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When She Was You

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Jake saw Amanda, Nancy and a girl he didn't know sitting on the grass. He saw Nancy was crying.

"Hey who died?" he asked being smart.

They all looked at him.

"Oh my god, did someone really die?" Jake asked feeling bad.

"No Nancy's boyfriend dumped her" Amanda said

"Girls cry over the most silliest things" he said laying down next to Amanda.

"Got some for you" he told her

"What?" she asked

He gave a dandeline.

"Thanks" she said and smiled.

"He Jakey, who are your girlfriends" a kid asked

"This is Amanda, Nancy and a chick i've never met, girls this is Marcus and Wolfie"

The girl laying next to Nancy sat up and smiled

"I'm Harley Davidson" she said

"My parents are out of town for the week Nancy, Amanda and i were gonna have a girls night tonight. But i could make an exception and invite three boys. That's if you think you can handle us" Harley told them.

Jake looked at Amanda and they both smiled.

"Count us in" he said


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Wolfie was standing on the kitchen table while Marcus layed down. Wolfie tiped beer from his shoe into Marcus' mouth while Jake took photo's with polaroid camera.

Harley and Nancy cheered and banged hard on the table while Amanda raied her eyebrows.

Jake smiled

"That was disgusting on so many levels" Jake said still taking photos

He looked at Amanda who wasn't enjoying herself.

He smiled and lifted up his finger and did a motion for her to come closer

She stood up and walked over to him and he lifed her up and sat her down on the bench.

"You ok?" he asked

"Yeah it's just i'm not into doing the same things as you" Amanda replied


"And your friends are idiots" Amanda told him

hey turned and looked at them. Harley climbed on the table and put her arms around Wolfie.

"Lets take this party somewhere else" she said and he smiled the followed her to bedroom

"She likes them"

Amanda kissed him and got of the bench and started to pull in into a bedroom.


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Jake woke to see Amanda taking photos of him sleeping.

"What are you doing?" he asked rubbing his eyes

"Taking photos of you" she replied


"Because you're cut and i can"

"You're wearing my t shirt" he said noticing she was wearing his bon jovi t shirt.

"Last night was amazing" she said chaning the subject.

"What drinking beer out of shoes?" he said

"Thats not what i meant" she told him

"Then listning to Wolfie pound Harley all night, i didn't know that Wolfie was that good"

She put her finger on his lips

"I didn't mean that either"

"Then in that case i should say thankyou"

She smiled then took one more photo then put the camera down and layed on top of him.

"We should have a song" she said

"What kind of song?" he said

"I don't know just a song that whenever we hear it it reminds us of each other" she told him

He started to sing

"hang up the chick habit

hang it up, daddy,

or you'll be alone in a quick

hang up the chick habit

hang it up, daddy,

or you'll never get another fix

i'm telling you it's not a trick

pay attention, don't be thick

or you're liable to get licked

you're gonna see the reason why

when they're spitting in your eye

they'll be spitting in your eye

hang up the chick habit

hang it up, daddy,

a girl's not a tonic or a pill

hang up the chick habit

hang it up, daddy,

you're just jonesing for a spill

oh, how your bubble's gonna burst

when you meet another nurse

she'll be driving in a hearse

you're gonna need a heap of glue

when they all catch up with you

and they cut you up in two

now your ears are ringing

the birds have stopped their singing

everything is turning grey

no candy in your till

no cutie left to thrill

you're alone on a tuesday"

"What is that?" she asked

"April March, Chick Habit"

Hey come on lets go" Nancy said opening the door.


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Amanda walked into Uncle Coffin's Cafe on closing time.

"Hi, are you mrs Barry?" Amanda Asked a woman sweeping the floor.

"It's ms actually" the woman replied

"Is Jake around?" Amanda asked

"Over there" she pointed to a table where Jake was sitting in a chair with his head on the table sleeping.


"Are you Kitty Lansdown's daughter?" Jakes mother asked

"Yeah i'm Amanda"

"I know what your name is. Jake says good things about you all the time. So don't hurt him. Am i clear?"

"Now i'm going out the back to lock up"

Amanda walked over to Jake.

"So you met my mother" Jake said opening his eyes

"I thought you were asleep"

"I as pretending" Jake said sitting up

"Your mother's a..." Amanda started to say

"Yeah she's a bit grumpy"

"A bit grumpy, Jake she's a *****". Amanda said

"So why are you here?" Jake asked

"There is something need to tell you and i don't think you're gonna like it" Amanda said

"Ok what" Jake said frowning

Amanda looked behind her to see if Jakes mum was there

She took a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant" she said

Jake was silent for a bit but then opened his mouth like he was going to say something but didn't

"Why?" he finally said

"What?" Amanda asked

"Why?" Jake asked again

"Please tell you've had the talk on where baby's come from" Amanda said

"Ye..., what has that got with anything?" Jake replioed

"We had sex" Amanda said

Jake sat back in his chair

"Nancy's the only other person who knows" Amanda told him

"You told someone"

"Can you imagine me in mother's group?" she started to mock herself "Hi this my baby, i look like it's sister but i'm really it's mother"

Jake frowned

"People start to have baby's when they're old like 25" Amanda said

"25 isn't really old" Jake replied

Amanda you're gonna have to leave, i'm locking the front door now Jake's mum said.

"We'll talk about this tomorrow" Jake said softly


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