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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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I think that Romeo looks and behaves like Kym Hyde...

Omg that is what I was thinking too. Both Romeo and Kim are the hottest guys to ever grace H&A :wub::wub: tall and handsome young men!

I have to disagree :lol: I never found Kim to be hot nor do I find Romeo to be hot. He may have a good body but hes just a drip and I dont usually find such drippy people attractive :P:lol:

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I have to say I'm quite liking his character. It's nice to see them bring in a "teen" (although seriously whoever thought he could get away with playing a 17 year old obviously had been drinking a lot of alcohol or had only the use of one eye) who seems reasonably normal. He wants to have fun, flirts with all the girls but seems to have a serious side to him and a bit of a history. He also seems to be that rarity in Home and Away - level headed. At least he's not super pious and holier than thou, like Geoff was when he first arrived or super angry and a total ass like Aden was when he first appeared. :)

If they can move away from having him randomly wandering around without his top it might help to take him seriously. I get that H&A is geared towards the fangirls as much as anything but it does get a bit YAWN seeing them have the guys wandering around topless when it makes no sense whatsoever to the situation. Geoff has to be the worst offender of all time.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a scantily clad guy as much as the next person but "time and place, people, time and place". :lol:

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