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Tues 22 Sep 09 – Episode # 4947

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The Last Thing I Remember Is …. “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 22 Sep 09 – Episode # 4947 ]


AS Hugo &Xavier talk bout THAT death theta, Hugo is sure tat Trey’s dad wouldn’t have actually done this – but he wouldn’t put it past one of tee ppl who’ve been listening to Trail’s dad recent speeches. Hugo tells Xavier tat he will go to the police bout this though.


Ruby B tells Nic that shell’s not in love with Xavier any more AND that she has felling for Geoff.


Marsha suggests to Gina that maybe that should try maybe Brendan splitting his time tween living at the share house & with Gina. The latter doesn’t like that idea – and her paint about Brendan needing constant help is basked up when Brenda enters the room – wanting help to open his piggie back.


Ruby B talks to Nic bout her situation. Ruby is worried bout her feelings, i.e. Xavier’s haven’t changed, and she lost her virginity to Xavier. Ruby insists to Nic tat she is gong to try harder to make her ‘ship with Xavier work.


Gina is near the hose when she sees/jhaers Brendan on the phone. After he ends the call, Gina wonders if Ruby L rang him. She is surprised when Brendan tells her that HE rang Ruby. Brendan comments a few time tat he LIKES Ruby L – and the felling is mutual.


Hugo approaches his shed. He sees that it’s unlocked. He goes inside – the gear in there has been trashed!!!


Hugo talks to Watson bout hatl;s happened. He's not so ken when she says tat there’s not mush they can do without hard evidence of who did this. She also “suggest” for Hugo to not take the law into his own hands. He mockingly salutes her as he bails.


Hugo clashes with Trey’s dad – who tells Hugo’s that none of his ppl would be involved in what’s happened. Hen Alf sees what’s happening, he suggest at Hugo shouldn’t pursue this. Hugo bails.


As Nic & Ruby B chat, talk terms to Nic's life – and how she slept with Liam after Belle’s funeral. Nic comments at she doubts tat [the then drunk] Liam even reminder what happened. Colleen approaches – and, upon hearng Liam’s hame, suggest at Nic should stay away FOM him.

The topic of the chat goes back to Ruby & Xavier & Geoff, but when Nic & Ruby see Xavier approaching them quickly change the subject –n and tell him that are having a girly chat.


Hugo tells Marsha & Gina what’s been happening [shed trashed etc], whilst Gina tells Hugo about how Brendan rang Ruby L.


With Ruby B still in a quandary, Nic wonders, if Ruby was single, who would see chose. Ruby tells Nic she would Choose Geoff. Ruby bails.


Hugo enters his boat shed and says “what are you doing here?]

Nearby, Brendan is ken to go fishing, whilst Ruby B breaks up with Xavier!!!

As she is doing so though, Xavier sees Hugo fisgnting with DEREK GOULD [the creepy guy who was on the island the Nic & Geoff went to earlier this year]. Xavier tries top help Hugo but Derek pushes him into a metal – Xavier is knocked unconscious, and he fells into the water. Whilst ruby goes to help Hugo, its BRENDAN was gets it the water and brings the unconscious Xavier close to the wharf.

After Derek gets away [having pushed ruby over too], Hugo looks kinda amased tat Brendan has rescued Xavier.


Marsha & gin are taking when Ruby L enters. Gina seem quite surprised at Ruby got her all by herself ion the bus. Ruby is rally keen for Brendan live at the share house.

Marshs answers the phone =- it’s clearly news bout the indecent at the wharf.


When Gina, Marshy & Ruby L arrive, Hugo tells them the Xavier is still unconscious. Hugo is also VERY critical of the police – and has a go at Watson who is asking him questins bout the attack. Hugo says stat he doesn’t know who it is. Lal ten while ruby B is looking uneasy and Gina is VERY surprised tat it was Brendan who jumped in the water etc to save Xavier.

Soon after, Gina agrees to Brendan living at the share house – a 2 week trail period for starters [as Brendan is a lot more capable that Gina thought he is]. Brendan & Ruby L are VERY pleased.

Dr Young approaches. He says at although Xavier did suffer mild concussion, there shouldn’t be any long term affects.

Hugo, Ruby B and co enters Xavier room. Ruby is SHOCKED when it’s clear that Xavier doesn’t remember her braking up with him!!!!


Watson & another officer search Hugo’s shed. They find a backpack. In amongst some paperwork, Watson finds a hand written invoice – on the back is a hand drawn map. She gets on the phone – insisting to Angelo that he will want to see this.



Martin is going on long service leave – so he tells Mils tat he is acting principle

Miles tell Rach & Tony that Kristy is preggers

Kristy tells Miles having this baby is a mistake

Ruby B is in a quandary bout the whole Xavier amnesia ting

Alf tells Liam “I wouldn’t trust you with my little lunch money”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: yellow [dark birds?] strapless almost full length dress


Ruby Leeds: electric blue [white floral near collar] top/ dark long pants/dark necklace


Gina: dark [grey floral] l/s top/ dark long pants/silver necklace


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Brendan: white [green horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Colleen: red [dark floral?] top

Derek Gould: blue shirt/dark t

Dr Young: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: white [dark check] shirt/dark singlet/denim jeans

Marsha: orange thin strap knee length dress

Marsha: grey [pink ribbon motif] singlet top/denim shorts

Ruby: white [dark floral?] top/ dark long pants

Trey’s dad: white [drak vert stripes] shirt

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Xavier: dark [grey unknown writing] t/denim jeans

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