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There must be AFL supporters on this forum yet I can't find a thread on Aussie Rules so I thought I'd start one. It's September and finals footy has got me very excited. I'm a Doggies supporter and while we're up against the Saints, I think we're in with a chance!!

How's everyone's team gone this year? Who do you think will make the grand final? Is anyone going to any games?

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Ostensibly I barrack for the Lions, because when I started, around 1999, my cousin Nigel Lappin played for them. But I haven't really been interested in AFL since about 2004, and I'm pretty out of date on the lineup.

Found this summary of each team's supoprter stereotype on TV Tropes and Idioms.

* Adelaide Crows (SA) - Supporter stereotype: Rich, chardonnay-drinking snobs, which doesn't prevent them from being yobbos. Never give the opposition credit for doing well. The Rival of Port Power.

* Brisbane Lions (Qld) - Formed by the merger of the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Lions. Supporter stereotype: Fair-weather fans who don't know much about the game, and only pay attention in years when Brisbane are doing well. (Yeah, that's me!)

* Carlton Blues (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Rich snobs, usually of Italian background. Possibly have mafia connections.

* Collingwood Magpies (Vic) - The most hated team in the league. Supporter stereotype: Loud, obnoxious yobbos with an IQ in single digits, who don't know the rules of the game and leave early whenever their team looks set to lose the match.

* Essendon Bombers (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Arrogant, even when they're near the bottom of the ladder. (Certainly describes my dad.)

** To be fair, there were actually at least a couple of years around 2000 where Essendon were nailed, bolted and hard welded to the TOP of the ladder... In effect, the Bombers had a golden age and now it has passed. This helps to explain the arrogance...

* Fremantle Dockers (WA) - The only side not to have won an AFL premiership. Supporter stereotype: Lefties, whether they be trades unionists or the chardonnay socialist crowd.

* Geelong Cats (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Farmers and other people who live in the countryside.

** EXTREMELY touchy about being the only non-capital city team...

* Hawthorn Hawks (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Upper-middle class Liberal Party-voting types.

* North Melbourne Kangaroos (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: What supporters?

** More accurately: Tough-as-nails, but not necessarily bright, football tragics.

* Melbourne Demons (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Old money types who own Range Rovers despite never going out of the city, except to go skiing, which is what they do instead of attending games.

* Port Adelaide Power (SA) - Supporter stereotype: Much the same as Collingwood, except living in Adelaide. The Rival of the Crows.

* Richmond Tigers (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Working class "bogans" (for those in the US, think "white trash").

* St Kilda Saints (Vic) - Supporter stereotype: Long-suffering. Kind of like Chicago Cubs supporters in the USA...

** Once again, potentially explainable by the fact that the Saints are often nailed, bolted and hard welded to the bottom of the ladder. This was particularly true during Essendon's heyday around the year 2000...

*** It goes back further than that. The Saints have only ever won one flag, and hold the records for the longest losing streak and most wooden spoons (last-place finishes) in the league.

**** The only one flag fact is worse than it sounds too, they've been playing since 1873. 1873. Yes they average worse than one premiership a century.

* Sydney Swans (NSW - Formerly South Melbourne) - Supporter stereotype: See Brisbane. Alternate type: Someone who's been following them for at least three decades and still thinks they're South Melbourne.

* West Coast Eagles (WA) - Supporter stereotype: Similar to Hawthorn, but living in Perth.

* Western Bulldogs (Vic - Formerly Footscray) - Supporter stereotype: Similar to Richmond, with St Kilda's "long suffering" element added.

** By "The Saints' long-suffering element", read "won exactly one premiership, longer ago than St Kilda did, and haven't played in a grand final in nearly 50 years".

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* Adelaide Crows (SA) - Supporter stereotype: Rich

I wish I was rich! :lol: lmao.

Actually, Collingwood is the most hatest team in the league, probably partly because of Eddie. Other than him, I have no idea why they are. :huh: Hate Port Power, they're supporters are so arrogant and just plain rude. When they loose a game, 10 mins before the siren goes the supporters get up and leave. How is that supporting their team??

My team is out of the finals this year (thanks to Collingwood & my boys who stopped playing when Knights went off :rolleyes: ), I think I want the Dogs to win this year because one of my friends goes for them. Plus, they haven't won one in my lifetime - I think.

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^ I'm not saying I believe any of them (although some fit me and people I know). It's just the stereotype.

Besides it wasn't "worst team in the league," it was "most hated." I don't know if that's true statistically, but again I didn't write these.

I loved the stereotypes! :lol: I think Collingwood have the biggest fanbase but are the most hated.

*sigh* So the Bulldogs are out and it was so close too...I'm going to get behind Geelong for the flag this year. Traceve, the dogs haven't won since 1954 lol so I'm guessing that's within your lifetime! I think I just feel sorry for Geelong who should've won last year but didn't and have been written off so much this year, even though they are still one of the top teams. But then St Kilda haven't had their chance at glory for a long time either. Anyone but Collingwood!!

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Slightly offtopic but for anyone who is interested...

Former Sydney Swans player Tadhg Kennelly fulfilled his childhood dream of winning an All Ireland Football Medal, when Kerry beat local rivals Cork today. He even took to the platform and danced a jig just as he did when he won a Premiership medal with the Swans! He was interviewed after the match and was very emotional as his father died suddenly a few years ago and never got to see his son win an All Ireland as he did in the 70s and 80s.

Although I was rooting for Cork, I was happy to see Kerry win for Kennelly!

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