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When In London

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Story Title: When In London

Type Of Story: Short to Medium

Main Characters: Aden, Geoff, Ric, Cassie, Nicole, Belle & Lucas (Original characters - Mark, Lucy & Jake)

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Adventure, Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary: The gang have not seen each other for 4 years. They are all 22 now and reunite in London for Belle's wedding. Set in 2012.

What has happened to the characters?

Aden - Split with Belle in 2008 and moved to New York. Came out as gay, met a boy and had his heart broken. Lives with his father in Australia.

Geoff & Nicole - Got married in 2010 in Melbourne. Nicole is currently pregnant with thier first child.

Ric & Matilda - Got married in 2009, but they divorced just five months later when Matilda confessed to having an affair. Ric works as a P.A in Florida and Matilda is a fitness instructor in Manchester and is dating co-worker Mark.

Cassie - Split from Henk in 2009, moved to Japan in 2010 and became a teacher. Moved back to Summer Bay in 2011 and had a short lived romance with Lucas.

Lucas - Travelled the world but returned to Summer Bay in 2010. Had a short romance with Cassie and has a 2 year old daughter from a one night stand.

Belle - Moved to London in 2010 to live with Amanda. Met tennis player Jake. Are about to tie the not in London.


"****" Aden said as he put the invitation on the table. He had just been invited to Belle's wedding in London. He didn't know what to think- He felt happy for her but somehow he felt slightly jealous. She was getting married and he was still alone. He hadn't been in love for nearly 2 years after Liam dumped him for that teenager. He knew he had to go the wedding- Belle must have thought of him to invite him- But he somehow felt that he didn't deserve to be there. Thier relationship ended so badly back in 2008 and he hadn't heard from her since. Until now. She must have forgiven him for dumping her and moving to America. But he had to. He was so confused with the stuff he was feeling- His short lived affair with Jack still haunted him to this day- and Belle only found out when Aden confessed. She was heartbrokne. But before they got a chance to talk things over, Aden did the only thing he knew how- Walk out. He moved to America and lost contact with all his friends.

So why was Belle inviting him to the wedding? He had no idea. But he had to go. He has to find out.

Cassie & Lucas:

Cassie shut the door behind her as she entered Luca's bachelor pad. He was sitting on the sofa- wearing nothing but a pair of tight boxer shorts- a thing that Cassie remembered all too well. She pulled the invitation out of her bag, and noticed that Lucas had the same one sitting on the coffee table.

"You going?" Cassie said. Lucas looked at her.

"Of course" he replied.

Cassie and Lucas had a short lived romance that lasted 3 months. It ended when Lucas couldn't tell her that he loved her. Cassie looked at a picture of a young girl on the coffee table. "New picture of Eva?" she asked Lucas.

He nodded at her.

"Do you want to fly to London together, or we going to go seperatly?" Lucas asked, swiftly changing the subject.

Cassie shrugged. "Whatever is fine with me. It would be easier if we went together".

Lucas smiled at Cassie. She smiled back. The spark was still there- Cassie wanted nothing more then to walk over to Lucas and kiss him but she couldn't do that. She didn't have the bottle.

"Cushty" he replied "I'll book the flights tonight. I've not seen Belle since she left, it's going to be weird".

Cassie sighed- she agreed with him.


"Here's your post Mr. Dalby". Ric looked up at his assistant- the 17 year old Robert and smiled at him. Robert placed the bundle of letter's on Rics desk and left.

"Junk, Junk, Junk" Ric sighed as he threw most of the letters in the bin. But then he came to an interesting letter- It was in a pink envelope. He recongised the handwriting, but couldn't place who's it was. He opened the invitation and a smile formed on his face. "Well well well Belle has finally got a man to settle down!" he said to himself. He put the invitation on the table and called Robert back into the office.

"Book me the next 2 weeks off- I'm going to London" he said to Robert who smiled at him. He walked over to the desk and pulled out Ric's appointment diary from his drawer.

"You have an appointment with Mischa Barton tomorrow" Robert said to him.

Ric laughed. "She's in rehab, that meeting won't be happening"

"On on Friday your meant to be meeting with Lindsay Lohan to discuss her future options".

Ric laughed again. "Screw that, I'm going to a wedding. Lizzie can deal with Lindsay. She's too much of a handful for me- Just cancel all my appointments".

Robert looked at Ric and rolled his eyes. "Sure, Mr. Dalby" he said. Ric stood up and walked over to his assistant- he had black spiky hair, piecing blue eyes and was wearing a vest top that showed off his muscles. Ric pushed Robert onto his desk and straddled him and they both kissed passionatly and hard- until Robert pulled away.

"Mr. Dalby" he said "What about your fiancee Megan?"

Ric laughed and began undoing Robert's buttons on his shorts. "She's having Botox today"

"And what about your girlfriend Sherry"

Ric laughed again and pulled down Roberts shorts. He looked down hungrily at Roberts bulge from his white Y fronts. "She's in Ohio with her husband this weekend"

Ric kissed Robert's bare chest and Robert had started to feel aroused.

"And what about that girl, Leanne?"

Ric rolled his eyes and pulled down Robert's trousers, thus exposing his lengthy member.

"God knows, That was a one night thing. Now shut up Robert" he said, as he took off his own t-shirt, revealing his tanned and buff body, which Robert had grown to love during the 2 months he had been Ric's personal plaything.

"Oh and Robert" Ric said as he threw all the papers on the desk on the floor "Call me Ric"

Geoff & Nicole:

"I can't believe that Belle is getting married" Geoff said as Nicole put the invitation down on the side. She was rubbing her belly- she was 4 months pregnant.

"His a tennis player apparently" Nicole confirmed to Geoff as she sat down on the large sofa in thier flat.

"How do you know this?" he asked. He hadn't heard from Belle in years.

She laughed. "She emailed me a few weeks ago- but she only told me she had a boyfriend. Nothing about a wedding. I replied back to her but didn't get a reply back".

Geoff laughed as he sat next to Nicole on the sofa. "You gonna be alright to fly out there?"

Nicole smiled at her husband. "Of course I am baby, It will be good to see Belle- I just can't believe the wedding is next week!".

Belle & Matilda:

"Just recieved an email babe from Cassie- she and Lucas are flying out tomorrow" Belle said to Matilda as they sat in the lobby of the posh London hotel.

"Cassie" Matilda smiled "I can't believe I lost contact with her".

"Everyone is coming- except I've not heard from Ric. But we will save him a seat anyway- if Ric is anything like he was before, he will turn up 4 hours late".

Matilda continued to smile. She often wandered what her former husband had been up too. She felt bad for cheating on him and she hadn't seen him for years. But it would be good to catch up with him.. If he turns up of course.

"The old gang should be reunited" Belle smiled as Matilda walked up to her "I hope all hell doesn't break lose!"

Next Time -

1] Cassie and Lucas arrive in London and hit the town with Belle and her fiancee.

2] Ric bumps into an old friend on the coach trip to the hotel.

3] There's shock all around when Nicole recongizes the groom..

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Cassie & Lucas:

The two boarded the packed plane and found thier seats. Lucas sat by the window which annoyed Cassie as that was her favourite place to sit. But she didn't want to argue with him, she wanted this trip to be a good one. Plus the young bloke who was sitting next to her wasn't exactly ugly.

Lucas didn't pay much attention to Cassie throughout the first couple of hours of thier flight. He slept for a while, then he watched the movie that was being played. They would be stopping at Singapore for 10 hours before boarding the flight to London.

"Excuse me" the lad sitting next to Cassie said "You haven't got a pen I can borrow have you, I seem to have lost mine?"

Cassie turned around and looked into the boy's eyes. He must have been about 19, and he had piercing blue eyes. He had spiky brown hair. Cassie was temporarily blinded by his attractiveness.

"No" she replied back to the lad, smiling. "I don't have a pen I'm afraid".

The boy smiled at her despite her reply.

"William" the lad said "And you are?"

"Cassandra" she replied. She put on a sexy smile. Lucas turned around at this- she never called herself Cassandra unless she was flirting. But why did this simple bothering bother Lucas? They were both adults.

"Nice to meet you Cassandra" he smiled "And if you don't mind me saying, You are a very gorgeous woman".

Lucas nearly spat the coke out he was drinking. Forward or what?

Cassie smiled at him. "I know" she replied "Your not bad looking yourself".

Aden & Ric:

Aden got off the plane at Heathrow airport and collected his luggage. He walked outside and looked around- he was meant to be staying at a hotel tonight before leaving tomorrow morning to meet Belle.

He got onto the coach after hearing the coach driver call out his name and took a seat near the back. A young couple were sat in front of him, kissing, and he wanted to punch them.

He put on his headphones. He only had a 15 minute journey ahead of him but he couldn't bare the thought of listening to the couple snogging for the duration of the drive. Then someone speaking caught his attention.

"I don't bloody believe it- Aden Jeffries!" the voice said. Aden turned around and was stunned to see Ric Dalby standing next to his seat- tall and attractive.

Aden took out of his Ipod headphones and allowed Ric to sit next to him.

"Belle's wedding, right?" Ric smiled at Aden "Me two"

Aden smiled back at him. "Jesus, wasn't expecting to see people already! Where'd you fly in from?"

"Florida- I live out there" Ric said to Aden "I work as a P.A to celebrities. Right bunch of pain the asses but I wouldn't change my job for nothing. Yourself?"

"Just Ireland" Aden replied "I went to stay with my uncle Bradley for a few days before I flew into London".

"So Aden" Ric said "I want to know everything. Who's your woman now? What you doing with yourself? How comes you look like you should be a pornstar?"

Aden laughed. "Well it's a very long story"

Ric smiled at him. "I have all night".

Nicole & Geoff:

Nicole and Geoff boarded the private helicopter that would be taking them to London. Nicole's brother Roman was now a millionaire living in America. He got one of his friends to fly them to London.

They sat in the helicopter and Geoff began to rub Nicole's belly.

"I can't wait for him to come into our lives" Geoff told his wife "I'm so excited".

"Me two" she smiled at him "But him? Darling- we are so having a girl"

Geoff laughed. "Whatever we have- With our genes- This baby is going to perfect".

Nicole rolled her eyes and changed the subject. "So Belle's new fiancee- What's the betting his a psycho?"

Geoff tutted. "You never see any good in anybody babes" he said to her "He's properly a charming young man".

Nicole laughed. "Charming? You do remember Belle's history don't you babes. Remember when she tried to hump you after Aden ditched her?"

"She was at a very low point in her life baby. She's over that now. She has moved on".

Geoff rested his head on Nicole's shoulder as the helicopter took off into the sky and fell into a deep sleep.

Cassie & Lucas:

"Your such a tart" Lucas said as the pair arrived in London "Did you spend the night with that guy?"

"William?" Cassie asked as she picked up her luggage from the convyerbelt "We had a good night, that's all you need to know. We swapped numbers".

Lucas tutted. He spent the night alone in his hotelroom in Singapore and she was off galivanting with some British kid- How can life be so cruel?

The pair of them walked out into the street and Lucas lit up a cigarette whilst they waited for Belle and Jake to meet them.

"So this William" Lucas asked as he inhaled some cigarette smoke "What's his story?"

Cassie smiled. "He's 18 and his a student at University. He was in Australia to study and he wants to move out there. He lives in Birmingham hence why he wasn't on our second flight, and he lives in halls with his three best friends".

Lucas rolled his eyes. "What is he studying?"

"Geography" Cassie replied "But he want's to be a pilot".

They carried on idle chatting for several moments but were both stunned when a beautiful red sports car pulled up in front of them and out stepped an elegant looking Belle and a giant hunk of a man.

"Cassie!" Belle screamed "Lucas!"

The three of them hugged and Jake smiled on.

"This is my wonderful and gorgeous fiancee Jake, isn't he just adorable?" Belle said "And Jake- this is Cassie and this is Lucas- two of my oldest friends from my Summer Bay Days".

"Nice to meet you" Jake smiled at Cassie and shook her hand. He also shook Lucas hand, albiet a little tighter.

"We're taking you to the pub guys" Belle said "So hope your ready to get drunk- British style!".

Aden & Ric:

Aden had finally told Ric his life story. They were sitting in the bar of the hotel and were drinking beer.

"So to summarazie" Ric said "You dumped Belle, went to New York and realised you were gay, had an affair with a top selling musician who broke your heart, you moved back to Australia where you became a fireman and are currently living in Melbourne with your father?".

Aden laughed "Basically" he said.

Ric smiled at him and took a sip of his beer. Ric was on his 6th beer and was feeling quite tipsy by now- he wasn't used to drinking Beer.

A couple of beers later, Aden dropped a drunk Ric outside his hotel room on the 5th floor.

"Come in dude!" Ric said quite loudly- the drink taking affect. He went over to the fridge and raided the minibar in the room.

"Ric, them drinks are so expensive man!" Aden told him

Ric shrugged "I can afford them".

He chucked Aden a mini bottle of vodka, whilst he downed a mini bottle of Jack Daniels.

"It's so hot in here" Ric moaned. He tugged at his t-shirt and pulled it above his head, exposing his muscled chest. His body was glistening with sweat which only bought out his 6 pack even more. He had a little hair just above his nipples, which Aden noted were quite hard, and he had a chinese tattoo just above his navel. Aden's belly started to tingle as he remembered the furious masturbation sessions he used to have thinking of Ric back in the school days. "What's the tattoo say?" he asked.

Ric smiled at him "It just says my name in Chinese!". Ric walked over to the minibar again and picked up another drink- this time a mini bottle of vodka for himself and downed it. Aden decided to down his vodka, and the pair downed the vodka's together.

Ric walked over to Aden and sat next to him on the sofa. "So" Ric asked Aden "Aern't you going to kiss me?"

Cassie, Belle, Jake, Lucas, Geoff & Nicole:

The four walked into the Hilton Hotel quite drunk from thier night of drinking. Cassie was being held up by Belle, whilst Lucas and Jake were engaging in "mantalk". They sat in the reception of the hotel and were all shocked to see Nicole and Geoff were already there. They had a bottle of water in thier hands and Belle was stunned to see Nicole was quite pregnant.

"Nicole OHMIGOD your like so pregnant!" she said, properly a bit too loud, to which Lucas burst out laughing.

"Who'd have thought you'd be capeable of it Campbell?" Lucas said "Come here and give me some love, dude".

Geoff hugged Lucas whilst Belle and Cassie were talking babies with Nicole. Jake felt quite left out and pretened to be texting on his mobile- but Lucas decided to get him involved.

"So Jakey, when you gonna get Belle up the duff?"

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