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Wed 23 Sep 09 – Episode # 4948

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Couldn’t Be Happier “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 23 Sep 09 – Episode # 4948 ]


Ruby B talks to Nic bout Xavier – and how Ruby is all confused again. She isn’t keen on hurting Xavier again by braking up with him [given how “well” it went the 1st time].

Nic gets a text message – its Liam, wondering if the can meet morrow. When Ruby asks, dent tell her who tee text is form [i.e. Nic says something like “its nothing”]


NEXT DAY, as Alf & Aden talk bout how Brendan saved Xavier, Aden notes tat the nearby Nic seem very districted –which she is – as she is thinking bout taxying etc a response to Liam.


Miles, Kirsty & Oly are walking along, and Miles is keen [now tat Kristy’s in her 2nd trimeter] to tell ppl that she’s preggers. Kirsty isn’t so sure – and she esp. doesn’t think that Oly will take the news well.


As Aden works out, Rachel & Tony have a disagreement bout whirl’s going on in Gina’s life. Harry crying constantly dent help things either.


Martin talks to Alf – he [Martin] is seriously tanking bout going on a cruise when he takes her long service levee son].

Liam enters, and when Alf approaches him when Liam says at Alf can trust tat he isn’t her to cause trouble, Alf comment at he wouldn’t trust Liam with his little lunch money. When Liam sits next to her, Nic cautiously agree to chat.


Kirsty & lies are chatting to Rachel & Tony – with Harry in tee pram beside them, adfn the likes of Leah, Colleen & Irene nearby too. After Rah asks Kirsty of some baby advice, Miles takes that as a cue to tell Rachel & co tat Kirsty is purgers. Kirsty celery isn’t exactly happy bout that [she mockingly says the line tat is my ep title] and, desire tee congrats From Rach, Leah etyc, Kirsty looks totally overwhelmed and bails. Miles goes after her.


Irene [close to diner] sees Kirsty & Miles [far end of pier] verbally aguing. She is aroud tat he told ppl, but he insist tat it’s his baby too. Kirsty then says she knew that baby was a mistake, Bothe tejn goe in opsiye deicetuons.


With Aden overseeing tings form the door way, Liam tells Nic tat he is here in tee bay because ppl know him – and won’t let him get up to his old antics [which could have happened in a town that he hadn’t been to before].

After Lima has finished hi spiel, Nic bails – and as she doe, Aden wonders what’s happening.


Rach talk to Moils bout tee pregnancy news – with Rah commenting on how, despite the recent lack of sleep, she & Tony are loving that Harry is in there life.

Martin enters and approaches Miles. Marlin tells Miles that Martin is taking his long service leave – and he wants Miles to be acting principal at SBH. Mile turns don that idea – he’s a teacher, and doesn’t have a diplomat bone in his body. Tony apaches – and wondered, since Martin will be way, if there will a teaching position to fill in at the school. When Martin says tat there will be [for tee classes tat Marlin teaches]. Tony say tat he has an idea.


Aden wonders why Nic agreed to talk to Liam. She tells him she was hoping tat he’d say sorry to her for what happened. Nic says she didn’t really get that. She also wonders whet her radar for men to sooooo off kilter. Aden, who is behind Nic, puts his hands on her shoulder – I got tee felling to indicate tat held always be there for her.


When Tony tells Rach tat he’s suggested to Martin that Gina could work ay SBH, Rach doesn't think tat its seiche a good idea – esp. when Tony didn’t talk to Gina bout this before he made the suggestion.


Kirsty task to Oly bout her situation. He LIKES tat idea of having a little brother or sister. Miles arrives, and Irene comments that that [Oly liking idea] is miles’ cue to si worth Kirsty & Oly in tee lounge room etc.


Martin approach Tony – and ask for Gina’s contact details. After Tony gives them to him, and Martin has walked way, Rach once more voices her concerns. Tony feel totally on tee outer when Rach picks up Harry, and tries to get him to stop crying [rather that letting Tony do that].


Aden sees Liam approaching. Aden “suggests” that Liam should leave town – but Liam insists tat he is staying. Aden then punches Liam – who falls to the gound. Aden “suggest” tat they will other chats like this if Liam hangers around Nic etc.



Robert asks Leah out on a date

Robert also goes for the whole divide & conquer thing with Angelo & Charlie

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: purple wide strap dress


Nic: dark [gold kinda alien looking creature] t/denim jeans


Irene: sky blue l/s blouse/white long pants


Aden: dark [grey sleeves] jacket/dark long pants

Aden: dark singlet

Aden: dark singlet/denim jeans

Alf: dark [white cheek] shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red [white floral] blouse

Harry: white jump suit/white [blue trim] beanie

Kirsty: multi colourer very hippie looking low cut neck dress – with dark top beneath/dark long pants

Leah: dark wide strap top

Liam: white [dark check] shirt/dark long pants

Martin: bone l/s shirt/dark long pants

Miles: purple shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/denim shorts

Nic: yellow [dark birds?] strapless almost full length dress

Oliver: dark [various colour creatures?] jacket/white [darkly unknown motif] t/denim shorts

Ruby: white [dark floral?] top/ dark long pants

Tony: blue t/denim jeans

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