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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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Annie and Romeo as a couple aren't my favourite, but I love Romeo and if he has to be with one of the girls I'd rather it was Annie that either Rubbish or Nicole. The thought of lovely Romeo being bogged down by one of those two screeching idiots is too painful to bear.

I think Romeo and Nicole would make a great couple

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I kind of go through cycles with Romeo.I liked him when he first came in and he was a fun character who got all the best lines and had the double act with Jai and all the flirting with Annie.Then he suddenly started manipulating them both and I didn't like him anymore.Then after they were gone, he had the double act with Xavier and I liked him again.But after Mink came in I found myself liking him less and less:I didn't like Mink a lot of the time but I still thought she deserved better than she got from him.And if he's going to be cracking onto Annie again when she comes back, I can't see myself going back to liking him any time soon.Romeo's a curious character, he gives off this whole "good old boy" vibe but when you actually sit down and examine his actions he's got a very strong selfish streak.

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It's becoming increasingly obvious that Romeo was brought into the show because with Geoff and Aden leaving they needed someone for teenagers to drool over.Unfortunately they failed to make him a particularly interesting character or hire a particularly good actor.Luke seems frequently out of his depth with the storylines he's given, which fail to play to his strengths.He's good with the comedy but a bit wooden when it comes to serious storylines.It doesn't help that he's been given such a by-the-numbers dysfunctional family(abusive stepfather, alcoholic mother, troublemaking sister).

After a spell last year when his pursuit of Annie seemed to border on the creepy at times, he seemed to settle down a bit but this year there seems to be a theme of women coming to town, messing him around and leaving him with the same bland, glum expression.Mink was a potentially interesting character and her storyline would have been a lot better if Romeo hadn't been standing in the background giving a look of dull surprise the whole time.(When you're doing scenes with Xavier and you're still the most unconvincing character present, you know you're in trouble.)Then they brought Annie back for another pointless round of sort-of dating, in which Romeo largely came across as a wimp before acting as though the world had ended because a girl he dated for five minutes had left town.And now we've got Jill, who interested me a bit at first but the whole storyline has rapidly become tedious.

If Romeo is staying on the show, then they seriously need to cut back on the constant angst and give him some more comedy stuff to do because at the moment it's all getting a bit dull and repetitive.

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