex, how am I gonna survive” Belle joked. “Oh darl, I’m sure you’ll live” Irene rolled her eyes. “We’ll have to wait and see” Belle said cheekily. “Did you hear what Rachel said, no putting things up there, which means girlie no masturbation either!” Irene teased. “Damn, how am I going to put up with my sex hormones going crazy?”

“Well love, put it this way with Aden out of the scene there isn’t temptation staring at you all the time”

“Yeah that’s true.... but when you’re pregnant you get so desperate to have sex, you’ll sleep with anyone, so I’ll probably end up sleeping with some loser”

Irene slapped Belle’s shoulder, “Who on earth told you that girly”

“Colleen” Belle laughed, “Oh so now you’re listening to miss big mouth”

“Okay, I’ll shut up now” Belle smiled again. “Good idea,. Just make sure you listen to what Rachel told you because you want to do everything in your power to protect those little ones you’re creating there. Anyway love, I’m gonna head off now I promised Leah I’d give her a hand this afternoon with work, and you going to be okay?”

Belle nodded, “Are you sure, cuz I can tell her I can’t go”

“Irene please, go to work, I’ll be fine” Irene hugged Belle, “Alright girlie...”

“But can you do me one favour?” Belle asked sweetly, “Anything”

“Can you think of some baby names while you’re working” Belle giggled. “Of course” Irene smiles then leaned over Belle kissing her on top of her head, “Love you”

“Love you too” Irene waved goodbye to Belle.

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Thank you Mira, RR1, Bec, G & Amz89 - once again your comments keep me writing. Love you all :)

I am perfectly happy being his friend, in fact I love it...I just have this incredible urge to kiss him that doesn't go away…and this feeling that we would be perfect together. Unknown.

"Lily, Liam, Lucy, Lee, Lola, Lou...." Geoff said out loud as he read a baby name book. "Geoff...please" Belle covered her ears with a pillow. "Belle we're going to have two babies, two, we need to start getting prepared" Geoff insisted looking back at the book.

"Geoff, I'm only 19 weeks in, please, enough with the baby names" Belle moaned. "Belle we need to take this seriously, do you want our children to be named after fruit?"

"No" Belle hissed. "Well then, I think it's about time we discussed baby names"

"Geoff please, I know you want to support me through this but please, I'm moody, my sex drive is increasing every second, I really don't feel like discussing baby names with you right now" Geoff closed the book. "Mmmk, we can just talk about sex" Geoff teased, Belle moaned, "Aw, I was only mucking around Belle"

"Well it's not funny; you're not the one who can't have sex for nine months!" Belle snapped acting like a child who wanted a pony she couldn't have. "Going without sex for nine months is not a big deal, get over it" Geoff rolled his eyes, "That's because your a Christian, you've been raised to survive without the need of sex, I haven't...so if you discuss sex one more time, I'll kick you in the balls so you wont be able to reproduce or have sex"

"Alright, alright, I'll shut up" Geoff quickly said, he knew Belle wouldn't hesitate to inflict pain on him in order to seek revenge. Belle put the pillow back on the couch and stood up she walked over to the back door, but Geoff stood in front of it, "Um Geoff do you mind, I have somewhere I need to be"

"What about what Rachel said" Geoff crossed his arms, "What about Rachel" Belle tried to get passed. "Rachel said you need plenty of bed rest and you want to go out, I don't think so"

"Geoff, I love you, but there's something I need to be" Geoff moved to the side stopping Belle from getting passed. "Geoff please I need to see someone"

"I'm not letting you go" Geoff said without giving up. "I know you want to protect me but I really need to see Aden, he looked really upset yesterday"

"I don't care, you're not going anywhere" Geoff tighten his grip on his shoulders. "Hey look, someone is burning a bible outside!" Belle shouted pointing outside. "Do I really look that stupid?"

"Is that a trick question?" Belle giggled. "Look....if I kiss you, will you let me go?"

"No..." Geoff paused, "I'll never let you go Belle" he whispered closely into her ear, "Because I love you.....but you can go see Aden if you want, but I want you back here in thirty minutes!"

"I will I promise, miss you" Belle blew a kiss. "Miss you too" Geoff said quietly. Belle finally walked out the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Aden?" Belle knocked twice of his door, she waited. "Belle..." Aden opened the door, surprised to see her out of the house. "Can I come in, we need to talk" Belle looked at Aden, Aden could see it was a serious matter, and he knew it would most likely have something to do with their relationship. "Um actually, I'm kind of busy at the moment"

"Please Aden, I don't think Geoff is going to let me out of the house after today, it's a once off"

"Yeah I know......so you can leave now, I'm busy" Aden said in a quite tone. "No, you just don't want to see me" Belle said with tears in her eyes. "Yeah you're right, I don't want to see you, I don't want to have anything to do with you....ever again Belle" Aden lied; he always got defensive when he had to face the idea of losing Belle. Whatever hurtful words he had to say to the love of his life to push her away, he would say no matter how cruel the words were. He didn't want to feel pain anymore. It hurt to look at Belle knowing she would be in the arms of another.

Cover my eyes

Cover my ears

Tell me these words are a lie

It cant be true

That I'm losing you

The sun cannot fall from the sky

"I wanted to see if you were alright, you...didn't seem yourself at the hospital" Belle struggled to hide her tears by blinking frequently, hoping they would dry up.

"I'm fine..." Aden lied again. "You're not fine Aden....please I just want to help"

"No you just want to make sure you're okay, because in your heart you know what you did was wrong and now you're paying the price Belle, you get to have two miniature Geoff's running around. Oh the joy....you must be real proud of yourself"

Belle could not longer blink as much, allowing the tears to escape her eyes. "Aden...I never wanted this, I'm sorry, I....I wish we could go back in time"

Stop every clock

Stars are in shock

The river will flow to the sea

I wont let you fly

I wont say goodbye

I wont let you slip away from me

"Yeah but we can't can we, what's done is done, now you have to face the repercussions of your actions"

"I know..." Two tears slowly made there way down her left cheek, she wiped them away with the side of her hand. "I hate this...I hate not knowing what could have been....what our future would have been like"

Aden sighed almost in tears himself now, "Well I would have married you for one"

"You would have asked me...." Belle was touched and heart broken. "Yeah, I wanted to make you my wife Belle...."

"I would have said yes" Belle whispered, squeezing a tear out of her eyes.

Aden cut her off, "But it's too late for us, you love Geoff, I see the way you look at him now, it's the way you use to look at me"

Can you hear heaven cry

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel...

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel.

"That's not true Aden....I'll always love you....I still do...." Belle insisted, tears flowing harder now.

"You can't have both of us Belle, it's me or Geoff, and it's as simple as that"

"No..." Belle didn't want to let go. "I have to go now" Aden touched the side of the door ready to pull it shut. "No Aden...no....." Belle clung to his side. Aden pulled her off of him, "We can't be friends.....our relationship is end, our relationship is extinct, it simply does not exist anymore"

"Why can't we be friends, why can't you be my friend" Belle sobbed, struggling for breath. "I'm sorry, it's just too hard to look at you"

"Because I'm ugly, and soon I'll be as fat as a whale, I understand why would anyone want to look at me"

"No that's not what I mean....Belle each day you're getting more and more gorgeous, pregnant or not, you'll always be beautiful in my eyes. I love you, but this is good bye."

Aden slowly pulled the door, "Bye" Belle whispered as a tear slid down stopped at the crease under her eye.

So hold on

Be strong

Everyday on we'll go

I'm here, don't you fear

Lyrics: RyanDan- Tears of an Angel

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Thank you to RR1, G, Bec, Amz89. I love reading your reviews :P

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”

Bruce Lee

“Geoff, Geoff, Geoff” Belle called through her tears. “Fine, don’t answer me” But it seemed was not home. Belle removed her clothing in the bathroom, lifting her feet over to get into the shower, pulling across the shower curtain.

“Belle...” Geoff walked down the stairs, “Belle....are you home?” Geoff looked around the living room, then he shrugged. As Belle didn’t answer Geoff’s call, he decided to check her room, not there. “B...” Geoff walked into the bathroom, the shower curtain was open a little bit, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE??? HAVE YOU HEARD OF KNOCKING?” Belle shouted covering herself with her hands. “Ahhh, I’m so sorry Belle” Geoff stood still covering his eyes with his hands. “Stop looking!” Belle yelled back at him. “I’m not” But Geoff could still see through the cracks of his fingers. “Yes you are” Belle hissed at him, still standing naked in the shower. “Well, it’s not like I haven’t seen this before”

“Yeah, because you’ve walked into the shower with me in it before, Jesus Geoff, you really are a perv”

“I am not, look, I’m sorry, it was a mistake” Geoff started to burn up in the face and decided it was best to now leave. “Geoff” Belle called to him. “Don’t leave” Belle whispered followed by a giggle. Geoff turned around his eyes uncovered, “What?” Geoff was astounded. “Come here” She said in a seductive tone. Then Geoff really look a good look at Belle, “Hey B...have you been crying?” he noticed her eyes were red. “A bit” Belle admitted as she removed her hands from her private parts. “Geoff, please, come here...” Belle whispered again, the shakiness of her voice was evident as she tried not to think back to her conversation with Aden. “What’s wrong” His hands wrapped around her naked waist. “Make me forget” Belle’s lips pressed against his ears, “Okay..” his breathing pattern increased faster and faster. “You won’t be needing this” Her hands slid up underneath his shirt and gradually removed it, “But we can’t....remember what ...” Geoff froze as he remembered the importance of not poisoning anything in her area.

“Yes, I know we can’t.... but that doesn’t mean we can’t fool around” Belle teased as she giggled. “Sounds like fun”

“Oh so you do know the meaning of fun, that’s good...” His lips pressed against hers, as they opened and closed their lips against each other, their hands were entwined. “This is.....crazy” Geoff’s mouth turned into a massive smile. “Why is it crazy?”

“How did I end up with you as my girlfriend?” He looked deeply into her eyes, searching for the reasons behind her love for him. “So I’m your girlfriend, am I?” Belle asked as if it were a threat. “Ahhh no, I mean if you don’t want to be my girlfriend I understand, it’s just we’re having twins together I just thought it would be logical to...” Belle’s lips pressed against his again, “Shut it bible boy, I was only teasing, I want to be with you..”

“I want to be with you too” He smiled at her, he stroked her face with his thumb. “Aden doesn’t know what he has just lost”

“I’m pretty sure he knows’ Belle pulled a sad expression. “Sorry...I shouldn’t have brought that up” Geoff said guiltily. “No it’s fine...now stop ruining the moment and kiss me before I change my mind” She smiled.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” Nicole spotted Aden on the floor of Roman’s living room, holding a beer bottle. “Heeeeeey” Aden greeted Nicole drunkenly. “Aden it’s 1pm and you’re drunk, great”

“I’m not drrrrruuunnnkkk” Aden slurred almost falling over even though he was seated on the floor. “She’s dump me, can’t you believe it, she dumped me, me!”

“Um okay” Nicole snatched the beer bottle out of his hand. “Heey, that’s miiiiiiine” Aden moped. “Well it’s mine now”

“Too bad, cuz it’s empty” Aden smiled proudly. ‘How terrible” Nicole rolled her eyes. “Come on, time for bed mister” Nicole took hold of Aden’s right hand, attempting to pull him up.

“No, I want to stay here” Aden pulled back, forcing Nicole to fall forwards. “You know what you can sleep now here, I don’t care”

“Or better yet you can sleep on me...I mean with me...whatever you want to go I’ll take you there baby” Aden blew a kiss. “You are seriously drunk”

“I am whoever you want me to be baby” Aden smirked, wiping away a drop of spit on his chin. “You’re so gross”

“Come on you know you want me” Aden teased. “Maybe I do, but not like this...”

Aden sighed aggravated, ‘I can do so much better than bible boy”

“Huh?” Nicole asked not understanding what Aden was going on about until it hit her, “Oh...yeah, you can you’re so much better than Geoff, at well you know...”

“How can you be sure... unless I refresh your memory” Aden offered still with a dumb smile of his face, “No Aden, the first time was a mistake”

“Who cares, Belle broke up with me, we can do whatever we want” Aden waved his hand in front of his face.

“Sorry Aden, I can’t...it wouldn’t be right....I’m going to bed, night” Nicole walked away leaving Aden to crumple to the floor.

“Mmmm, I feel so refreshed” Belle came out of the shower, fully clothed with Geoff’s arms around her waist. “You got that right” Geoff said if he were in another world.

Geoff snapped out of his dreamy state. Geoff was very cautious with Belle. The doctor had strictly advised bed rest and Geoff was going to make sure Belle did. “Alright, that’s enough of us fooling around, it’s time for you to go and get some rest”

“Nooo....I don’t feel like it” Belle said childishly wanting more affection from Geoff. “No, you need to lie down, now, go” Geoff pointed to her room. “No”

“You are so stubborn you know that, fine...how about we watch a movie together, that way you’re resting while you’re being entertained”.

“Aww what no strip tease”

Geoff pulled his hands off Belle’s waist, folding his arms, “No....now do you want to watch a movie with me or not”. Belle let out a deep breath, “Fine”

“Oh god, oh god, Geoff, Geoff” Belle clung to Geoff’s chest. “What you said you were okay with watching this film” Geoff had put on a horror film. “Yeah well, this is scarier than I thought” Belle squeezed her eyes shut. “Awww, you’re scared” Geoff was the one now teasing. “I am not” Belle opened one of her eyes only to squeeze it shut again. “Ha-ha, yeah, you’re scared” Geoff smiled finding it cute. “Shut up....” Belle mumbled. “It’s okay, I’ll protect you Belle, if any zombies come through that door, I’ll straighten them out”

“Oh I feel so much safer now, so relived I have my night and shinning amour here” Belle laughed as she stared deep into his beautiful eyes, “I love you” Belle whispered. “Love you too” Geoff played with Belle’s fingers. “You’re gonna be such a great daddy” Belle giggled. “I won’t be as good at parenting as you”

“We’ll see”

“You’re starting to show a fair bit down” Geoff touched her belly soothingly. “Are you calling me fat Geoff Campbell?”

“No....” Geoff quickly regretted his words. “I mean ..I find it....quite sexy” Belle looked at him doubtfully, “To think that two of us are inside there.... busily been made. It’s incredible”

Belle let out a small laugh, her eyes begun to water, “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing, but I’m terrified”

“Why .... I know you are gonna be the best mother these babies could possibly imagine”

“Do you really mean that?” Belle asked again, the message still not sinking in. “Absolutely”

Geoff was the first one to press their lips together this time, “Will you stay with me tonight” Belle whispered. “For sure”

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Thank you RR1, Bec, G, & Mira. Once again you're messages of support have given me motivation to keep writing, so thank you! It's also appreciated when someone reads this fic and leaves a comment. It means a lot :P

We can never really change someone; people must change themselves. But we can help. We can be a resource. We can nurture, encourage and support. - Stephen R. Covey

The next day Belle and Geoff decided to have breakfast at the diner as a treat, “Oh pet, have you learned the baby’s gender yet” Colleen came over to where Geoff and Belle were seated. “Ahh no Colleen, Geoff and I haven’t even seen the babies yet”

“Oh well you know what they say, if it’s a boy your right breast is bigger than your left and you don’t experience any morning sickness in the first trimester! But if it’s a baby girl, well then, your left breast is bigger than your right and you also sleep on the right side”

“Hey Colleen my left breast is bigger than my right, does that mean I’m going to have a girl?” Geoff mocked Colleens’ old wife’s tale. Belle gave him a look of death, “He’s just joking Colleen”

“Well anyway, good luck with the ultra sound, such an amazing experience, seeing the little one for the first time”

“Little ones, two Colleen” Geoff corrected. “You look very good by the way, keeping in shape is the most important thing you can do for a baby”

“Ah Colleen, I thought it was making sure the baby is protected no matter what, isn’t that the important thing?”

“Geoff. Yes Geoff and I are very excited about seeing them for the first time, we’re actually going to go next week” Belle informed Colleen, although Colleen was a gossip, she had feelings like every other human being, and Belle didn’t like it when people deliberately put people down.

“Colleen, can you please give us a hand in here” Leah called from the kitchen, getting impatient as she watched Colleen gossip with Geoff and Belle. “Oh well, I better get back to it, congratulations once again, it’s just wonderful!” Colleen hovered away.

- - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - -- - - -- - - -- - - -- - - -- -

“Belle...what are you doing?” Geoff stared at Belle, wondering what she was doing. Geoff was sitting on Belle’s bed working on a maths assignment.

Belle squished her breasts together, releasing them she glanced at the right then left then right, as she tried to determine which breast was bigger. “Damn it, they are both the same size”

“What are you going on about now” Geoff sighed. “Remember what Colleen said about discovering the babies’ gender”

“That’s just a myth!” Geoff snapped his eyes back on his assignment. “But still, neither one is bigger than the other, they are the same size” Belle jiggled them together, squeezing one than the other, trying to determine the difference.

‘That’s how they should be!” Geoff complained, raising his voice over Belle’s. Belle sighed with frustration, “Look do you want to know the sex of the babies?” Geoff questioned sick and tired of Belle’s antics. “No...” Belle said in whimper. “Well then stop measuring the side of your breasts and focus your energy in something positive”

“You’re just jealous I can touch this whenever I want” Belle squeezed her breasts together again. “Would you stop doing that!” Geoff said with embarrassment evident in his voice. “You can always give me a massage if you like” Belle winked at him. “I’m not...seriously Belle, grow up and stop thinking so dirty” Geoff went back to focusing on his assignment but then reconsidered Belle’s offer. “I don’t think there’s any harm in giving those a massage, it would probably do more good than harm...” Geoff bluffed working his way to the goal. “Absolutely, they really need a good rub” Belle giggled. “You’re so dirty Belle, you know that”

“And that’s a problem because...come on we’re in my room, no one will be watching....well I might be” Belle grinned watching Geoff’s eyes open wider. “You know you want too, I know how you dream of me every night, and it’s your fantasy come true, why waste it?”

“Alright....alright, just stop talking...! Are you sure it’s okay for me to...” Geoff hesitated again, but he couldn’t help but look at her breasts. “Feel” Belle grabbed his hand and allowed him to touch her breast. Geoff squeezed it once, “You know these look a lot bigger than a few months ago”

“Geoff... Are you calling me fat again?” Belle pretended to be hurt by his comment. “No...I mean, I like that they’re bigger...... bigger is better” He said his words carefully.

Belle burst into laughter, “Can you just get on with this massage I really need it, my breasts are so sore”

“Okay” Geoff began to softly rub them, then Belle fell back into her bed, Geoff climbed on top of her in a sort of sitting position, he continued to rub them. “Mmm....nice”

“Belle, love, are you home?” Irene called, Belle jumped up with a fright. “Shh” Belle whispered as Geoff chuckled. “Belle?” Irene called a little bit louder, “Coming....stay here”

“Oh hi love, I know you’re probably resting but would you mind tidying up the kitchen for me, I’m going to cook a feast tonight and I need plenty of space to prepare the meal”

“Sure no problem” Belle started to tidy the kitchen bench, “Oh darl, if it’s too much you can let me do it, I’ve just go to make a few phone calls, I don’t know how long they will take though...” Irene felt bad for her request. “Oh no, it’s no problem, I’m been bored out of my mind....”

“Yeah, it’s not like Geoff’s keeping you entertain, not while he’s busy with his assignments” Irene was oblivious to Geoff and Belle’s “message” that had taken place just before she arrived home. “Ahh...yeah, he hasn’t really paid much attention to me lately” Belle lied, as she thought back to the shower encounter. “Well that’s not right, that boy should be taking care of you”

“Oh he is...I mean he has been studying a lot lately, we haven’t had time to you know...bond” Belle lied again. “Mmm...just make sure that boy doesn’t shut you go completely”

Irene walked over to the phone and began to dial. The next thing Irene heard was a crashing sound, “Belle....oh Belle” Irene rushed to Belle who was unconsciousness on the floor. “Belle?” Geoff heard Irene’s cries. “Geoff....what....are you doing here” Irene said not expecting Geoff to be in Belle’s room. “Oh my gosh, Belle wake up...quick Geoff call 000” Irene panicked. “Um hi yeah...she won’t wake up...okay” Geoff’s heart pounded fast as he watched his girlfriend still not responding to Irene’s call.

“What happened?” Belle opened her eyes to see she was in the hospital. “You fainted” Geoff replied looking at her sympathetically. “Oh...” Then Rachel walked into the room holding a few sheets of paper with Belle’s results on it.

“Okay, we’ve run a few tests and come to the conclusion that Belle iron levels are extremely low and need to be maintained”

“Oh dear...” Irene put her hands to her face, shocked and worried for Belle. “So you need to make sure you’re eating plenty of foods which have iron in it, its critical Belle” Rachel advised. “Okay” Belle said quietly, feeling tired and feeling guilty for not looking after herself properly. “Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of water”

“Okay” Belle nodded. “Now..rest” Geoff stay Belle down on the couch as they arrived home. “Geoff, please I’m not a baby”

“No what you haven’t been looking after yourself properly, so I need to make sure that you are” Geoff said anxiously covering Belle with a blanket. “Darl, I know this is bad timing, but I need to run down to the store to pick up another packet of rice, we’ve run out...and Geoff has a training session with Tony”

“Oh that can wait, I’ll stay here with Belle” Geoff offered. “Geoff, that’s really sweet, but I think Tony will kill you if you don’t go to this session, you’ve already missed quite a few”

“She’s right darl, I’ll only be five minutes” Geoff was uncertain to leave Belle, “Alright...” he agreed. “Bye” Geoff leaned over and kissed Belle. “I’ll see you soon” Belle smiled, sad that he was leaving.

“Bye darl” Irene called as Geoff and Irene left together, Belle put her head back against the couch, “Alone...Alone..” Belle snivelled.

“Hello....” A familiar voice called to Belle. “Aden” Belle’s eyes lit up, delighted to see him. “I thought you didn’t want to see me after everything”

“Yeah well, we needed to talk, plus I missed you” Aden admitted, sitting down on the couch beside her, Aden admired her beauty as they glared at each other in silence. “Aden...I’m sorry for the way things ended between us I really am, but I really need you at a time like this, I’m really struggling”

“You’re doing just fine, look at you you’re glowing” Aden smiled at her, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, the touch didn’t feel awkward at all.

“No, I’m not Aden...I fainted today....” Belle admitted as her eyes started to water. “You what” Aden whispered shocked. “Yeah...I’m finding it hard to make sure that what I’m putting in my mouth is beneficial tot he baby and me, it’s hard to monitor everything I eat, I’ve never....I’ve never had to before, I just ate what I felt like...and now ....now I have to make sure that I eat healthy foods, enriched with lots of vitamins....”

“Yeah but Belle, that’s easy, you’ll get use to it” Aden smiled. “No...but....I’m still finding it hard to do this... I feel like a different person Aden...my body is changing, my feelings are different....it’s just so overwhelming....I don’t think I can do this anymore, I just want the babies to be out of me, I’m tired Aden, I’m so tired, I’m tired of waiting....I just want this to be over and done with” Belle broke up into tears her face was now against Aden’s chest, Aden’s hands stroked her back, “Hey...shhh” he whispered. “I miss you too” Belle pulled away. “I know you do Belle, I know” He brushed another strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face. “Will you stay....please, I need you....I need you in my life Aden, I can’t imagine you not in my life....please” Belle begged, “Please Aden”

“I don’t know if I can...” Aden’s eyes began to water now. “Ad....ow...” Belle touched her stomach. “What” Aden jumped as he prepared to go into protection mode. “I....I think......one just kicked” Belle laughed. “Are you serious?” Aden mimicked her smile, “Yeah....oh, and again” She laughed with joy.

Aden watched as Belle felt her stomach, “Aden....feel” she whispered, Aden was uncertain but Belle pulled his Aden gently, his hand touched her stomach, “I don’t feel anything...” Aden shrugged. “No wait...” Belle spoke softly. “There...” Belle looked up at Aden, her eyes smiling. “Oh....oh my god....that’s...” Aden was left with no words. “I can’t believe this....” Belle and Aden circling her stomach awaiting another kick. “Must mean they are really there” Belle giggled, Aden’s smiled faded, “What?” Belle noticed immediately, “You know what....I shouldn’t be here......I have to go....” Aden stood up, “No wait Aden, please”

“Geoff should have been the one here not me”

“But you’re here, not Geoff...and I’m glad you are”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this”

“Yes you can, but you’re just too gutless and too stubborn to stay with me, to watch me go through this, you’re only taking into account your feelings in this situation, but Aden I meant what I said, I need you”

“WELL I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE” Aden yelled, Belle froze with shock, “Sorry”

“Aden, please....just put aside your feelings please, for my sake, I don’t want to lose you. You’re too good to lose”

“Okay....but just give me some time to clear my head” Aden said calmly and then left.

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