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Before I Come Undone (by Louise_2983) - comments


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I love this! :)

“No I didn’t mean that I can’t do it” she rambled looking to Aden for help. He looked back at her blankly and she wished she’d brought Geoff in with her. He would have known.

Loved that part. It shows the connection she still has with Geoff ^_^

I'm glad she chose to keep the baby too!

Can't wait for more :D

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Really glad that irene and Annie were supportive, was worried that they wouldn't take it so well!

Loved the last scene in Belle's room. Loved Nicole's honesty about how Belle would have struggled with the news had she been alive but i think she's right, Belle would be happy that Aden has somebody to love and focus his attention on.

He's going to be a fab daddy :wub:

And Harris :wub: Soooooooo cute :wub:

Can't wait for more!

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That was brilliant, as always. I was glued to it the whole time.

The last scene was my favourite. Nicole said all the right things. It had a nice calmness about it which was good since it was in Belle's bedroom. I like Harris, as a name for the baby.

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Hey Louise. I love this, but you aren't finished with Sleeping Arrangements are you? I love them both, but admittedly sleeping arrangements is probably my favourite.

I also loved the last scene in this where they were in Belle's room and Aden had found some closure. That was nice. And when Nicole understood that he needed his space, but that also they will be a family in a non traditional sense.

Your writing is incredible but I'm pretty sure you know that.


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