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I hope we get Season 3 soon and it's Katherine/Elena not Elanor

Yeah I do that from time to time. If you refer back to the previous page you'll see I used "Elena".

OK been watching season 3 and what can I say...wow. I keep expecting the show to peak and the episodes to decline but it just keeps getting better and better.

I'll use spoilers for people who haven't seen it yet:

So much to talk about. Caroline's father a vampire hunter. Mrs Lockwood discovers Caroline's a vampire, shots her with vervain, call's Caroline's dad, he locks her in a basement, tries to cure her thirst for blood Clockwork Orange style, Tyler and Liz break in and rescue her. So Liz is now perfectly OK with her daughter being a vampire and quite content with the Salvatore brothers.

Tyler's now a hybrid courtesy of Klaus. So the key was Elena's blood. You feed the werewolf Klaus's blood, kill him/her then during the transition feed them Elena's i.e. the doppleganger's blood. Anybody else's blood will result in certain death. I really liked the bonding scenes with Tyler and Caroline last season so I'm glad they are together now although until the hold Klaus has over Tyler has been broken it's only going to be a detriment.

I didn't think we'll be seeing much of Katherine this season since she fled to get away from Klaus but I was pleased to see her return helping Damon regarding the situation with Klaus. She's obviously helping to save herself and Stefan. You would have to assume that Michael killed her however this is Vampire Diaries so we can't be sure.

It was really good seeing Anna even though only as a Ghost and I really liked the stuff with Jeremy. It's a shame it turned out like this as I thought they were meant to be together and they clearly loved each other. I was really hoping there was some way she could come back and was disappointed that there wasn't but I'm glad she found Pearl. I'm also really glad that Jeremy and Bonnie are over now as I don't like Bonnie and feel he could do better.

Although Vicky was in it to a lesser degree than Anna I still didn't mind unfortunately she turned out to be the bad Ghost.

I'm still at the same place with Damon as I was during season two. At times really disliking him, almost hating him such as when he snapped Alaric's neck simply because was annoying him or when he genuinely tries to push people around. Other times I don't mind him when he's not acting too bad and I still do like the interaction with Alaric. It will be interesting to see how things develop with Elena as she genuinely appears to have feelings for him.

Since Stefan's joined forces with Klaus and then Klaus compelled him I have to say I'm really loving this side to Stefan. I loved his "carry on" remark to Elena and Damon when they were getting close and his casual "I guess she's staying" line regarding Rebecca. I don't particularly like that he's killed innocent people such as Andi and those two students at the school but I really like seeing a different Stefan to the one in seasons one and two who was moral.

Still have mixed feelings about Elena. For the most part is a very empathetic girl and seems to have a lot of compassion for others but at the same time is very often quite prepared to excuse or forget some of the innocents who have died at the hands of Damon, Stefan amongst others.

Loving Klaus as a bad guy. I love for the most part that he's calm and collected but can be deadly when he wants to be. As I mentioned above, loved the part when he compelled Stefan and said "TURN IT OFF!!!!". Thoroughly enjoyed all the scenes with him and Stefan and really liked finding out more about their past relationship and friendship. As indicated by the way he left Chicago in the 1930s and compelled Stefan to forget about him and then left Mystical Falls when Damon blackmailed him, his one fear is Michael the vampire hunter.

Absolutely LOVE Rebekah. She's definitely my favourite character at the moment. Enjoy her interaction with just about every other character. Really liked her surprise at Klaus just leaving her, inviting herself into Stefan and Damon's house. Really liked the way she just turned up at the school, enrolled herself into class and is vying with Caroline for number one spot as the most popular female. Really liked the last episode where she revealed to Elana the origin of the original vampires. I felt really sorry for her when Elana revealed that Klaus had lied to her from the start (and he had killed their mother not Michael) and she was about to kill Elana, didn't then broke down. I don't think she's evil, just lonely. She compelled those girls to come over, wants Elana to stay and keep her company, wants to be popular and to be reunited with her family. I really hope she's here to stay but I have a bad feeling she's not. Mystic falls just isn't big enough for two beautiful blonde female vampires. And besides is an orignal really going to hang around in a small town with a bunch of school kids? Surely she has bigger fish to fry. Anyway, I expect one of two things to happen. Firstly, presumably Stefan will lure Klaus back to Mystic falls, alert Michael and Rebecca will somehow get killed in an attempt to take Klaus down. Alternatively, she survives, Elijah comes back then they and possibly Michael leave to be a family.

It's the final episode on Tuesday before the mid winter break so I expect the stuff with Klaus to come to a head.

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I'll do spoilers, too just in case.

I hate Caroline's Dad. What he did was completely out of line. If he gave her a chance, he'd realise that she's still his little girl. Love that Liz has accepted her.

I don't know if I like Tyler as a hybrid especially because he's sired to the most evil and powerful vampire to ever exist. I loved him so much as a werewolf.

Ripper!Stefan is the best thing ever! I love him so much.

I hate (really hate) that they completely chucked how they'd written Anna and Vicki's relationships with Jeremy for the ghost storyline. He used Anna to try to get closer to having Vicki back but that's not how they've written either of them this time around.

I knew Katherine wasn't dead. She's too big of a character for a crappy death like that.

I feel like a lot of what Damon does is purely for the shock value of it. There's no other reason for it. I don't like them using a character as good as his for that sort of stuff.

I love Rebekah's sass. She's cute! They hugely underused Mikael. They killed him off far too quickly.

I love Stefan stealing Klaus' coffin.

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Thanks for chipping in Lise. I don't think many people are watching season 3.

Personally I liked Caroline's dad. I was a fan of the actor in Heroes and I thought he was interesting. I liked how he'd conditioned himself over several years to be able to withstand compulsion. Quite similar to how Katherine conditioned herself to be able to handle vervain. I thought he was genuinely trying to help Caroline and do what's best for her. So I thought they missed a trick getting rid of him so quickly as I would have liked to find out more about his relationship with Caroline and Liz and also his connection to the Lockwoods.

I actually quite like Tyler as a hybrid but that is mainly for comedy effect with regards to him being sired. An example was a few episodes ago when Alaric, Damon, Caroline and Elena were planning to capture Stefan and they wanted Tyler to go to his mums cabinet to get her stash of vervain, Tyler told them that they couldn't do that to Stefan, they all looked totally bemused and Caroline told them that Klaus was the bad guy then after Damon knocked him out Caroline asked how they could fix him and Damon told her to get a new boyfriend. I do think the last episode shows he's going to be a problem though. If Bonnie hadn't of been there Damon would have killed him for sure and I think Caroline realised whilst he's like this the relationship is not going to work. I think one very important thing is that he said since he became a hybrid he doesn't have to turn and I'm willing to bet most werewolfs would rather have that option than having to lock themselves away every full moon.

I didn't think they would kill Katherine off either as she's too big a character but Mikael not killing her when she released him to me personally didn't make any sense. He's a vampire hunter why wouldn't he have killed her? I think she's going to be around as long as Nina Dobrev remains part of the cast.

I agree about Mikael. It seems pretty pointless having a back story where he was the original vampire, a vampire who has been hunting vampires for over 1000 years, the only person who could take out Klaus to have him defeated within a couple of episodes. And that seemed too easy. We all know how powerful Klaus is but you would imagine someone with Mikael's experience should have been able to deal with him.

Rebekah looked absolutely stunning in that red dress. Once again I felt really sorry for her when she was confiding in Elena and was very emotional about going to the dance and her family. I was really annoyed when Elena stabbed her with the dagger like that. It made her seemed two faced after appearing to genuinely care about her but at the same time I could completely understand. I don't think Rebekah would have stood by and let them kill Klaus. She would have helped him like Elijah did last season but at least it means there was no possibility she would have been killed with the stake from the white oak tree. The ironic thing though is it wouldn't have made any difference anyway as nobody would have predicted what Stefan would have done. Be interesting to see what happens with her when they resume as she wasn't one of the ones who Stefan had moved to another location. Will they release her or just leave her with lying in the basement with the dagger stuck in her.

Mikael being the one to die was a shock to me and if Stefan hadn't of had the conversation with Katherine I wouldn't have understood why he did it. The whole thing was a caught between a rock and a hard place type situation. If they'd killed Klaus, Mikael would have gone after all the vampires for sure so it would have been the end anyway. They kill Klaus then they are still all in danger. There was no guarantee that Klaus would have released Stefan from compulsion although to be fair he could have killed Damon a few episodes ago but he didn't because of the deal he made with Stefan at the end of season two. I'm not sure if Stefan stealing Klaus's family as revenge is a good thing. Admittedly it's leverage but Klaus had already released him and it was over between them so there was no reason to carry the feud on. Also Klaus is very smart. He's bound to come up with something and I don't think he's just going to sit back and take this lying down. Anyway I would like to find out more about this family he has. Can't remember if Elijah mentioned much about them in season two but the impression I got from Rebekah there were four original vampires (Mikael, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah). Michael's dead. Presumably one of the coffins was Elijah's so I'm not sure who the rest are.

Overall reasonably satisfied with how that turned out as at least Klaus and Rebekah are still alive but to reiterate what was mentioned previously they could have utilised Mikael a bit more.

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Slade, the answer to your question about

how many original vampires/siblings, and the amount of coffins

is answered here :


I too love season 3.

There are so many episodes where you think no way can they top it and then the week after they manage to do just that, I love all the little twists in the episodes. The episodes have been filled with shocks and twists you would think each one was a finale or mid-season finale.

Damon and elena are still my favourite ship. I love how close they have gotten this season. Its clear that he loves her and it appears as though the feelings are becoming more mutual each episode.

I have never really liked the relationship between stefan and elena but i found this season there have been moments where i have liked them together, the scene that stood out for me is the one sided phone call.

I was surprised by Mikaels demise, expected him to be around longer. same with Rebekah. I was really sad to see Rebekah go especially after the lovely scene she shared with elena in the bedroom,

Im really dissapointed that my second favourite couple seem to have broken up now. I really loved the way that they developed the whole caroline and tyler Romance, Thought it played out well and it didnt seem forced.

I dont really like tyler being a hybrid and him not having to turn every full moon anymore . For me seeing him come to terms with being a wolf and watching his first transformation with carolines help was what made me start to really like his character and actually follow his storyline. He became believeable and the one that i found myself wanting to be in each episode. It made him change from the forgotten character to the hard to forget. I found myself actually caring about the character and understanding why he was the way he was in season one. I feel that all that has now being lost.

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I'm getting a little bit sick of the whole 'we have to save Elena every episode' thing. It's getting a bit old now. Elena seriously needs to lay off Damon. She's tried to get him to feel something all series and he falls in love with her and she tells him he cares too much. There's too much to and fro with her.

I adore Caroline but the writing of hers leaves something to be desired at times. I really like Klaus and Caroline but I don't think it'll go anywhere.

If they kill Alaric... :angry2: :angry2:

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Season 3 airs on Australia Tuesday April 10th I have not watched Season 1 or 2 on Fox 8 however I own both seasons in DVD and I have seen all of Season 2 but don't understand it yes Jeremy was brought back from the dead by Bonnie but I really don't understand why he can see Anna and Vicki thier both dead.

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I have found season 3 abit boring to be honest. I'm getting abit bored of the Elena/Damon stefan love triangle thing going on now. Also the trying to kill klaus thing is starting to drag now. Doesn't seem much has happened in this season for me.

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the birthday party for Elena was nice and I still don't understand how Jeremy can see the ghosts of Vicki and Anna and Stefan called Elena but didn't say anything she did all the talking and I don't get how Tyler's mom knew Caroline is a vampire. poor Damon he's brother pretty much killed his sort of girlfriend Andi. I am enjoying Season 3 so far even though we only just got episode 1 Tuesday April 10th.

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