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Thurs 24 Sep 09 – Episode # 4949

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Battleship “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 24 Sep 09 – Episode # 4949 ]


It late at night, and as Angelo looks around near Hugo’s boat shed, Robert is keeping an eye on him.


The shirtless Romeo enters Noah’s and talk to Liam. Romeo is worried bout tee bruises etc on Liam’s face -= but Liam insist at he shouldn’t worry snout that. They then talk bout the mountain of work tat is to be done to the place that Liam bought.

Romeo sees tat Annie is nearby in the pool room, so he goes and talk to her. She is looking at the noticeboard – wending what to do. When Romeo mentions tat Jai’; s told him all bout Annie, Annie tell Romeo to tell jai to stop talking bout her. After Annie bails, Romeo looks partic intesrted in one of the flyer pinned to the board.


Irene [like the rest of us] is perplexed when Robert tell Miles that his name is what it is became his friends bet him $50 to do it when he was younger.

Leah enters, and comments buyout her trouble day so far [VJ wouldnlt eat breakfast, flat tyre etc.]. Leah doesn’t look that happy after Robert makes a commonest about her life.


Robert t6alsk to Charlie, and show her pics of Angelo withy several strippers in the city!!!


Leah is deep in thought in the kitchen. When Irene wonders why, Leah tell her tat maybe Robert is right – Leah’s life insult very exiting at the moment, but Irene suggest tat Leah should be listening to Detective Crazy.


On the back patio, Charlie talk to Morag about the photos tat Robert showed her. Morag insist Charlie should confront Angelo bout the, Morag then bails.


Charlie talks to Angelo. She wonders if he is chasing up new leads to do with his work lately. Charlie doesn't look happy when he tells her that he hasn’t been. Indeed, charley bails.

Soon after, Annie is in the kitchen, and Irene comments on how unhappy she looks. Annie comet bout not only her own life – but how Ruby B is down at et monet because of wart’s been happening on her [Ruby’s] life

Meanwhile, in the main are, Jai enters, and talked typo Romeo – who tell her tat Annie is here. Romeo then answers his phone. When off he tells Jia tat he’s just turned down his dream job [beau he is working for Liam].


Morag clashes within Angelo bout aht;s happening – i.e. she suggest he should be messing with Charlie.

Robert & Morag then bail.


Liam caters up with Romeo. He come nets they dissevered that Liam’s new place is worse that they thought [rising damp etc], so any work that Liam will be doing will be weeks etc away now. When Romeo comets bout to job he turned down, Liam suggests Romeo should they to go for that again.


Robert makes it clear to Morag tat hell’s not intimidated by her – indeed, he insist ate she’s a suspect in the murder of Grant.. He also comments on how GREAT morag's nickname amongst the judges is – Battleship. Robert bails.


Charlie ignores it when the phone rings – its Angelo. Leah eney5s and they talk bout ahts’s going on. When the phone rings again, Charlie answer – and agree to meet up with Angelo.


Trey’s dad interviews Romeo bout the job he is after – but Trey’s dad doesn't take to kindly top it when Romeo makes a comment that’s not inkeeping with trey’s dad’[s serious nature.


Irene speaks to Annie – suggesting that moping about isn’t helping anyone. She also suggests Annie sould find a way to get up of this mood she is in.

After Irene walks ashy, Annie sees jai – and has a go at him form talking ti Romeo bout Annie. After Annie bails, jia is perplexed bout what's going on.


Leah is in nher kitchen when she notice tat Robert is ion bask patio. Her comet to him that its kinda weird tat he is smelling her plants etc. he asks Leah out on a det – giving her 24 hours to decide. He then hands Leah a red tulip and make his hands into a frame [pointing them at Leah]snd says “perfect”. Robert bails.


When Charlie confronts Angelo bout TJHOSE photos, she doesn’t believe him when he says it’s to do with his abalone investigation. Indde, Charlie breaks up with Angelo!!!!


Romeo talks to jai bout how trey’s dad doesn’t have a sense of humour. When Romeo suggest at he is going t maybe leave the bay, jai convjce him to stay. Booty agrees that Jai REALLY really likes Annie.


It’s late at night, and Leah goes onto the back patio. She go out there as Charlie is there – crying. Leah gives charley a comforting hug.



Robert’s investigation continues

Marsha “suggest” to Romeo tat he needs to prove to Trey’s dad tat he won’t be pushed around

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: tan wide strap top/dark knee skirt


Charlie: grey poncho like top – with dark thin strap top neath/dark long pants


Robert Robertson: white shirt/dark waistcoat/dark tie/dark long pants


Annie: royal blue [with light blue on part of the sleeves] top/denim jeans

Angelo: dark jacket/dark [grey unknown motif] t

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Irene: red blouse

Jai: white [grey check] hoddie/dark long pants

Leah: white [blue floral] nightgown

Liam: dark [white check] shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Miles: apple green button up shirt/dark [faded red unworn motif] t

Morag: dark l/s top

Robert Robertson: dark jacket/white shirt/dark tie

Romeo: apple green [dark dragons & palm tree] t/dark shorts

Romeo: dark long pants

Trey’s dad: grey jacket/dark shirt

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