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The X Factor 2009

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^ Thanks Lesley, I was wondering about what will happen on Saturday, yeah, I read about some of the stuff what people were saying, on the digital spy forums for the X Factor, I know, I thought it was a bit harsh to say that aswell, I dont blame Louis for not appearing on Saturday, I mean going to a friends funeral who he's known for 16 years, so its understandable that he wont be there, & I'm sure his acts would too.

I read an interview that Louis gave for the Daily Mirror today, and he looks aboultly heartbroken, in the picture of him on the front of the paper.

My thoughts will be with him, Ronan, Keith, Mikey & Shane for Saturday.

I do think that on Sunday it will be either John & Edward that will go, or Rachel maybe.

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According to the mail online, I've just read that Louis will miss both Saturdays show, & Sundays results show

Yeah, I think it would be between John & Edward & Rachel, well I hope so anyway. I like the other acts, I hope its not Jamie either, will be intresting to see what sort of song Simon gives him, with it being Diva week, but I'm still looking forward to seeing him perform though, he & Olly have been my favourites from the start. Will be good to see Lucie & Stacey sing again, I think they are both really good aswell.

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Louis Walsh will not be at the X Factor this weekend

As the world of pop mourns the loss of Stephen Gately, a spokesperson for The X Factor released the following statement with regard to Louis’ attendance at this weekend’s live shows:

'Due to recent tragic events, Louis Walsh will not be appearing on either the Saturday or Sunday live The X Factor shows this weekend as he is attending Stephen Gately's funeral. Louis has been in close contact with his acts throughout the week, although his opinions will not be represented in the show this weekend.'

Our thoughts are with Stephen’s family and friends at this sad time

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I am stunned that the twins got through again - who on earth is voting for them? :huh: I don't particulary like Ricky but at least he can sing! God Cheryl was mad. I loved her when she was talking to Dermot and was like, 'How are John and Edward still in?' Brilliant :D

Whitney looked out of it which was disappointing. She's such an amazing singer but all everyone is going to be talking about is her drug addiction, which by the looks of things is still going on!

I heart Cheryl. I think she's fantastic and although she's not the best singer in the world, she put on a good show tonight. I love how real and down to earth she seems.

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^ ^ Just on what you said about Whitney, did you think Robbie looked out of it last week also?! :unsure:

Brilliant week! Sad to see Rikki go this week, I did like him. Personally I would have liked Rachel to go...I wasn't too mad about her singing "If I Were A Boy"

I love Lloyd and Joe! They are my favourites :)

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