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Ryan Stokes still flyin' for Jodi Gordon

Guest superman's girlfriend

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Ryan Stokes still flyin' for Jodi Gordon

The Daily TelegraphOctober 06, 2009 12:00am

RYAN Stokes is still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend Jodi Gordon and is stealthily attempting to restore her reputation in the aftermath of her devastating night with bikie Mark Judge.

The son of Kerry Stokes is understood to be behind the recent rehabilitation of his former girlfriend with sources saying it was he who pushed for her participation in Alcoholics Anonymous not just because he still cares for the actress but because he hopes to salvage Gordon's reputation so they might reunite.

"He hasn't gotten over her. Now he wants to see her redeemed in the public eye so they can get back together," one source told Confidential.

The couple split up immediately after Gordon's Kings Cross night out with Judge became headline news. It followed Stokes reporting his girlfriend of two years missing.

News soon spread it was his father Kerry who had encouraged the break-up.

Gordon was soon after spotted at AA meetings.

"He still loves her. It is the reason she still has a job on Channel 7," we were told. "He wants her back in his life. He hopes they will reunite sooner rather than later."

p>While Gordon's friends have said privately they found the couple to be ill-suited and Stokes to be "stiff, awkward and posh - things Gordon is not", Gordon herself has followed the rehabilitation plan to the letter and is demonstrating an eagerness to restore herself, not just in her fans' eyes, but in Stokes's.


I doubt they'll get back together because the press suspects so but atleast it's something positive.

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