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Story Title: Captivated

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Geoff & Aden

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst – Slash

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Slash, mild SC

Summary: It had been Aden’s idea to get the beer. Geoff never had any intention of drinking it.


It had been Aden’s idea to get the beer. Geoff never had any intention of drinking it. But somehow here they both were surrounded by empty beer bottles in the middle of the afternoon in Irene’s living room. Geoff was sprawled over the two seater lounge while Aden was sitting cross-legged on the adjacent lounge chair. With one final swig he finished the stubby and sighed contentedly. Geoff took a matching gulp at his drink, while watching as Aden leant across to the coffee table where they had arranged the stockpile of beer, and exchanged his empty beer bottle for a full one.

It seemed like this had been the worst day on record for both (now drunken) parties.

Geoff had discovered that his first and proper girlfriend had a control freak for a mother and had now taken police action against him to keep him away from her. Geoff thought love was supposed to be easy. Something that happened naturally. From what he remembered of his parents he always saw them happy, cuddling in the kitchen or smiling brightly as they watched him play on the swing set at the park. This is what Geoff had always imaged being in love to be like. He did not envisage his girlfriend’s mother threatening him every time he wanted to spend time with her daughter. And it wasn’t like Geoff had a reputation. He didn’t have any black marks next to his name that could warrant this type of adverse reaction. Now, he was just confused. Realising things are not as simple as they appear to be.

Aden was similarly pining after someone he couldn’t have. The back and forth banter between the two of them had been cute and fun at first, now it was driving him nuts. Why couldn’t he just tell her how he felt? Because he was a coward, that’s why. You can’t just go up to a girl and tell her how you feel, it makes you look like an idiot. That is what his brother always used to tell him. He had decided that the best plan was to try and forget all about her. Aden had visited the bottle shop in Yabbie Creek and stocked up on alcoholic beverages. They were supposed to last him a couple of days, but on his way back to his place he saw Geoff moping on the beach. It seemed Geoff needed cheering up just as much as he did.

Aden and Geoff definitely weren’t friends. Acquaintances, was a more applicable term. But somehow once they had each consumed their first beers the awkward silence seemed to disappear. The buzz from the alcohol seemed to take over.

“I think maybe we should stop drinking, Aden,” Geoff said wearily, inspecting the empty bottles.

“Suck it up, Campbell,” he said, closing his eyes and savouring the alcohol as he took another gulp of the juice.

“But what if Irene comes home and sees all this?”

“Chill out, man. It’s all good,” he looked over at the other young man’s worried face, “I’ll just tell her that I drank it all if it makes you feel better.”

“Thanks,” Geoff replied sheepishly, following Aden’s lead and taking another gulp of the cool liquid.

“Why are you so depressed anyway?” Aden asked suddenly, “I thought things were all good on the Campbell front.”

“Yeah, everything is peachy keen,” Geoff said sarcastically, “I finally get my first girlfriend and her mother wants to kill me.”

“Aww, poor Geoffrey.”

“I mean, I haven’t even done anything wrong!”

“No offence, Geoff, but you’re not exactly the most experienced guy out there. I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t control yourself,” Aden said in all seriousness.


“You know,” Aden said with a smirk, “If you got a little too excited.”

“Excited about what?”

“God, Geoff,” Aden said with a chuckle, “Do I really have to spell it out?” Geoff looked back blankly, “Did you have trouble keeping you little friend in check?”

Aden waited, carefully examining Geoff’s face. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively before flitting his eyes down to the crotch of Geoff’s pants then returning to his face. He waited, listening as if he could hear the cogs turning inside his mind. Slowly, Geoff’s eyes widened, his mouth forming a distinct O shape,

“No!” Aden smirked at Geoff’s reply, “No, definitely not.”

Geoff sat back uneasily in the lounge, before realising he had left his legs spread open in front of him. There wasn’t anything remotely suggestive about it, but Geoff was suddenly extremely self-conscious. He saw the look of glee on Aden’s face as he snapped his legs together and sat up straight. His knees were now pressed together so tightly that his whole legs were beginning to feel the strain. But he didn’t want to relax, not yet. Not while Aden still had the mental image of his ... pants region. He avoided his eyes and distracted himself by draining his beer.

Aden was enjoying watching Geoff squirm. Maybe it was selfish, but Aden suddenly felt a lot better by recognising Geoff’s naivety. His sudden inability to get the girl that he wanted was nothing compared to what Geoff was going through. This thought gave him some comfort.

He continued to stare at him, the corner of his mouth turned up into a closed-lip smile. Geoff avoided his eye, taking more care than was necessary to place his now empty bottle next to the others on the table in front of them. His legs were strained under the pressure of keeping them securely together. His eyes darted from Aden’s face, to the corner of the table, to the tv on the opposite side of the room (that was turned off), and back to Aden’s face.

Geoff finally snapped,

“Can we talk about something else, please?”

“What would you like to discuss?” Aden asked in a mock-serious tone.

“I, I don’t know,” Geoff stuttered, “Anything but –”

“Your boner.”

“I didn’t have a ...” Geoff suddenly hushed his voice, “That.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact I would be starting to get worried if you have never had one before.”

Geoff became quiet once more.

“I haven’t even kissed her,” he muttered, looking down at his feet.

“So?” Aden asked, “So, you haven’t kissed her yet. You’ll get there eventually.”

Geoff just shrugged. Aden watched as he shifted uneasily on the plush lounge. Suddenly it dawned on Aden,

“It’s not that you haven’t kissed her is it? You haven’t kissed any girls, have you?”

Geoff didn’t reply, his silence was golden to Aden, but he wasn’t going to let Geoff off the hook that easily,

“Unless you got some action from some of those cows down on the farm, Geoffrey,” Aden taunted him, “Care to share?”

“Ok, fine,” Geoff said with a sad sigh, “I haven’t kissed a girl. It’s not like I haven’t wanted too, it’s just, I haven’t had the opportunity.”

“So, you’re a kissing virgin,” Aden stated, resisting the urge to burst out laughing.

By this stage, Geoff had turned a bright shade of crimson. This could have either been due to the high level of embarrassment he now felt by admitting his own inexperience to another male, or due to the amount of alcohol he had now consumed which he was not used to. Or possibly a combination of the two.

“Listen mate, it’s not a big deal.”

“Yes it is! I’m seventeen and had virtually had no contact with the opposite sex,” Geoff complained with a hint of a whine in is voice.

“What about the same sex?” Aden questioned. He cocked his head to one side, raising his eyebrow coyly.

“What?!” Geoff exclaimed.

“Look, no need to get so antsy. It was only a simple question,” Aden replied calmly, “You said you hadn’t had an interaction with the opposite sex, so I was wondering about the same sex.”

“No!” Geoff said adamantly, “No, definitely not.”

“So, you wouldn’t be up for it?”

There was a moment of silence as Geoff attempted to process what Aden had suggested. Geoff looked over at Aden’s casual posture on the armchair. His fingers wrapped tightly around the neck of another empty stubby. He placed it down on the table, just on the corner, letting it clink with the one next to it. Geoff shifted uneasily in the lounge, trying to subtly increase the distance between himself and Aden. He was sure that Aden liked girls, but even so, the suggestion took him by surprise. He couldn’t be serious, could he?

“Look Aden,” Geoff began slowly, “I know you’re going through a tough time at the moment –“

“Got nothing to do with it,” Aden interjected.

“Then what has it got to do with?”

“I asked a simple question,” Aden said with a smirk, “And I am yet to receive I simple answer.”

“Well, that’s because there is nothing to answer to. We have both clearly had too much to drink to even be thinking straight.”

“Apart from the fact, that we both know you’re a virgin, and due to the psycho you’ve adopted as your girlfriend’s mother, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting any action any time soon. So I would actually consider my offer.” Aden reached both his hands above his head and stretched. Geoff noticed the way his muscles flexed, and the way his shirt lifted to reveal just a hint of his stomach. He closed his eyes quickly. He knew it was wrong to even think about it.

In an instant Aden was stumbling from his arm chair over the lounge. The alcohol in his system affected his balance considerably, causing him to stagger only two feet towards Geoff, before collapsing next to him on the plush sofa. Casually, Aden slipped his arm along the top of the lounge, behind Geoff’s head. He watched as Geoff slowly opened his eyes, feeling Aden’s presence beside him.

“Aden,” he began unsurely, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just getting comfy,” he replied, wiggling himself into the cushions.

“You know this is crazy,” Geoff said, “It goes against everything I believe in. If Irene comes home we will both be in so much trouble.”

“Stop rambling, Campbell,” Aden snapped, “No one is going to be home. And if they do, then so what?”

“So, what? Aden I’m choosing to believe that it is the alcohol talking right now, because you are crazy for Belle.”

“Belle schmelle,” Aden replied, leaning closer into Geoff, “She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. So what have I got to lose?”

Aden was so close that Geoff could see the stubble on his chin and just above his lips. He could smell the beer on his breath and a hint of salt on his skin. Ever so slightly, Aden closed the gap between them, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on Geoff. There was so little space between them that they were practically breathing the same air, he could hear the unsteady beating of Geoff’s heart under his plaid shirt.

“Do you still want to be a virgin, Geoff?” Aden whispered, before closing his eyes.

In an instant there was a rush of cool wind as Geoff bolted up from the lounge and pressed himself against the far wall, by the front door. Aden’s eyes fluttered open to see a stunned Geoff, panting heavily and staring at him like he had two heads. He burst out laughing, throwing his head back and leaning back into the lounge.

“Oh man,” Aden said in between chuckles, “You should have seen the look on your face!”

“That’s not funny, Aden!” Geoff exclaimed, leaning heavily against the wall. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut as the room began to spin. He could feel the beer swirling in his stomach, making its way up into his head. His own heart was pounding against his skull like a base drum, even though there was no other music. He was sure he was going to pass out or vomit. Geoff managed to gulp down some slow, deep breaths before opening his eyes once more.

Aden had finally contained his joy, but a crooked grin was still on his lips. At least he had stopped laughing.

“I knew you were too much of a coward to even have a bit of fun. You’re always so serious. Why don’t you just lighten up?” Aden said, resting his head back on the lounge and closing his eyes. He slouched into the cushions, letting the affect of the alcohol take over and numb his brain. “Bible boy’s always so serious,” he slurred.

Geoff watched, still firmly planted on the opposite side of the room, as Aden’s breathing began to slow, the smile on his face disappearing. His chest rose and fell in a steady beat as Aden drifted off, and Geoff was the only one left completely conscious.

One step at a time Geoff crept across the room back towards the lounge where Aden was now dozing. As soon as he started to move his head began to buzz and spin once more. He collapsed onto the two-seater lounge beside Aden, is arm brushing against Aden’s body. Geoff held his breath for a moment, waiting for Aden to wake up. But he didn’t rouse.

Sighing, Geoff found his drunken eyelids wandering over Aden’s sleeping body. The way his toned abdomen was visible through his thin t-shirt. The way he could just see the top of his underwear poking out over the top of his jeans. The way his hand was laying flat over his stomach, while his other arm was still draped along the top of the lounge. The way his lips were perfectly pink, relaxed, and slightly open as the air was sucked in and out.

Geoff found himself breathing in time with Aden. Every time Aden inhaled, so did Geoff. When he let the breath out, Geoff did the same, but his eyes never left his lips.

He was captivated.

Once his eyes locked on their shape, their colour he wanted to know more. Needed to know more. To figure out what they would feel like on his own, if they were to just – . No. Geoff knew he couldn’t think like that. But the more he told himself that he shouldn’t. He couldn’t. He mustn’t. The more he wanted to. Just for a moment, to have his lips touching Aden’s.

Leaning forward slowly, taking care to ensure Aden’s breathing remained steady, Geoff hovered above. Then he carefully brushed his lips against Aden’s, ever so softly, that Aden barely noticed.

They were soft, slightly cooler than Geoff’s, and Geoff wanted more.

This time he pressed his own lips on top of Aden’s. Amazed at the way his mouth sealed in his breath. He closed his eyes, savouring the taste of beer, salt and something that Geoff couldn’t name. Something that was just ... Aden.

Almost as if on reflex, Aden began to kiss back. His eyes still shut; he brought his hand away from his stomach and cupped Geoff’s jaw, pulling the boy closer to his body.

With every kiss, every touch, Geoff became more aware of what he was doing. Where Aden’s body was, the way it moved beneath him, the way his hand drifted to the back of his neck, tugging at his hair. He responded each time with more force, more eagerness. It was as though he knew this was not going to last, and needed to savour everything he possibly could.

They were both breathless when they pulled away. Geoff opened his eyes to see Aden’s staring back at him. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, his lips now bright red, and his eyes gleaming.

“You’re not a virgin now, Campbell,” Aden murmured.



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