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There are two that I read regularly, both written by the same team. Irregular Webcomic, which uses photographs of lego figures and RPG miniatures to tell about a dozen overlapping stories. The humour varies between biting political satire, parodies of movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, sophisticated and esoteric science jokes (usually explained by the cartoonist) and criminally bad puns. One of the best running gags is that every 100 strips the author does a bad hobbit pun.

My personal favourite is here, but it helps if you start from the start, going through all 2449 strips to catch up.

The other one is Darths and Droids, the premise of which is ingenious. Imagine a universe in which Star Wars never existed. Now imagine three boys, two girls and an as-yet androgynous GM, playing a tabletop RPG which is instantly recognisable as Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Meance. Basically the comic takes screen caps from Star Wars, includes speech bubbles with each of the players dialogue, and tells the story with alterations as the players improvise the whole thing. At the moment, they're about halfway through Attack of the Clones. Check it out here

There's another comic that I'm working through at the moment: El Goonish Shive. Basically it's a sci-fi comedy-drama about eight teenagers and what happens when they have access to technology that lets them change gender and turn into human-animal hybrids. Again, you have to check it out from the start if at all, and given that the comic's been going since 2002, you'd need a fair bit of time on your hands.

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^ Cool, I'll check it out.

I've managed to catch up on El Goonish Shive and I am loving it. While it helps to start at the start, I'll provide you this page as a sample of the kind of humour. It doesn't require much context, other than that Tedd has a gun created from alien technology to change his appearance.

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