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Absolutely loved Rebekah's truth or dare game with a little bit of compulsion thrown in. I have to admit I took a perverse kind of pleasure seeing Stefan's hurt when Elena said she was in love with Damon despite being sired to him and she made him feel completely different to how Stefan did. Similarly I took great pleasure in seeing Stefan lock Damon up, telling him he wouldn't let him out until they found the cure and not allowing him to see Elena as she was sired to Damon so could potentially free him. This is actually a reversal of last season where Stefan was locked up by Damon because he was under Klaus's compulsion. Except this time it's Damon under Cole.

Seems as though we have three teams, Team Klaus (Klaus, Jeremy and Damon) and Team Rebekah (Rebekah and Stefan) who are both trying to find a cure for vampirism and the professor and his team who are looking to free Silas.

I'm assuming this will be the fourth opportunity to kill Klaus (the most powerful vampire who they originally believed couldn't be killed) since he first appeared in the second season. The first was when he broke the hybrid curse and Elijah had a chance to rip his heart out but saved him so he could see his family. The second was when Damon was about to kill him with the white oak stake and Stefan stopped him allowing Klaus to use it on Mikael. The third was when he was in Tyler's body but Bonnie passed the opportunity to finish him off once and for all because she wanted to save her friend.

It occurred to me when Rebekah and Stefan rekindled their romance lust that there have been three women that the Salvatore brothers have both slept with - Katherine, Elena and Rebekah. All we need is for Stefan to sleep with Caroline and that will be four.

Regarding Katherine, doesn't look like she's going to be in it this season which is a shame. Come to think of it Dr Fell also seems to have disappeared...

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In Australia Season 4 just finished.

I can't belive Bonnie is dead and Jeremy is alive I wonder what will happen in Season 5 at the end of Season 4 Elena gave Katherine the cure but who know if it will work and I really thought Elena would of choosen Stefan and not Damon.

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Like season two, I thought the second half of the season was better than the first. One of my favourite episodes was where Rebekah and Elena joined forces to seek Katherine and find the cure that she stole. I loved the female interaction between all three, especially when Elena tried to impersonate Katherine. I also loved Damon's like "Elena without her humanity is a stone cold b*tch" line. I was thinking Elena without her humanity is freakin awesome. Never really liked Elena as a human but started to warm to her when she was a vampire and when Damon used the sire bond to make her lose her humanity, I loved her and was really disappointed when she got it back.

Really please Elena chose Damon. Never really liked her with Stefan and much prefer the Damon/Elena scenes.

One of the things I quite liked was the rivalry between Elena and Katherine. Elena almost killed Katherine in the penultimate episode because of what happened to Jeremy (Katherine didn't actually kill him, Silas did). And in part two of their duel, more interestingly Katherine almost killed Elena because Elena had everything she doesn't - Unconditional of the Salvatore brothers without having to manipulate them, everbody liking her without having to compel them and not having to look over her shoulder every 5 minutes.

Elena was very lucky she had the cure or she would have been dead for sure. So that's one of the things, I'm really looking forward to seeing next season - Katherine as a human. Ironically it could actually mean that Klaus will no longer be looking to kill her as in theory she should be back to being a doppelganger so Klaus will need her blood to start creating hybrids again. Also how will she manage without her superhuman, strength, speed and immortality. Considering what she's done over the years even if Klaus isn't after her there still must be some people who are.

Really, really not happy about Jeremy. I don't like his character at all and was over the moon when he died. And now we have him back to life and Bonnie (who is quite a good character) dead. I don't find anything interesting about him and I think it's ridiculous some of the storylines his character has had.

Interesting angle the writers have decided to take regarding Klaus. They seem to be trying to inject some humanity into him. Firstly regarding New Orleans, as part of the witches plan to gain the trust of everyone in the town. Then there's Haylee and the pregnancy. And finally there's Caroline. Giving back Tyler his freedom in the hope one day Caroline will finally fall for him because he loves her. Caroline has definately warmed to him so it will be interesting to see what happens there. Klaus was a major character in seasons 3 and 4 so I'm wondering if this is a way to kind of reduce his role and focus on other storylines.

The ending was a surprise. So Stefan is a doppelganger of Silas. It will be interesting to see what happens now that he has gotten ridden of Stefan for the time being and has taken his place. Especially without any hope of getting the cure.

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First of all, I'd like to say that I loved the season finale :wub: , regarding that I can almost fully agree with Slade, however I didn't really like Elena without her humanity. The writers have built her character upon that compassion and love towards others and without that, in my opinion, she was too similar to Katherine....

As for Caroline and Klaus, I loved their scenes, I've loved them from the beginning and that scene after the graduation at the school was one of the best they had. Sadly, Joseph Morgan has signed to "The Originals" for next fall so Klaus will most likely not be in TVD next season at all. The episode in New Orleans was meant to be the backdoor-episode for the spin-off with creating Marcel and the witches' characters. Also Hayley's pregnancy is very interesting I think (as dramatic and moving the scene where they tell him he's going to be a father is, I was instantly reminded of that scene between Damon and Elena in Georgia where Damon has that line "Vampires can't procreate....but we love to try."), I hope it will bring out the part of Klaus that cares about family, the part we saw when Mikael hurt him so bad (->"Nobody cares about you anymore, boy.", or something like that).

What I REALLY can't see happening is that Camille-girl as Klaus's love interest in The Originals, I mean she really reminds me of Caroline in some ways and I'm not quite sure if that will work.....

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Sadly, Joseph Morgan has signed to "The Originals" for next fall so Klaus will most likely not be in TVD next season at all. The episode in New Orleans was meant to be the backdoor-episode for the spin-off with creating Marcel and the witches' characters. Also Hayley's pregnancy is very interesting I think (as dramatic and moving the scene where they tell him he's going to be a father is, I was instantly reminded of that scene between Damon and Elena in Georgia where Damon has that line "Vampires can't procreate....but we love to try."), I hope it will bring out the part of Klaus that cares about family, the part we saw when Mikael hurt him so bad (->"Nobody cares about you anymore, boy.", or something like that).

I heard they were possibly looking at doing an original series a while back but wasn't sure if it was actually true. I guess that explains a lot. Whilst I agree that it's sad Joseph Morgan has signed up to another show most of the third series was about various ways to kill Klaus and the whole thing seemed to centre around him and started to become repetitive during the second half. The beginning of the fourth season wasn't as bad but it still felt as though everyone had to fall in line with Klaus. TBH the way the episodes were week after week there were only really two possibilities - He gets killed off or they change the direction of the character. So I guess by trying to humanise him and making him go to New Orleans they've paved the way for other storylines within TVD show i.e. Silas impersonating Stefan. Also the Marcel storyline with the originals is a good idea because Klaus can't threaten or intimidate people like he has done in the past. He genuinely has to earn their trust or friendship like he did with Caroline. I wouldn't bet on him not being in the fifth season at least for a guest appearance though because they might still need him or he might still have a role to play in one of the other storylines. I didn't actually blame Mikael for tormenting Klaus like that. It's true that he always resented him because he represented his wife's infidelity but Klaus ripped Esther's heart out so Mikael's actions are understandable and before that he still turned Klaus into a vampire to provide him with immortality.

I'm assuming that Elijah will feature fairly heavily too. Just wondering if he will decide to seek Katherine out. I would imagine not as it would be too difficult for the actress to be in two shows at once.

And then there's Rebekah. She's left with Matt to go to Italy but I wonder if she will be in the originals or will she simply be making guest appearances in TVD.

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I can't believe Bonnie is dead and Jeremy is alive again.

I wonder if Elena will find out what happened to Bonnie again and if Katherine turns in to a human again since Elena gave her the cure at the end of the last season.

I'm hanging out for Season 5 I can't wait until the official air date is released.

I'm sure it will be just as action packed as the first four seasons.

I'm have a bit of Vampire diaries withdrawal but I can watch the first 3 seasons since I own them on DVD.

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I thought this season was quite disappointing. It started off OK following on from Silas revealing his true from last season then continued with the Augustine vampire storyline. But just getting up to the midway point, I felt a lot of the time I was watching the episodes just as a matter of course and wasn't really enjoying them. I thought it made a real difference the originals not being in it (I never watched their spin off). And when it reached the end I was kind of glad. I would say the highlights were Silas posing as Stefan trying to wreak havoc, Damon's friendship with Enzo and Katherine being killed off once and for all. Although she has been a good character she has now run her course and it felt like she was just coming back to Mistic falls to come between the brothers and that's what Elena is doing.

Alaric coming back should be interesting and having Enzo there too should be good.

Was good to see Lexi again. I always liked her character.

And Tyler's no longer a hybrid.

Very disappointed about Damon and Bonnie. They are two characters I like, Damon especially. I loved his one liners and just find him so funny despite the killing of all the innocent people. I really hope we haven't seen the last of those two and now we're stuck with two boring characters - Jeremy and Matt.

I probably will watch next season but if the episodes are repetitive like this one I may reconsider.

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Damon and even Bonnie I think will be back next season. You can't really have the show without Damon in it They will be brought back by Bonnie's gran casting a spell or something maybe she has placed Damon and Bonnie inside an protective like bubble once the other side vanished.

I couldn't care less about who Elena is with anymore. :lol: I just hope its a better and more gripping story next season.

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I thought overall the sixth season was very good which surprised me because I felt it was reaching the point where maybe they should think about bringing the show to an end but I actually really enjoyed most of the episodes.
I quite liked how they forged a strong friendship between Bonnie and Damon when they were trapped in 1994 with Kai.  I also liked how they developed things romantically with Stefan and Caroline although that seems to be on hold.  Like Elena a couple of seasons ago, I really enjoyed the episodes where Stefan and Caroline both 'turned off' their humanity.  I thought they were both really funny and it was good seeing a different side to Caroline who is Miss Goody Two Shoes even as a vampire.  Felt sorry for her when Liz died and although I liked her in a way I'm glad as I'm not sure what more her character could do.  She was originally a vampire hunter but had to change because of her daughter.
Didn't really like the story of the witches and the covenant but thought Kai was a really good bad guy.  At times I found him quite amusing when he was in full sociopath mode.  When he escaped from being imprisoned in the early 1900s I knew he wouldn't kill Bonnie.  He wanted her to suffer.  Whilst I was glad Luke was killed off earlier in the season I was disappointed about Liv because I quite liked her and Tyler together.  It's also unfortunate now that Tyler's a werewolf again.  Was also very disappointed about them killing Jo like that.  Really liked her character and her and Alaric together and wanted them to be happy but knew it wasn't going to happen.
Not sure what the writers were playing at with the whole Sarah Salvatore thing.  It was obvious they wanted to do a storyline that involved the Salvatore family but when Enzo decided to do a u-turn on his plan to use her to get revenge on Stefan it felt like the writers suddenly changed their minds.  Hence the reason why they introduced Stefan and Damon's mother instead.  I am actually glad.  I think she's a great character and I really like her.  I love the fact that she's also a 'ripper'.  I also liked that she was the one who turned Enzo and they have a bond.  More than she does with her own offspring.  Now that she has all her 'family' back and they are witches/vampires it has set the basis for the first half of the seventh season.

I read a while back that Nina Dobrev was leaving so the finale wasn't unexpected.  If you had told me this a few seasons ago, I would have said what would be the point in continuing the show.  The basic premise is about her and the Salvatore brothers (that's what the books were based on).  But I think the writers have made a good effort to develop other characters so although I'm slightly skeptical (especially given that I mentioned above that they should think about ending the show at some point) we'll just have to wait and see.  I would rather she still be present as I like her and Damon as a couple and she obviously has a moderating influence on him.  As she is the main character it will be interesting to see what effect her absence has on some of the others.  I was very surprised (and equally impressed) that Damon chose to save Bonnie over Elena but will he end up resenting her?  His last scene seemed to indicate that he's going to go back on a killing spree which would be a shame because I think he's come a long way from how he was in the first season.

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