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Mon 7 Sep 09 – Episode # 4936

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Can't Fight The Moonlight “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 7 Sep 09 – Episode # 4936 ]


After Charlie get of the phone, Angelo asks her bout her enquires into grant. She says tat she’s got nothing solid on him yet. Angelo suggest she should drop that – but charley is adamant that she won’t


After Brendan & Xavier bail to go to school, Hugo tells Marsha that he had surprises of her later today.


Jai is talking to Kirsty & Miles when Xavier arrives. Jai then bail with Xavier.

As Kirsty talk to Miles, he notes that Oly isn’t feeling weal, so she & Oly bails, with Miles talks to Sid. Sid is feeling the affects of working double shifts at work. They agree to meet up later.


After Avery & Angelo talk bout the new taser at the station has received- and lock it away, grant. He”suggest” to Angelo he should get Charlie to back off form her enquiries [as they are affecting his family etc]


Leah talks to Charlie about how she must have been working the night shift lat night. Charley says she didn't do that – or stay at Angelo’s, but is evasive in her answeres beyond that.

Nearby, Sid talks to Miles bout how things aren’t so good at the moment – esp. sicken his kids have bailed with their mum to the city. Sid’s phone ring. It’s Nic, but Sid doesn’t answer – he tells miles tat it was a telmarketer.


After Hog talks to Brendan, Marsha arrives. She wonders what the surprise is. He point out an old yacht which is anchored nearby. Marsha thinks at it’s a piece of junk – but Hugo points out tat that’s the whole point. He plans to sink it – of a new dive tourist attraction.


Hugo talks to alf bout his plan. Alf is concerned bout how council will take this, but Hugo thanks tat anything that brings in tourists should be good for the town.

Garnet enters. He appears to be looking for someone. He then bails – still on the sech.


After Sid gets to the heart of what's wrong withe little Oly [with Miles * Kirsty nearby], Sid & Nic are alone wen she tire to “hit on” him again. Sid once more knocks her back.


Te likes of colleen, Xavier & jai witness Charlie have a MASSIVE clash with Grant. Its gets to the point where Angelo has to all but drag Charlie out of the place – just after she yells at Grant that she will KILL him.


Charlie isn’t impressed with Angelo – ESP. When he suggest at maybe Grant has changed in all these yeast, sand isn’t still the monster tat Charlie thinks he is. Charlie bails in disgust.


Hugo & marsh talk bout Hugo’s new idea – she tins to dive wreck is a great plan. She also like at it sound like Hugo is planning on staying around on the bay for quite a wile. They kiss.


Kirsty & Miles have a BIG clash/D&M bout the bub, incl miles at one point accusing Kirsty of letting Oly's illness affect the baby somehow. When miles insist at he wants this bub more than anything, Kirsty tell him tat she DEF is having the baby.


Grant tries to get Ruby to talk to Charlie – make Charlie see his side of tings, but Ruby shuts the door in his face. She does admit, whilst they chatted, to being confused bout all of this.


Charlie eagerly tells Angelo she has a new lead on case where Grant could be involved. She then quickly bails.


Nic approaches Sid. He tire to tell her that he’s not interested, but Nic still isn’t taking no for an answer. She kissed him – but Sid pushes her away. He tells Nic he’s not into her 0- but she tells him, before she bails, that doing the kiss it felt like he is.

[Note – whilst I do think Sid has felling for Nic, loosing his kids that way he did make him sooooo not what to act on any feeling towards Nic].


Hugo & Marsha talk to a councillor bout their plan. Trey’s dad enters the room – and makes it VERY clear he is opposed to the plan.



Hugo isn’t pleased to read tee newspaer headline “toxic wreck”

Sid tells Nic he will tell Miles bout her behaviour of she forces his hand [so tro speak]

Charlie urges an unkopwn to us woman to come fwd and prevent Grant form hurting any one else

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Miles: brown button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t/denim jeans


Ruby: blue [white diag stripes] v neck top


Leah: white [several gold semi circles on bust] thin strap top


Alf: light blue [dark check] shirt/

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Brendan: black [yellow “McCoy”] cap/red t/denim jeans

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark jacket

Colleen: white [red floral] blouse/dark top

Councillor: blue [white check] l/s shirt/grey long pants

Grant: purple-grey jacket/plum shirt

Hugo: white [black eagle motif] t/

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: black & white [very night sky-ish] l/s top/dark long pants

Marsha: dark thin strap full length dress

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Nic: SBH uniform

Nic: silver thin strep top/dark long pants

Oliver: white [dark unknown motif] t

Sid: grey l/s top/dark long pants

Trey’s dad: dark l/s shirt

Xavier: SBH uniform

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