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Rachel or Tony

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Tony or Rachel  

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Definately Tony!! I think that he probably should have left by now (because the writers seem to have forgotten about Tonys history on the show, he never talks about Lucas for example), but he is so much better than Rachel.

She is so overplayed with all her facial expressions, and she is moaning all the time. And I'm not only talking about right now with the PND stuff, but she has been complaining since she entered the show. And she always deal with things in the most self destructive ways. The drinking when her mother died, slapping Leah etc...

Tony was in the beginning great with his sons, especially Lucas. I loved the interaction between them. And I liked him with Beth. I think that Tony is drowning in Rachel, she steals the show all the time and not in a good way. I think it's sad to see that all he is doing is to satisfy Rachel.

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Another one I found really difficult.Used to really love Rachel but I think things went a bit wrong when she and Kim split up, it felt like they were trying to make her annoying so he wouldn't look bad for walking out on her and she never really got back up to her old level.Nowadays, in both cases I tend to vary between really liking them and finding them annoying.But I really like Tony more and find him annoying less so he got the vote.

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