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Mon 14 Sep 09 – Episode # 4941

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " You Can’t Control Everything "

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 14 Sep 09 – Episode # 4941 ]


With Annie still watching them Nicole tells Sid bout the w/e away she had booked for them, but [only after Annie has bailed]. Sid tells Nicole that he’s SOOOOO still not interested.


Leah talks to CB bout her ;ship with Ruby, i.e. Leah thought tat mum & daughter would be a lot closer, but Charlie doesn’t [naturally] go into why there are still tensions.

Ruby enters the room, and Leah bails. Ruby & Charlie verbally clash – esp. as Ruby is keen for Grant not to get away with what he did. Charlie counters by saying tat what she did was highly illegal. Ruby back chats Charlie, before bailing.


Annie sees Nicole enters and wonder if she is Ok. She gets a rather stern "I’m fine" type of answer.


Mile is kinda taken aback when Kirsty nonchalantly mentions she has an ultrasound morrow. Miles is sooo ken to be there and they agree to go together.

Nicole enters and heads straight upstairs. When she gets to the stairs, Nicole encounters Alf. When he asks, she say at she is fine, and goes upstairs. Alf then talks to Miles bout hop Nicole isn’t the bet at the moment.


Annie enters, and hesitantly tells Irene bout what she saw at the walker house. Although Annie isn’t so keen, Irene insists that grown ups nee to be involved.


Ruby is pleased tat she has finally got some progress with Charlie – who agree to tell Angelo & Ross bout what happened with Grant a few days ago.

Next day, Angelo isn't exactly pleas to hear it when Charlie tells him what she did [kidnapped Grant], but he still thinks tat the can get Grant off the streets and in jail some other ways. Charlie isn’t so sure – she insists that Grant is VERY cunning.


Nicole approaches Sid, and they verbally clash. The likes of Martin, Colleen & Leah see this – to the point where after Nic has bailed, Coleen tell Leah tat that [chart twen Nicole & Sid] sounded like a lover’s tiff.


Charlie & Ruby arrive outside the complex, and Ruby admits at she wanted to believe Grant so Ruby wasn’t mistake., Charlie insists that Ruby should never think of herself that way – indeed, Ruby is probably the best thing EVER happened to Charlie.

However, things go south again when Ruby is REALLY keen to tell Morag & Ross. Charlie isn’t that keen – but, before she storms ahead, Ruby reminds Charlie that she can't control everything [as she tried to/ do that with Ruby’s life and look how "well" that went".

Soon after, Charlie & Ruby are talking in the corridor with Morag. When they enter5tr Ross’s room, they discover the he is sleeping, and whilst Charlie is keen to bail, Ruby isn’t. Indeed, when Charlie leaves the room, Ruby tells Morag bout what happened in THAT shed a few days ago.


Miles is looking at the ultrasound pics when Martin arrives, and hands his a decent stack of reports to do. You get the feeling the Martin is ken to talk to Miles bout Nicole as well, but Martin bails when Irene & Annie arrive. Irene tells Miles what appears to be going on tween Nic & Sid.


When Charlie re enters the room, its clear tat Ruby has told MOrag. Charlie isn't impressed - wand Morag has a go at Charlie for the temporary inanity that lead to her tieing up Grant etc. Morag Say at she won't tell anyone bout this - icncl Ross at the moment. Charlie agrees with that - but you can see that Ruby isn't impressed.


Miles & kirsty talk bout that while Nic & Sid thig. Kirsty insist at if Miles goes in like a bull at a gate, it will drive Nic straight in to Sid's arms. [Note - Kirsty is obviously thinking of her of her situation, ie her dad not approving of her ;ship with Kane].


Irene telk to Leah bout Nic & Sid - but they pretend that are talking bout some-ting else when Coleen enters tr kitshen.

In the main area, Nic is on the phone. Sounds like she can't get a refund for the w/e away tat she booked. when she gates of the phone, Nic takes put some of her frustration out on Annie, who simple asked Nic how she is feeling,.


Charlie & Ruby clash over what's been happening. indeed, Ruby tells Charlie tat she is going bask to stay with Irene - since Charlie does not like tigs when they arenlt done her way.


After Irene & Annie talk bout Nic, Ruby arrives at ask if she can stay. when Irene wonders of thus is is OK with Charlie, the look on Ruby;s face indicates tat charlie isn;t happy with this plan. When Irene goes bask inside, Annie hugs Ruby.


Miles & Alf talk bout Nic & Sid - and Alf seems to be siding with Miles [over kirsty]

Miles then tells the nearby Marting that he won't be able to do all the reports etc tonight - but will have them done as soon as he can.


whilst several unknown teens are having fun at the diner, Nic is facing away form everyone. she is crying.


by the pol, Miles & Sid verbally clash - esp. when Sid admits tat he did flirt with Nic. As Miles goes to walk way, Sid garbs him - and Miles pushes back. Sid falls into the poool - but he isn't' hurt or anything. Miles bails



Ruby’s being evasive with Xavier

Grant is back in the bay – Angelo & Ruby are esp. annoyed

Nicole’s hopes are raised – but it looks like Sid’s invite to his house isn’t what she thought it was

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: royal blue thin strap top


Annie: dark [white bow & trim] thin strap top/baby pink long pants


Nicole: silver v neck top/dark shorts


Alf: light blue [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: denim button up shirt/white t

Annie: white [red floral motifs, Wi5th green trim] thin strap top/aqua shorts

Annie: yellow knee length dress

Charlie: grey cardie/white top/dark long pants

Charlie: grey knee length dress

Colleen: red [balk & white floral] top

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse/white long pants

Irene: red long sleeve blouse

Kirsty: dark [white floral”] top/dark long pants

Kirsty: yellow & orange etc [very hippie like] blouse/dark long pants

Leah: dark thin strap top/dark long pants

Martin: powder blue button up shirt

Miles: dark button up shirt/green [dark unknown motif] t/dlp

Miles: purple button up shirt/white [white “republic” logo & sparkplug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background] t/dark long pants

Morag: dark blouse/brown v neck top/dark long pants

Nicole: black [white diamonds] halter neck waaaaay low cut 1 piece swimsuit

Nicole: white jacket/stark top/white long pants

Ross: green [dark vert stripes] PJ shirt

Ruby: dark [red & blue floral] knee length dress

Ruby: red knee length dress

Ruby: white singlet top/white & orange floral PJ long pants

Sid: dark [grey stripes on sleeves] t/dark shorts

Sid: dark button up shirt

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