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Noah's Ark

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Title: Noah's Ark

Type of Fic: One-shot

Characters: Geoff and Nic (Theire story) Noah, Hannah, Kaylee

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Spoilers: Nope!

Summary: Geoff and Nicole's story told my their daughter :)

Thanx to Mira my proof reader! :D

Hope you's all enjoy it! Let me know what you think please! :)

“Mum tell us the story about grandma and grandpa. Please?”


“Yeah!” Both girls shouted excitedly.

“Ok, but get your jammies on first and teeth cleaned.”

“Fine,” and so the girls trudged to the bathroom



“You forgot your PJ’s silly.” The young girl came running back into the room and grabbed them before heading back to the bathroom.

When the girls came back, their mum settled them into bed before telling them the story. “Well I think you two could tell this better than I can,” she laughed

“We love this story, it’s our favourite!” Hannah said

“I know baby, Mummy’s going to tell it to you.” She settled in the chair between the two beds and began, “They lived in this bay, and they were both young. Geoff was brought up on a farm and Nicole was a city girl - they were both so different. Nicole knew she liked Geoff, but she never really acted on it or told anyone. She was best friends with Aden and they made a bet one day but Geoff found out about it. He was very mad and he shouted at Nicole. They didn’t really talk much because Geoff was angry at Nic, but then Nicole found herself a boyfriend.”

“Elliot!” Two little voices chimed in.

“See I told you that you two could tell this! Anyway, yes, Nicole started dating Elliot. Geoff got jealous although he never let Nicole see until, he told her. He told her that he liked her. She was going to break up with Elliot, and she did, but he kidnapped her. He put her on his boat with an empty oxygen tank so she would die. Geoff saw them getting into the boat and he sprinted to the docks. He stepped on and he wouldn’t get off. Elliot insisted he was just giving Nic a diving lesson, but Geoff could tell something else was happening. Elliot eventually let Geoff on the boat and they left the docks. Once they got far enough, they stopped and Nicole went into the water. Little did Geoff know that she wasn’t coming back up. He waited for ages then he stood up, ready to dive in. Elliot grabbed Geoff in one hand and a spear gun on the other. When Geoff finally got away from his grasp and was just about to jump into the water, Elliot fired the gun. The spear struck Geoff’s leg he yelled in pain and slowly pulled it out. He swam around searching for Nicole and he finally found her floating lifelessly. He grabbed her, and gave her all his breath, but he couldn’t hold onto her and she fell away from him. The next thing Geoff knew was waking up on the island and Nicole was no where to be seen. He searched for her, and eventually he finds a lifeless body lying down on the beach. He ran, no wait, he sprinted to her even though his leg was so sore! He finally got to her but she wasn’t breathing. He gave her the kiss of life and she woke up! She coughed and spluttered up her lungs. Geoff was so happy that Nicole was alive.”

“There first kiss,” Hannah giggled.

“Well sort off. Anyway, they got stuck on the Island, and Nicole’s daddy. Roman, was out battling Elliot. Meanwhile Nicole was very sick and Geoff tried his best to keep her warm. That night they sat down and talked, while Geoff was trying to keep her warm. Nicole thought it would be a good idea to ask Geoff about what he said a couple of days before the island. Geoff told Nicole he liked her and on the island he told her again. Nicole told Geoff she liked him as well, but Geoff doubted her.”

“What does that mean?”

“He didn’t really believe her.”


“Nicole got angry and stormed off, but Geoff found her later. She was freezing so he sat down beside her and apologised. That was when they had their real first kiss! Finally they got off the island, Roman had saved them.”


“After the island, everything was a bit shaky. Nicole was very much in love with Geoff but he wasn’t sure how he felt. Aden was also in a clinic at that time and Nicole went to visit him only to find that Geoff’s ex girlfriend, Melody, was also there. Nicole was worried and didn’t want Geoff to know so she didn’t tell him, but Geoff eventually found out. He was mad at her and they broke up. Nicole was very jealous of Melody coz she didn’t want Geoff to go out with Melody. She wanted him to love her.”

“What happened next? Don’t stop!”

“Well things didn’t seem to get any better. Nicole and Geoff were avoiding each other until they got put together to be school captains and they had to meet up. Nicole told Geoff that she didn’t want him to go out with Melody. She was just about to go on when a phone call interrupted their conversation. It was her mum and she sounded upset. Nicole started to panic so she went home, with Geoff following, and she started to pack her bags. He decided to go with her. Geoff kept trying to get her to tell him why she didn’t want him to be with Melody, but she was too upset to tell him. They drove to Nicole’s mum’s house and stayed there for a while. Nicole soon realised that her mum was bad and that she only wanted Nicole so she could keep her house! They drove back to the city where they found Melody. She was paranoid about them being together but Annie reassured her that Nic and Geoff were just friends. Melody spent most of her time talking about Geoff, she had an obsession! The day they were due back Mel spent the day with Annie and Ruby. When they got back Nicole went for a walk on the beach were she met Geoff and he invited her back to his house for lunch. While Melody was still at the surf club with the others, she decided to go around to visit Geoff coz Annie told her that they were back. When she went around she got a shock. Nicole and Geoff had made up; they were on the sofa kissing!”

The girls began giggling.

“Melody was very upset. Geoff tried to apologise, and Nicole tried to explain everything but nothing worked. The next few weeks were just the same, Nicole and Geoff were still together but each day, they were falling more and more in love. Melody was getting even more paranoid. She always gave Nicole bad looks and tried to be near Geoff all the time. It was time for the school formal and Geoff and Nicole were supposed to go together but Melody had asked Geoff if she could go with him. Geoff being Geoff said yes and Nicole was very upset. She didn’t want Geoff to go with Melody - this was supposed to their perfect formal! The formal was fast approaching and Nicole had found someone else to go with. Melody was acting up and Miles didn’t like her behaviour so he grounded her, which meant she couldn’t go with Geoff. It was a good thing coz Nicole’s date had bailed on her and she didn’t want to go alone! They made up and they went to their formal together. It started off perfect, until Melody snuck out. She approached Geoff and flirted with him”

Gasps were heard from the children “Melody’s not nice! She’s trying to break them up!!”

“Uh huh, but Miles saw Melody and he told her off. Aden took her home but she didn’t stay there long. She snuck out and walked to the formal again. She locked the doors and wondered round outside. Inside Nic and Geoff realised the doors were locked but outside Melody was in some sort of trance and Annie and Jai were searching for her in the car with Mr. Phillips.”

“He’s our teacher!”

“Yes I know! Anyways so where was I? Oh yeah so they were driving towards the formal when Melody was in the middle of the road. Mr. Phillips swerved the car and crashed straight into the formal hall. A lot of people were hurt and there was fire all over the place. Nicole kept very calm and helped a lot of people while Geoff helped Aden, because Belle was trapped! Everything ended okay. Everyone got out safe and some only had a few cuts and bruises. Melody calmed down after some more misbehaving. All her friends helped her return back to normal.”

“’That’s good” Hannah commented

“Nicole and Geoff were going strong for a few months until their relationship went rocky again. Nicole planned a surprise and took Geoff back to the Island where they first fell in love.”


“Anyway, the trip started off to be magical! They swam in the sea and they were all loved up but then they had a fight and Nicole stormed off. Geoff stayed at the camp they had set up, but he met a scary man that was there. He was worried about Nicole but she returned soon but with a cut on her foot. The man stayed at their camp, ate their food and told them scary stories. Geoff was worried and Nicole was very scared coz the man told them he killed people! They sat there quietly with the man. He took their phone off them and threw it away. He climbed into the tent to get something and Geoff told Nic to run. She did what she was told and Geoff kicked the man and ran too. The man grabbed a fire torch and chased them but everything was okay. Geoff had tripped him up and he stabbed his leg with the man’s knife!”

“Bad Geoff!” Kaylee said

“Yes, but he saved their lives! Geoff found Nicole and they headed back to their camp, where their boat was missing! The man had stolen it!”

“How did they get home?”

“Like you don’t know! They spent another night on the island but luckily Roman and Hugo came and got them the next day. When they went home Nicole found herself drifting away from Geoff. She even told Aden and Belle she was jealous of their relationship. One day Geoff called round to Nicole’s. He had a present for her! He brought it out from behind his back and it was a cutting from a tree. She took it, but she didn’t think it was that special, even though he told her it was. It was special to Geoff because it was from his farm. His dad had proposed to his mum under the tree he cut it from but Nicole wasn’t impressed. Aden bought Belle designer jewellery and she was sad because all she got was a twig. She told this to Aden, but Geoff overheard, he was upset and they broke up.”

“Oh no! But why?”

“A year went passed and they were just friends but a lot had happened to each of them. Roman, Nicole’s dad, was put in prison and she was heading towards a downward spiral. She became bad and did a lot of wrong things. Then she calmed down, got better and got all her friends back. She was happy again, until her mummy died. Then she went on another downer, but this time she was saved. Geoff had saved her; he had made her happy again. A few months after that night, Nicole had a baby girl. She and Geoff were engaged and their life was great. They spent ages deciding on a name; Geoff wanted it to be biblical”

“What’s that?” Kaylee asked

“From the bible but Nicole disagreed. She wanted an unusual name. They ended up choosing Noah. It was biblical and unusual for a baby girl. That’s where my name came from, and that’s how your grandma and your grandpa fell in love”

“I love that story! Can you tell it again?” Hannah asked.

“Nope, it’s time for bed!”

“What about nana and nanda Jefferies? Tell us that one!”

“Oh no, that one is much, much longer! Maybe some other time, eh?”

Noah smiled and kissed her girls goodnight. She made her way to the living room to join her husband Mark. Deep down Noah loved telling the story as well. She loved it when she was a child too. Even now when she takes her girls to her parents’ house, she loves listening to the story. If only her love story was as amazing. Noah had fell in love with her parents’ best friends’ child but both sets of parents made the best grandparents in the world.


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