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This Year's Love

Guest TachelHolden

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Story Title: This Year's Love

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Rachel, Tony, Martha and Jack

Characters Mentioned: Undecided..

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama and Angst

Does story include spoilers:After today Tony and Rachel's baby wont be a spoiler so no

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Rachel and Tony have a baby , the rest is kinda undecided but hopefully ill continue with this.

The day had came , Tony and Rachel could finally take their beautiful baby home.Tony was fussing over them , Rachel was relaxed and just laughed when Tony got all nervous.Tony,Rachel and their baby Harry are all set to go home in the car. Tonys driving them , He asks Rachel if shes happy.She resposnds with "Im as happy as ill ever be , I love you Tony".Tony responds by telling her "Rach babe you're all ive ever wanted" and now we have Harry our own little family.

Once they arrived home , Rachel was exhausted so they decided to go and have a lie down on the bed with Harry in the middle of them , Tony and Rachel chatted for a while disagreeing on who Harry looked like most.By this time Harry had fallen asleep and the proud parents watched over him.Tony tells Rachel "he looks like you look at his cute little button nose , the same as yours".

Rachel jokes by saying "i think he has you're nose Tony , Rachel laughs"

"Hey whats wrong with my nose?"

"Nothing , Its perfect as she leans over and kisses it"


Around 30 minutes later Tony had put Harry into his basinett and Rachel had fallen asleep so he put a blanket over her and went into the kitchen to make a start on dinner to take the pressure off Rachel cooking , as she was terrible at it anyway not that Tony minded he would always say to her at least you tried.

Tonys over at the sink , Rachel wakes and enters the kitchen and creeps up behind him wrapping her arms around his body.

"Tony turns round and says Heyyy good sleep?"

"Rachel yes but its better if you're in bed with me so i can get a cuddle"

"Well then says Tony , lets have a cuddle on the sofa and watch a dvd".

"sounds good says Rachel"

"Half way through the dvd Rachel's lying across Tony while he plays with her long curly hair he tells her shes gorgeous"


Who would have thought having a baby would have brought them so close together,They were so in love.

Please please comment and tell me what you think and if i should continue this or not!

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Thanks again :D

Chapter 2 is a little about Jack and Martha and Tachel! Just a short update.

Rachel awakes to the birds singing and sun shining through the window,Harry was crying so Rachel goes to pick him up. She goes through into the kitchen where tony is making her breakfast,rachel begins to feed Harry and Tony suggests the three of them go out for the day as a family.Rachel's keen but they need to get a move on and get things organised and they decide on a picnic at the park.Just as they are all set to go someone knocks the door , Rachel goes to open it with Harry in her arms and gets a shock as soon as the door opens.


Martha is 5 months pregnant with Jack's baby , her and Jack are very excited about it.Tony is over the moon that hes going to be a grandad and that Jack's baby will grow up with Harry.Jack always wanted to be a dad , he always imagined if he would be as good a dad as Tony was to him , if his baby would look like him and how much a small little thing could get so many peoples love and attention.He was scared about becoming a father at such a young age , Tony and him had a heart to heart just a few weeks ago about it and Tony reassured him that he's going to be a brilliant dad and Martha a brilliant mum. Jack was so in love with Martha and a little Mini Jack running around made them so happy.

"Martha , Jack called ive made you lunch"

"Just coming she yelled from the bedroom"

"Her and Jack sat down at the table and had lunch talking about their little bundle of joy"

"Jack explained to Martha this is all ive ever wanted...me , you and our baby"

"Im so happy Jack , you're amazing and i love you"


The door opened at Rachel&Tony's house:

"Oh my god Rachel said i a loud voice"

"Dad what are you doing here?"

"Hi Rachel said Robert , ive missed you so much my darling"

"Dad what are you , when , where Rachel stuttered"

"Whos this beautiful boy Robert asked looking at Harry sleeping in Rachel's arms"

"Rachel replies hes my baby , me and my husbands baby."

Tony comes out their room having heard the door , Rachel babe whos this? ummm Tony its my dad.Tony is shocked and doesn't know weither to shake his hand or punch him for what hes done to Rachel , for what hes put her through but for the sake of Harry who is sleeping in his mothers arms. Before Tony gets a chance to do anything Rachel yells at her dad to get the hell out of her house.

Next chapter :

Find out what Rachel is going to do about her dad

Jack and Martha get a shock.

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Short update:

"Dad please! Get out , I do not want you here"

"Rachel darling you do not mean this , i am here to apologise to tell you how sorry i am for what i have put you through"

" You killed my mother! My mother who i miss more than anything in the world! You were irresponsible and drove whilst under the influence of alcohol and i will never forgive you"

"I think you should leave Tony says to Robert"

" You stay out of this Tony , its got nothing to do with you! i do not even know you"

" Don't speak to him like that dad! Hes my husband and you are in our house"

" How old is he? same age as me Rachel? You sure know how to pick them... first a young boy and then an old man"

" Tony begins to get angry and punches Robert in the face"

" Leave now says Tony and don't ever come back , Rachel doesn't want you here and neither do I , you will never see your daughter or grandson again!

" Robert leaves with a red face"

" Hey Rach you ok?"

" I just .... I don't know ... why .. why did he have to come back and ruin things when they were going so well?"

" Tony puts his arms around Rachel and kisses her on the head"

"Rach you never have to see him again , ill make sure of it"

" Hows your hand Rach says to Tony"

" I'll survive maybe ill need to get my very own Doctor Holden to kiss it better"

" Rach takes his hand and kisses it.I love you Tony , thanks for getting him to leave , even though i did enjoy seeing him being punched in the face"

" You and our baby are the only family i'll ever need Tony"

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Sorrryyyyyy :P ill make my updates more longer :)

Jack and Martha were at the hospital , finally those long hard 9 months were finally over. Martha's water had broken earlier and Jack was thrilled the baby was coming , he was finally going to meet his son/daughter. He had always wondered what it would be like to be a dad! He often watched Tony with his little one Harry and thought how amazing a father he is and he hoped that he could be the same. Martha was 10cm dilated and it was time for them to meet their baby. After a long labour Martha and Jack finally welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

" He is so perfect Martha"

" I can't believe it , he's here and hes gorgeous"

" Can i hold him? Of course hes ours Jack"

Rachel and Tony arrive with Harry , Jack introduces his son to his grandad. Hes beautiful says Rachel whilst holding Harry.

Tony - " well done mate and shakes Jack's hand"

Jack - " Thanks dad! I hope i can be as good a dad as you"

Rach - " ohh that might be hard , Tony is hotdad!

Tony holds his grandson in his arms whilst gripping onto his tiny fingers , Not long ago Harry was this size and now look at him. Well at least Harry and the little one can grow up together and play with each other.

Rachel - "do you have a name yet Martha"?

Martha - " yes Rach we have decided to call him Matthew"

Rach " thats really lovely , Matthew Holden"


Few weeks later

Rachel comes home from work , Tony is clearing up Harry's toys he definetly takes after his older brothers when it comes to mess Tony is thinking.

Rach " Heyyyy im home"

Tony " Hey not late tonight? I wasn't expecting you until 10pm?

Rach " aww i got away early , the hospital wasn't busy and plus i wanted to see my two favourite people"

I was just cleaning up , Ive just put Harry to bed. I see Harry's had a productive day with his toys , yer hes been playing away all day not a sound from him.

T -"Dinner is in the oven Rach ive not long had mine so shouldn't be too cold"

R -"Thanks , you want a glass of wine?"

T-"Please , wouldn't mind one"

T-"so how was work"

R - "we had loads of emergencies im soo tired"

Rach - "Well i say i eat this and then we have an early night .. hows that sound?"

Tony - "Ummmmm how tired did you say you were again as he leans over and kisses her on the lips"

Rach - " Me? did i say i was tired? you must have heard that one wrong"

Tony - " must have , hurry up and eat its been a while"

Rach - " forget the dinner lets go and takes Tony's hand whilst leading him to the bedroom"

Tony - " fine by me laughs Tony , what if we wake Harry?"

Rach - " We'll be quiet"

Tony - "Wait Rach , i dont have anything"

Rach - "What do you mean anything?"

Tony - "Protection"

Rach -"I dont care Tony , anyway i wouldnt mind another few Mini Tonys running around"

Tony -"Well i wouldnt mind a few Mini Rachel's running around"

Rach - " Oh so you want a girl?"

Tony - " well if she had you're curly hair and eyes and she could follow in your footsteps to be the smart one" "We both know Harry is going to be following in my footsteps and be athletic like me"

Pleaseeee comment :P

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Rachel lay there in Tonys arms deep in thought , "what you thinking about Rach , Tony was trying his hardest to figure out" " Nothing , nothing Rachel said quietly just forget it , now are we getting up?" " well i would rather stay in bed all day with you but i wish it was that easy" laughs Tony who's climbing over Rachel to get his watch which he must have took off before going to bed. "Now are you wanting the shower first Rach or can i grab a quick one before i head off to work" , " no no you go ahead im just going to feed Harry and then get myself ready"

Whilst Tony is grabbing a shower Rach is busy making his lunch and feeding Harry his breakfast , she wasnt herself. Tony noticed something was up with her but could not put his finger on what it was. They were fine last night , one kiss lead to another and before they knew it they were in bed for 9oclock she was in a good mood and now shes acting strange so why the sudden change?

Tony is in the bedroom getting his work clothes on , going round and round in his head was have i done something to upset her? Did i do something wrong or say something wrong but he could not for the life of him figure out what. Everything last night was perfect between them , it has been a while since they slept together , with work and Harry and all the other crazy things going on in their life's. Tony on many ocassions tried to get Rachel in the mood but she was always tired or working or busy with Harry but last night something clicked , she actually wanted to go further.

" Hey Rach you ok?" " yes im fine honestly if im not ill let you know about it" laughs Rachel " now here is your lunch you better go or else you will be late" " Hey im the boss" i can run 5 minutes over for a good cause spending time with my wife and baby is a good excuse but just in case im going now.

Ill be home around 5 is that okay? " yes thats fine we will see you then" Ok great says Tony can't wait " I love you" " you too" Rach smiles. " Love you too Harry" who is trying to crawl after him.


Hey Rach whats wrong? says Leah " aww everything Leah , me and Tony had this perfect night together last night for the first time in ages and i went and gave him the brush off this morning" What? Why? " I really dont know , maybe its the fact Tony wants another baby" He does says Leah looking shocked? " Last night we slept together and we didnt have any protection" " Rach you are on the pill arent you?" " i was but then Harry came along and i realised i do want another baby" well then Leah says whats the problem? " Im so scared Leah what if i have post natal depression if we have another baby" Aww Rach come here , Leah wraps her arms around her and gives her a big hug you need to talk to Tony about this tell him how you are feeling hes a good man he'll understand. " Rach you are an excellent mother" , that little boy there adores you and i can see how much you love him and whos to say its going to be the same with another baby? " Youre right Leah i need to speak to Tony" he was so great when i had PND with Harry he was my rock and now what i can't even face to tell him im terrified ill get it back if we have another child.

Hes been so great and patient , i mean we weren't sleeping together for a while any other man would have been tearing the hair out his head but not Tony he wanted to wait unil i was ready to , even last night he asked if i was sure how sweet is that? Well Rach you landed yourself a great guy who totally adores you and worships the ground you walk on , be sure to hang onto him they don't come around often now get home and tell him the truth.

" Thank you Leah , you are a great friend" " No problem its what im here for".


"Hey Rach" i was wondering where you had got to , ive made dinner. "of course you have" " Hey Tony can i talk to you a minute" " sure whats wrong?"

Its about this morning , it had nothing to do with you im just really scared that if we have another baby i may have PND with that one too. Awww Rach i know its scary to think about , i thought about it too but you know we cant be scared if it happens we will deal with it together like we dealt with it before.Im always here for you Rachel i love you more than anything in the world , you are my world! Ive seen you with Harry now you are brilliant with him. I know im being insecure about all of this but i really just needed to hear that from you Tony. Come here says Tony and wraps his arms around her its all going to be fine Rach i promise you.

Tony being Tony tries to break the ice , "thank god for that really! I was thinking you had gone off me" " No way says Rach you are my Mr.Perfect theres no escaping me" Good laughs Tony and just one more thing " you are sexy as hell Mrs.Holden" now can we eat im starving " wow tony you sure know how to ruin a moment" Rachel laughs.

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The morning after Rach , Tony and Harry were getting organised to go on a family picnic. It had been ages since they spent time together just the three of them , Rach was dressing Harry in his swimwear and little sun hat just incase they were anywhere near the beach. Tony would not tell Rachel were they were going to have the picnic just that she needed to have some sort of swim wear on under her clothes." Im just going to the diner to grab the picnic basket then ill load the car up and we can hit the road" says Tony.



" Hey Harry are you looking forward to spending all day with mummy and daddy"? laughs Rachel as she looks at her beautiful baby boy as he smiled , excited about where they were going Rachel asked Tony again " Hey where we going"? for the 100th time Tony replied Well you will find out when we get there wont you? Rachel when did you get so impatient and must i add a little moany , "Hey im not moany" just curious. Can i drive? Rachel asked No Replied Tony because you have no idea where we are going , "well you could tell me" " but im not going" to laughed Tony.

After a long journey in the car they finally reached a lovely spot by the water , the sun was beaming and there was a large play area for Harry to crawl around in , " Finally we are here i thought we were never going to get there with you driving , let me introduce you to my friend" " What... Who"? says Tony with a blank look on his face."4th gear says Rachel who is smiling at her husband looking puzzled! " Aww haha Rach you wouldnt know anything because you were asleep the whole way". You know Rach thats what i love about you , so sarcastic "aww you know what i love about you Tony you're a old man in the inside but youngish on the outside , come on you could'nt have been doing more than 20Mph on the road way back how old are you 65? and Hey what do you mean youngish? I am young and anyway we dont all drive fast like yourself , i mean i got to hold onto the door when you are driving incase i go flying.

" Maybe we should get out the car since we have been sitting here slating each others driving for half an hour" laughs Rachel. Ok then Replies Tony why don't you go change Harry and ill set the picnic up sounds good to me says Rach leaning over the seat of the car to check on Harry who is very bright and had been sitting listening to his mummy and daddy argue about silly things.



Rach and Tony were lying on the cover just finished the picnic , Harry had fallen asleep and returned to his pram. " Rach i gota say i did like the 4th gear joke where did you get it from"? " I just thought about it and said it" " Yeah yeah ... well why don't you come here and tell me another one"? " I dont know anymore honestly " You sure"? Laughs Tony who was now leaning over Rachel who was lying on the cover. Looking up at Tony on top of her she began to laugh " What you laughing at"? Umm you trying to be all serious it never works once i smile i can make you laugh , Rachel then pushed Tony over and got up and ran away , Tony running after her " you cant run that fast Rach" says Tony catching up with her , he grabs her waist and kisses her , unaware to Rach they are right beside the water and before she knows it hes pushing her in " You are coming" with me screams Rachel , both of them fully clothed fall in the water laughing Rachel who is pushing Tony under , him trying to do the same to her then they both come up for air

" You're not to sarcastic now are you laughs Tony who is teasing Rachel" "Umm well im still smart just wet and smart at the same time". I have to admit Tony ive had fun today , more fun than i thought it would be so thanks i really needed something to take my mind off things you know with you wanting another baby and my insecurities but you today have put things in perspective for me " I really love my life , I love you and Harry so another baby wouldnt be so bad , especially when we have fun days like this"

"Can we get out the water now im freezing"? Sure says Tony helping his wife out the water and wrapping a towel around her then pulling her to the ground on top of him and "Rach i love my life too You , Harry and peanut number 2 when it happens make me so happy i love you more and more everyday" and he kisses his wife again as Rachel wraps her legs around him.

Comments Appreciated!! xx

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Thanks to everyone who commented on this fic :D it meant the world to me! Sadly it has to end but i really hope you enjoyed reading well basicly Tachel fluff the whole way through. I just wanted to try something different with this fic and am pleased that people actually liked it. I also have another fic I'll love you no matter what and really wanted to concentrate on that because its such a difficult story so please read. Im hoping to start a new fic soon xx

Last upate :)

It had been months , Tony and Rachel had given up on the dream of having another baby. They just thought it wasn't going to happen because every time they tried the pregnancy test came back negative. They decided that Harry was enough and they would concentrate on raising him before another little one comes along with the sleepless nights and crying.

Harry was up and walking about now , into everything Rachel was constantly running around after him cleaning up his mess. Each day she thought to herself he was Tony's double and even acted like him at such a young age , those cheeky smiles and looks it made Rachel smile each time. His first word was daddy a day they would never forget their son taking his first steps and saying his first word. She wished it had been mummy but still has the hope she would have another baby and its first words would be mummy. She hoped for a little girl , one of each and that would be it all she ever wanted.

Her and Tony had been sneeking off for alone time whenever they could , with Harry at that age he was awake all day and sleeping for 7oclock at night so that became their time.


The last time Rachel had done a pregnancy test was a few weeks ago , she thought to herself whats the point she wasnt going to be pregnant so why put her and Tony through waiting on a test that comes back and tells her shes not pregnant. She turned to him in bed , Tony listen; not wanting to make a big deal about it all but she really wanted that second child and asked 'will we ever get pregnant'? its been ages and nothing i really don't think this is going to happen Tony he replied 'of course it will , we just need to give it time' and anyway we havent done a test since 3 weeks ago and we have slept together since then so you never know. I know but i just dont want to take the test and be left disappointed again. He pulled her closer to him gently kissing her forehead and whispered please Rachel just stop worrying it will happen when it happens but maybe we should try again laughs Tony as he kisses his wife and pulls the covers over them.

He had been making her breakfast in bed , brought it into her and as she didnt like fryed food like bacon , eggs and was always nagging Tony about eating that fatty food he made her cereal and toast with a cup of tea. He put a flower on the tray and carried it into her to find she wasnt there. 'Rach he called where are you? Bathroom she shouted the smell of Tony cooking his own breakfast was making her sick. He held her hair back while she leaned over the toilet and let it out. Rach could this be?..... what Tony? You know what Rach ... Ermmm no i dont think so you know how i hate the smell of fryed food Tony , even so dont you think we should take the test just incase. Ill go buy one from the chemist.

Half an hour later Tony returned and Rach was feeling better giving Harry his breakfast , she was scared to do the test but Tony grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom , they patiently waited until the time was up and they both looked. Finally she their dream of having another child had came true and they were so happy.



9 months later Rachel was huge , pregnant and running around after Harry. The pregnancy had its ups and downs with her shouting at Tony him shouting back at her then making up and fighting again two seconds after. The time had come where Rachels water had broken and it was time to finally deliver her baby. After hours of painful labour and contractions she gave birth to a healthy little girl named Anna Elaine Holden. Harry and Anna were the most important people in Tony&Rachel's life. Anna became a daddys girl but her first word was Mummy.

Rachel only wished that her mum Elaine had been alive to see her grow into this incredible woman and watch her two children grow up starting school , starting their lives as teenagers and watching them become mature adults. But even though her mum wasnt there to support her she still has the support of her loving husband Tony who she knew was there for her no matter what and loved her with all his heart and she felt the exact same.

Rachel and Tony took Anna home from hospital , Tony holding Anna Rachel picked Harry up and gave him a big kiss from mummy and told him 'hey bubba you have a new baby sister and shes beautiful and you are going to grow up loving her and protecting her like big brothers should and when me and daddy grow old together you and her are going to have to look out for each other.

Rachel , Tony , Anna and Harry all layed there on the bed with Tony admiring his beautiful family and how lucky he really was to meet Rachel and have an amazing family. ' I love you Mrs.Holden and i always will' ' I love you tooo husband' and the family that you have gave me as she reaches over and kisses Tony.

Thanks again everyone and i hope you like. x


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