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Fri 2 Oct 09 – Episode # 4955

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’m NOT Depressed !!!“

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 2 Oct 09 – Episode # 4955 ]


Rach is able to revive Harry.


As Nurse Julie & co begin to treat Harry, Rach is ken to be in there worth thim, but Julie & Tony both tell her tat has to “stand bask” and let ten med staff do their jobs.


NEXT DAY, Mile & Alf talk as they prepare to go fishing with Oly. When Alf asks, Miules tell him that its calsr tat Kirsty sytill isnklt ken on marryinmg Miles.


Rach looks at Harry who is hooked nap to machines in tee IVCU. Leah is nearby and Rachel sys tat she [Rach] is a bad mum mind maybe Harry is better off without her.


Liam is playing his guitar when Nic approach. As they chat, they agree to not talk bout school or Liam’s new business. They agree to meet up later.


AS Kirsty talk t9o Irene bout how she isn’t that keen on getting married, Geoff enters the room looking for his keys. As weal as pointing out where his keys are [on the bench], she also comments its impotrant tat Geoff should look at tee trawler’s books [to get a feel for the business etc].

After Geoff bails, Kirsty comments tat its big enough for her tat she & miles are having a bub t9ogther, but she also comments thtat miles doesn't feel that’s as big as getting married.


As they are fishing, Miles talks to Alf bout Kirsty, but Alf comments at he thought they were fishing to take Miles’ mind OFF the Kirsty thing.


AS Tony talk to Leah, he wishes tat he’d done more to help Rach etc, but Leah suggest tat Rach is suffering post natal depression.


Irene is on tee phone and when she gets off she tells Kirsty tat Dot Newman thinks she left her wed ring her eelier. There’s another phone call – Irene answered, and it’s leah telling her what’s happened with Rach.


Miles tells Alf tat he realises tat he only wants t9o gets married betakes society conditions us to want to do that, and that just being with Kirsty is enough.

Oly calls out to miles and Alf – they help him catch a fish that he’s snared.


Kirsty & Irene find that woman’s ring in tee rubbish bin.

Irene goes into tee main area, where she talks briefly to Aden & Geoff. When Irene walks away, Aden suggested to geoff tat he should tell Ruby how he feels bout her.

Nic & Liam enter – and when Colleen has a go at Lima, Nic returns fire [insisting ppl in the Bay are so judgemental]


Julie talks to Rach bout how hard she found those 1st few months when he son was born, but Rach is adamant tat she’s not depressed etc.


When Colleen comets that Nic & Liam are getting too close for her liking, Kirsty comments favourable bout the duo.

Nearby, Irene hands that ring to Dot, and colleen tells Kirsty that Dot & her hubby have been married for 40 years – and have been through their ups & downs..


Irene is surprised when Kirsty sys tab she's had a change of heart – since miles wants to get married, and she wants to spend her life with him, they should get married.

Oly, Alf & Miles approach – with Oly telling Kirsty bout the fish he caught.

After Irene, Alf & Oly had off to get some ice cream, Kirsty wonder to Miles if they can talk.


Kirsty tells Miles that she wants to get married, esp. because of what happened with that wed ring at work today. Miles then tells Kirst he too has had change of heart – he doesn’t want to get married.


Leah tells Rach tat she has to bail – they hug beefer she does. Tony talk to Rach bout what’s been happening, insisting tat a few hours sleep isn't going to fix all her problems. Tony tells Rach tat he's lost too many ppl close to him in his life to loose Rach as well. He suggest tat she should tack to someone – but all Rach wants to do is be by Harry’s side. As she goes towards him, Tony looks stressed, i.e. what to do next???


Nic talk to Liam bout bow she & Aden briefly got together, and that she knows that was never serious a that she is keen to REALLY find someone who loves her etc. Nic suggest she shod be getting back to her studies, but than comments at 1 more coffee etc won’t hurt. As she goes to0 the counter, Colleen give Liam a look of disdain with her takes their cups of tee table.

Geoff approaches Liam – and “suggest” tat he shouldn't mess with Nic. Liam tells Geoff that he lost everything becasue of what happened with Belle, and now he's starting over. When Nic returns to the table, she wonders what is happening. Geoff says nothing is going on, before he bails.


A WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY teary Rach tells Tony that he and tee others are right – shells TOTALLY lost etc.


Its night time and Nic & Liam are talking, when Liam tells Nic bout Geoff’s words of advice earlier, Nic insists tat she can make up her own mind bout ppl. Nic & Liam kiss, before beginning to go a LOT further than that as the ep come to a close.



Marsha challenge Trey's dad to a debate – but seem shocked when he agrees

Colleen shows Marsha some of her rival’s’ latest campaign materiel – pics of Marsha pole dancing!!!

Xavier tell Geoff tat he knows tat something is going on tween he & Ruby

Xavier is worried that Robert knows he & ruby are lying

Annie talks top Romeo – wondering if he has any skills other than poetry [& surfing]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: dark jacket/scarlet top/dark long pants


Irene: white [blue & black floral] top/bone long pants


Leah: white wide collar top


Aden: grey [dark Scouts like crest] t/dark long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/olive green long pants/wide brim hat

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse/peach top

Dot Newman: white [red floral] dress

Geoff: white [grey diag stripes] t/khaki shorts

Harry: white beanie

Kirsty: dark l/s top/red thin strap top/dark long pants

Liam: white [red & blue check] shirt/denim jeans

Miles: apple green shirt/white [dark rockband?] t/dark shorts

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Oliver: green cameo [white skull] hat/dark [grey ghouls etc] jacket/dark long pants

Rachel: grey l/s [dark tropical motifs] top/dark long pants/dark jacket

Romeo: red t

Tony: brown l/s top/dark long pants

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