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Robert Robertson - Socratis Otto


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What I want to know is why does he keep telling everyone different stories!!

He told Alf his mum named him Robert Robertson because people wouldn't forget it (or something along those lines), he told Irene something else, and VJ something about superheros!

He also said to the police offier "I will not tolerate chocolate blah blah blah" but then he said to Leah that's the way he likes it....

But other then that I think he's a good character, he's funny (though the people at the Bay wouldn't agree, LOL.) and he's very out-there.

I liked it when he just walked into the crime scene, it made me laugh to see that look on Charlie's face when she realised it was his case... hah.

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Well this is going to be the guy I will love to hate. He is quirky, amusing and livens things up but at the same time he is rude, irritating, manipulative and I HATE HIM. :lol: I highly suspect we are meant too though. :ph34r:

He is obviously good at reading people and knows just what to say and how to say it to get what he wants from people- evident with the different versions of his 'story' that he told. I would imagine his is particularly good at his job and hope that he continues to be this annoying and funny.

You said it! I cringe when he comes on screen, but at the same time I'm like "ooh what weird and wonderful things is he going to come out with now :D"

Can't think of a character they've ever had like him before; he certainly seems to be one of a kind.

When he was interviewing Ruby, that was just hilarious.

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I loved Robert interviewing Ruby. It was hilarious :D I'm liking this character so far, hope they don't ruin him.

But one thing... who is naming the characters on Home and Away at the moment? Robert Robertson and Romeo ???

Dunno. He sounds like a good character, but

why is he obsessed with Angelo Risotto (sorry, Rosetta)

? No pun intended.

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Detective Robert Robertson, is a great addition to the Bay. He's a awesome dresser IMO :P

He's does not take any bull, he gets answers. I love how different he is to any other cop they have had. You just don;t know what gonna come out his mouth next. I hope he's in the Bay for a good while...

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