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Perth Telethon 2009

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ill be getting plenty of pictures for everyone, it will be a great 26 hours, lots of storys to tell when i come back too!

have u been every year?if todd is there im going to see if he will let me vidio him and the rest saying if they got facebook or not cause everyone keeps fighting with each other.if they are at the kids carnival i prob wont be aloud as they have got so many to see but mabey when im at the lunch

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umm i dont think the twlight stars will be here i dont think they will come over for something so small.but i have been speaking to todds bro and he sent me this hi Vicki,

I found out that Todd is indeed going to the telethon, so keep an eye out for him! so the pep comming might be the ones on the home and away site heres hoping lol.i told chad to tell todd to look out for me at the lunch thing i will be the very shy one lol.i got all this stuff to say and knowing me i will go blank lol.i can take someone with me so im taking my son not sure if he will be in to it he is already complaining lol.but he might be happy if he gets to meet bec lol

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