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The Dark Horse (by LauraPhilly!!) - comments


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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was just so sweet!!!!!!!!!! :wub: Belle's keeping the babies yay!!!!!!!!!!! That chapter was written really well, although I did notice a few tiny little errors, it was just a beautiful chapter!

Aden and Belle parents, :wub: I liked how Aden punched the air with joy (I think that's happened in h&a before). So I could picture that moment.

Please update soon!!! :D

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I thought Illiana would be one of the babies :D Now I'm concerned about Robert... what happened to him ??

Amazing chapter Laura; you wrote it brilliantly.

Sean and Imogen were so rude when the first walked into that room, so I didn't feel that sorry for them when Belle blurted it out.

Can't wait for the next update.

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I did feel sorry for Sean and Imogen, I've kind of been worried all along that Belle was going to get their hopes up and then crush them.But she is within her rights to do so.So Illiana is one of the babies, what happens to the other one?Something bad or something...else?Looking forward to finding out.

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Wow...that was a great chapter!

Wondering what happened to Robert since we all know what happened to Illiana at the beginning of this story.

Update soon! (and if possible, it would be brilliant to see Illiana's reactions to this piece of news....) :D

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Wow, that was an awesome chapter - and I could understand what Iliana was going through, and to find that she had a brother...and a twin!

As much as I really enjoyed reading all about Aden & Belle and what they went through, which was wonderfully written and really enjoyable, I must admit that I kinda missed Iliana and her family (which was why I asked about her earlier lol!) :blush:

But of course, at the same time, I can see why you wrote most of this story from Belle's POV - after all, we are all reading her diary! :D

I am now curious as to what happened to Aden and of course to the twin brother and the rest of it!

Update soon! :D

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