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The X Factor 2009

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Louis wont be on the X Factor tonight

BOYZONE mentor Louis Walsh will NOT be appearing on X Factor tonight following the death of Stephen Gately.

Initially it looked as if the shellshocked manager would appear, as a tribute to his close friend.

But a spokeswoman has confirmed he has now pulled out.

She said: "Louis will not be appearing on tonight's X Factor. He thanks everyone for the messages of support at this sad time."

Walsh had said he believed Gately would have wanted him to be on the show supporting his acts.

A source close to the Boyzone manager said: "Stephen was a massive fan of the show.

"When Louis and Stephen were together for the last time on Monday they spoke in detail about X Factor."

Earlier we reported how police investigating the death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately said there were "no signs of suspicious circumstances" today.

A spokesman for the police in Spain said Gately died at 1.45pm yesterday in his house in Port Andratx, Majorca and added: "At the moment it is not known how he died.

"There are no signs of suspicious circumstances."

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It's the voting public at work again :lol: They would rather have to listen to 2 guys who can't sing a note every week rather than a talented group of girls who can sing and i bet the main reason behind their decission is the fact that the girls are EX- strippers or poledancers. People will be very narrow minded when it comes to something like that no mater how well they sing. It's a shame :(

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It's so stupid how they got through first, LOL though at Simon's face when they did. If good acts go before the good ones then this series will become a joke, will be surprised to see how the twins cope with it being Diva week this week.... LOL what will Whitney make of them! :blink:

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