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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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Never been much of a fan of Romeo but I've found him particularly annoying lately. I ended up siding with Jill during their storyline as it didn't seem to matter what she did, he'd jump to the same conclusion and go off on one at her. I'd probably drink myself stupid as well if I had a son as irritating as that.

I really can't get away with his constant woe is me relationship angst either, they've got him going on like an 11 year old who's been knocked back by their first crush, which is rather ridiculous as he looks far too old to even be the age of the character.

Bring back more comedy moments with Xavier.

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The only thing about Romeo that makes sense is his friendship with Liam, which H&A have been neglecting lately. And yes, at 25, Luke is too old to pass for 17/18 year old Romeo. As someone said elsewhere, his relationship with Annie made me cringe - Charlotte would have been 15 or barely 16 when their scenes were filmed. Actually, Luke should have been cast as Liam Murphy, instead of Axle Whitehead (highly imaginative and creative of H&A to get a cocky ex rocker to play a cocky ex rocker).

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Is anyone else really annoyed that

Romeo is going to get with Ruby. I mean, tey've really created such a onderful character in Romeo - he's caring, fell in love with Indi but didn't want to take things too fast. Then to give Ruby a storyline (and probably to make sure Rebecca isn't jealous) they throw Romeo with Ruby which is totally out of character.


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^I'm kind of reserving judgement until I actually see the storyline, it might end up working quite well. To be honest, I'm not sure when Romeo's supposed to be acting in character, his personality seemed to wander about all over the place this last year, even with regards his attitude towards Indi, and there've been at least two occasions when he's seemed quite prepared to sleep with her there and then.

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I like Romeo better now he's a bit angry and losing his temper more and fighting, instead of doing nothing all the time. I used to think that about Geoff, I wished he'd just do something instead of just standing there. Action is more interesting, it would be better if he went off the rails rather than was such a good boy all the time. I thought Romeo and Indy would make a brilliant couple but they just talk endlessly about their relationship rather than actually having a relationship.

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I think Romeo is so cute!!!!! Luke Mitchell does a very well job. Pity he has a girlfriend :( (Rebecca Breeds/Ruby Buckton). I don't know if they're still together but I think they really fit. I think Rebecca is very talented and I really like her. I don't think Romeo and Indi fit well, but that's my own opinion.

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Romeo really confuses me at the best of times.

Ok so right now

he's a single man

, he has no job, no real career prospects, the only thing that be seems to be focusing on in his life at the moment is surfing.

Now I totally get that he's passionate about it, but I just don't understand how he doesn't want more out of his life.

I do horseriding, and I am very passionate about it, but still I do not want it to be the only thing in my life! I am also have college right now, I am making plans for the future.

Isn't the drive for us as human beings to keep wanting more out of our lives within us all..? I just don't really think Romeo has that and I can't understand why.

He is entirely living in the moment, he is not thinking of his future at all. He's young so he doesn't have to worry about it but all his friends are already taking the baby steps to making a future for themselves. Ruby, Indi and Dex are in college, Xavier's in the Police Academy... I would just feel as if I was wasting my life away if my horseriding was the only thing in my life that I focused on! :rolleyes:

The whole thing is really quite unrealistic!

Edited by LauraPhilly!!
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