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Im not as good as you guys on here but I enjoy making them so thought I would still post them :)

They are slightly odd sized as on differnt forums I go on the rules are different.

On here is it the norm to have 120x120?

Please dont be put of by these ones lol, the ones posted after these are slightly better :)

I seem to have somehow managed to delete these files when messing about with my photobucket :S (although they dont seem to have gone in pinkys post :S) Im not going to worry uploading them again (I cant remember exactly what ones I had on here) So I have just added a few random ones I have already added that are my favs so I dont have a empty first post :)



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Thanks Georgia, I will stick with them at 120x120 now :)

Thank you everyone for commenting :)

I LOVE the first one. :wub: So stunning; great colouring, cropping etc. And is it a texture? It looks awesome.

Great work; love all your stuff. (:

yh its a texture, I dont have it as I was following a tutorial (that went wrong) the texture was just black with a bit of white in the bottom right corner :)

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Here are some more I have made.

The avators are with pictures from Julie's scan, I hope it is ok I have used them, If not let me no and I will remove them, but they were such lovely pictures I couldnt resist.

Also its not the best update as I didnt know what to do with the pictures but I was fiddling about with curves and things :)

The first avator is my fav:)





and these are just some random banner.signatures i made




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