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When She Was You

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Amanda knocked on Jake's front door. He answered it.

"What are you doing here" he said stepping outside and closing the door quetly behind him.

"So much for studying at Wolfie's. What have you got another girl in there?" Amanda

"No, you can't be here" he told her

"And i know for a fact that that burn on your arm came from a car cigarette lighter. So tell me whats going it" Amanda demanded

"Look, this is a mistake" he said

"Whats a mistake?"

"You and me having this baby" he told her

"But i thought..."

"I changed my mind. Don't come around here anymore" he told her and shut the door.


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Jake grabbed Amanda by the arm

"What are you doing?" she snapped breaking free of his grip

"You were right" he replied

"About what?"

"The burn is from a car cigarette lighter"

"I know" she said

"My black eye is from being hit with a brick a few times, this burn on my back is from a red hot poker a this is from a pocket knife" he told her

She lifted up his sleeve a loked at the cut.

"Who did this?" she asked

"My dad, so excuse me for avoiding you but i was only being tortured" he told her

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier because i can deal with psycho dads" she said

"Not this one" he replied

"What does that mean?"

"My last girlfriend, Vicky, well dad raped and bashed her and left her for dead, i didn't want that to happen to you"

"You never told that" Amanda said

"Yeah, Joel says i shouldn't blame myself but i do" he told her

"You can stay with me and Harley tonight" Amanda said


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Amanda and Jake layed on Amanda's bed discussing names

"Alyssa" Amand said "I like that name"

"Alyssa the pisser" Jake replied

"Fine then what about Josaphine" she said

"Josaphine the flying machine up she goes" Jake mocked

"What about Daisy"

"Lazy Daisy" he said

"Lazy daisy?, you just made that up" she said

"Yeah well if i can think of it other people can"

"Cassie?" she said

"Sassy Cassie" he replied

"Well what do you like?" she asked

"Lindsey" he told her

"I don't like t5hat name and seeing it my body i should choose" Amanda said

"I was the who did all the heavy lifting that n..." Jake stopped mid sentance

"Finish that sentance and this will be the last baby you'll ever have" Amanda told him


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Jake sat in a cafe reading while waiting for Amanda. He noticed a group og girls looking at him then giggling.

One started to walk over

"Hey" she said

Jake made a little peace sign.

"I'm Cody, is this seat taken" she said sitting down.

"It is now" Jake replied

"What are you reading?" Cody asked

"Brave new world" he said showing her the cover

"I like to read" she said

"I don't" he replied

"So why are you?" she asked

"It's for school" he told her

"Well, you look hot in that school uniform" Cody told him

"Thanks" he said putting his book down

"I was gonna go help give food to the poor wanna come?" Cody asked

"I'm actually waiting for my girlfriend"

"Well that answeres my next question" she said

CHAPTER 22 up soon

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Jake sat in class looking out the window at a father with two kids

"Mr Barry" the teacher said

"Mrs Sugarman" Jake replied

"Answer the question" Mrs Sugarman told him

"Romeo killed himself after finding out Juliet was dead because he couldn't screw her anymore" Jake replied

"You're shameless" Wolfie said sitting next to him

Jake looked over at Amanda who was smiling and shaking her head.

"Get out of my class" Mrs Sugarman said

"How do you expect me to lean anything if you kick me out all the time" Jake replied

"Just go" she said

"It was just a joke" Jake said

"Go" she repleated

"Bitch" Jake mumbled standing up

"Detention" she yelled after hearing what he said

He gave her the middle finger salute and slammed the door as he walked out it


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Jake grabbed plates from a table at Uncle Coffins Cafe

"You look hot in a apron" a girl said

Jake looked up and noticed it was Cody

"Didn't i tell you i had a girlfriend" Jake replied

"Nothing wrong with talking, besides i'm having a party friday night i was wondering if you want to come?" she asked

"You can bring your girlfriend if you like but i'd like it more if you left her a home" she continued shoving money into his belt

"I don't think so, i have plans" he said and walked back behind the counter

Harley walked in

"Hey Wolfie and i had a fight. I need a friend right now" Harley said

"Where's Amanda and Nancy" Jake asked

"Shopping for baby clothes, i thought you would have went with them" she told him

"I have to work, punishment for acting up at school" he replied

"Oooohhh, you poor thing" Harley teased

"Can i get you anything?" he asked

"Just a coke" she said

"You have a fan" Harley said

"What?" Jake asked

"There is a girl over there who is undressing someone over here with her eyes and i don't think it's me" Harley said

"Yeah, can you pretend your Amanda please" Jake asked

"What do you want me to do" she asked

"I don't know think of something" he said

She reached over and grabbed him by the back of his hair pushing his his head backward and licked bit him on the neck then kissed him.

"Is she watching?" Harley asked

"Yes" Jake replied


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