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Nightmare (by Georgia) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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I thought the opening of that was fantastically well-written.I did think Aden was extremely harsh on Nicole and what he said to her was completely unfair, in effect he was criticising her for being the only person that actually cared about him, although he's right that her suggesting she was as close to Belle as he was is ridiculous.But then I suspect he'll always have an idealised image of Belle and not want it to be tarnished.I really hope that she or someone else manages to get through to him although he's right that they shouldn't just expect him to get over Belle that quickly.

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Poor Aden :( Its so sad how that he is blaming himself for belle's death. Aden had just got belle back and he thought that they had a wonderful future together but then he found out she was dying that would have been exyremely hard to deal with. You captured aden's pain brilliantly and it was very realistic. I thought that Aden was a little hard on Nicole as she was the only one who still cared but I think she was out of line telling him that he had to stop acting depressed his wife died just died three months ago !! It takes some people years to move on after somebody close to them dies. I wasn't expecting the ending. That was truly amazing xox

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Brilliantly written chapter.I thought that maybe Nicole had pushed him a bit too far but I think in the end he said what he needed to.But he also needs to find a way through it and maybe there was just a tiny glimmer of hope in the fact that he did at least realise that.Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

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